Why a Healthy Balance Between Academics and ExtraCurricular Activities is Important?

Over the past few years, there has been a noteworthy transformation in the way people used to perceive education. While there is no doubt that academic competition has soared high, it is also an unignorable fact that the focus on children’s growth in extra-curricular activities has also increased.

Be it sports, music, or art, schools now focus on the holistic development of their students. If one checks out the curriculum of the top schools, you’ll notice how schools now give a special weightage to extracurriculars.


In the wake of all these changes, many parents still find it difficult to understand why their kids need to put their efforts in something beyond academics. Well, to put an end to such doubts and myths, we have listed below reasons why a healthy combination of academics and extracurricular activities is essential.

Teaches Time Management

When a child has to manage academics and extracurricular activities together, they learn how to prioritise and manage two different things. This also proves vital for strengthening their time management skills.

By keeping a proper balance between these two vital activities, the student also learns stress management skills; thereby becoming more responsible and disciplined in their approach.

Boosts Productivity

Not many parents know but including extra-curricular activities in the schedule helps in boosting a child’s productivity. Through extracurricular activities, students improve their critical thinking; which then proves helpful in their academic learning.

Moreover, as the stress level for the children goes down when they involve in fun activities other than studies, their written and oral skills also see a rise.

Alleviates Stress

Imagine that you have only one task to do all day — studying. This can lead to a monotonous and exhausting timetable for the children. Their creative streak won’t get an outlet and hence they can become stressed and anxious. Especially if, on top of that, their family is undergoing a big change, like a divorce. And the pressure from having to choose sides with the help of a full custody law firm can be overwhelming for them.

In such a situation, devoting some healthy time for extracurricular activities can prove miraculous in erasing the negative feelings. A relaxed and stress-free mind can then help children focus on their goals better than before.

Contributes in Better Development of Brain

It has been observed that physical exercises play a vital role in sharpening the brain. Not just this, some other benefits include strong memory, improved concentration, enhanced creativity and many more. Children can achieve all these by adopting a healthy balance between academics and extra-curricular activities on a regular basis.

Improves Interpersonal Skills

Teamwork and social interaction are necessary aspects of extracurriculars. When children take an active part in sports, music or dance, they learn how to interact with others and also find it easy to express their thoughts better. This boost to their interpersonal skills not only helps them during their school time but also empowers them for other challenges of life.

For an Overall Healthy Body

After all,

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

- Joseph Pilates.

Thus, when children are involved in physical activities that keep them fit and healthy, they tend to be happier. Exercises also release hormones called Endorphins which reduce stress and increase the ability to focus. Extra-curriculars revitalise the mind and body; thereby offering overall fitness.

Explore Bigger Opportunities

Nowadays, many CBSE schools in Delhi, Mumbai and other metropolitan cities are introducing plenty of extra-curricular activities and offer better opportunities in fields other than academics.

Genesis Global School, for instance, offers a wide array of activities ranging from swimming, golf, horse riding and so on. The school even helps students in participating in national and international level tournaments that strengthen children’s confidence. Their students have also participated in Delhi Olympic Games, Jaypee Open Tennis Tournament and Fox Golf Junior Tournament as well. Such activities and participation help students in exploring their potential and unlock passion they never knew existed in them.

The Takeaway

Earlier, the concept of education was limited to the textbooks and the four walls of the classrooms. However, things have changed now. The equilibrium of academics and extra-curricular is on the centre stage. This phenomenon not only helps children perform better during school life but also prepares them for future.