Going Mobile: The Future of Tabletop Gaming

Board and tabletop games have kept the human race entertained for millennia, becoming thoroughly modernized and revamped for each generation. A couple of decades ago, board games got a suitably high-tech makeover when they made the move to playing online or on a computer. Today, with a combination of technological advancements in the sector and more and more games created as downloadable apps, everything points toward mobile being the future of this once physical pursuit.

The Case for Mobile

Understandably, this move toward everything gaming played or carried out on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet has drawn its fair share of criticism. While playing games on mobile will mean you’ll miss out on some of the experience of a traditional board game, it does have its own unique advantages. 

Games used to be relatively simple affairs, requiring only a few objects and a flat surface on which to play them, but most of the board games and card games we play today are full of extra accessories and little widgets. Things like add-ons, mats, miniatures and charts do increase layers and layers of engagement and immersion in gameplay, but they can be costly to buy and often have a habit of getting lost. Today there are many advantages of mobile casinos, when you play the app version of a game, the only equipment you need is your device and a pair of headphones, as everything else will be electronically available in the game app. 

Smartphones and tablets are essentially mobile computers, so they’re quite powerful and capable of giving good quality gaming experiences, especially as far as sound and visuals go. Plus, if we consider the latest innovations in mobile technology, such as augmented reality (AR), it’s not impossible that the future may bring us even more interactive mobile gaming experiences like the ubiquitous Pokémon GO. 

The Hardware

If you’re a keen gamer, then it’s highly likely that you already use a decent smartphone or tablet in your everyday life. Another great benefit of mobile apps is that you can play them on a budget or on older models so that you won’t need to break the bank with the latest iPhone model to enjoy most of the games available. Sure, there was a time when Apple technology dominated the mobile sector, but Android and Windows Phone devices are more than capable of giving you what you need to enjoy playing a board game on the go.

If you find yourself getting into mobile gaming and want to take the experience further, then it’s worth checking out those gaming-specific phones like the Razer Phone, but you don’t need too many bells and whistles to get started. 

A Variety of Games

You may assume that there is only a limited selection of board games available as mobile apps, or that the games themselves are basic. Although poker is probably the most well-known tabletop game that has successfully made the move to mobile, with plenty of platforms releasing their own mobile apps of this classic card game, there are indeed a wide variety of games available in app form, including:  

  1. Carcassonne (iOS & Android) – This tile-based game, which involves building medieval cities, may seem straightforward at first glance, but since you’ll compete against other players to earn points, it’s quite a challenge. Not to mention, it’s addictive!
  2. Elder Sign: Omens (iOS & Android) – Set in the ever-expanding Arkham Horror universe, this is an atmospheric mobile version of the eldritch dice game of the same name. An absolute must for Lovecraft fans, Omens is challenging and engaging. 
  3. Hearthstone (iOS & Android) – Based on the Warcraft collectibles, this mobile card game from Blizzard is deceptively simple. Although the gameplay is light, and you can make decks with a breeze, it isn’t without strategic challenges. Plus, it’s completely free to download on both iOS and Android.