Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch Deals of 2023

Black Friday, the annual shopping extravaganza, has long been synonymous with incredible deals, massive discounts, and frenzied crowds. As consumers eagerly anticipate this shopping holiday each year, the Nintendo Switch, a gaming console with an innovative blend of portability and power, is often at the forefront of their wish lists.

Many excellent Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals will arrive this November. In this post, I’ll try to help you get the most out of this year's sales by laying out everything you can expect to see. After all, these discounts generally put forth some of the most desirable bundles of the year, and I don't expect 2024 to be any different.

Last year's offers witnessed the return of the $299/£259 Mario Kart 8 bundle, along with some rare discounts on the OLED model. By the time Black Friday 2023 arrives, I expect to see even better offers on the shelves because every console has another year under its belt now.

Illustration of a Nintendo Switch console

Before 2022, I never really saw any major Nintendo Switch deals offering up actual price drops on the consoles themselves. However, in the wake of a permanent price drop to £259 in the UK, those savings started appearing towards the far end of the year. Combined with bundles offering the latest and greatest games at a discount, and an abundance of savings on third-party controllers and accessories, Black Friday 2022 gaming deals were very favorable to the hybrid system. 

I’m expecting to see more of the same during November 2024. More time on the shelves leads to the potential for greater savings, and these consoles will be ready by the time Black Friday Nintendo Switch turns up this year.

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What Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals can we expect this year?

You are likely going to see some of the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals yet in 2023. As of now, they are likely going to be:

US: $259.99/$299.99 with a free game

UK: £239.99/£259.99 with a free game

Although the US hasn't really witnessed many discounts in previous years, back in May 2022 I saw this price briefly drop from $299 to $259. On the other hand, the UK has been enjoying a permanent price drop from £279 to £259 round the year. As a result, you are certain to see similar and even better savings throughout the November sales. 

I’m also predicting good things for those after a bundle offer. The classic Mario Kart 8 bundle did the rounds once again in last year's offers, but rather than disappearing before the main holiday sales began like the year before, this package stuck around for a couple of weeks. That means we're more likely to not only see the same offer available for longer in 2023, but we stand a better chance of it landing on the shelves before November as well. 

What Black Friday Nintendo Switch OLED deals can we expect this year?

Speaking of Black Friday Nintendo Switch OLED deals, you’re very likely to see:

US: $319/$349 with a free or discounted game

UK: £289/£309 with a free game

I’m expecting the newer OLED model to be a silver bullet in the upcoming sales. After a rather sluggish start, Nintendo Switch has been reliably on the shelves for over a year now and will soon celebrate its second birthday. Although that’s unlikely to make Nintendo start offering discounts on their hardware, the Nintendo Switch OLED is certainly bucking that trend. 

In 2023, I’ve seen the Switch drop as low as $330/£289 (usually $349.99/£309.99) already, with those deals turning up during the first few months of the year. It’s certainly a discount people aren't used to see on these best-selling handhelds, and one many are excited to see again in November. 

With the Nintendo Switch Pro rumoured to be released in 2024, the OLED is in a tricky position - especially if there’s demand for Nintendo Switch games in the next generation. Since its price lies between the cheaper standard edition and potentially runs into the MSRP of the upcoming Switch Pro, retailers may offer more wiggle room in the Black Friday 2023 Nintendo Switch deals.

What Black Friday Nintendo Switch Lite deals can we expect this year?

Coming to the Switch Lite, you’re likely to see:

US: $189.99

UK: £179.99

Customers previously received numerous discounts on this cheaper handheld-only device, but those prices haven’t gone down for a while. Although stock has been limited over the last year, it seems to have steadied itself over the recent few weeks. Therefore, I recommend availing of any discounts you see well ahead of official Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, because nobody knows what the availability will be like on the big day itself. 

The cheapest price I’ve seen on the Nintendo Switch Lite in 2023 was $189.99/£179.99 over the usual $199/£199 MSRP. However, I’ve observed that the yellow, coral pink, and turquoise models seem to be the most prone to discounts, so I expect them to be more popular on Black Friday itself. There are occasional discounts on other models, but they're much less reliable.

Which Nintendo Switch accessories will be on sale during Black Friday 2023?

I expect to see all the regular savings on the best Nintendo Switch accessories. However, controllers will likely see the biggest savings during Black Friday 2023 Nintendo Switch deals.

Official Nintendo items such as the Pro Controller and Joy-Con rarely drop down to a new price tier, so you can expect the usual price tags on the Pro Controller Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. However, third-party controllers (like the ones PowerA and PDP offer) are often significantly cheaper and older releases can go down in price during larger sale events. I’m quite sure that PDP's wired gamepads will be available for under $20 this year, because I’ve seen $17.99 sale prices popping up throughout last year.  

I’ll also be closely watching two accessories: the Hori Split Pad Pro and the Genki Covert Dock. The former is one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers for customers who want a more ergonomic feel. It also adds extra turbo functionality and back buttons for a fraction of the Joy-Con price. Its $49.99/£44.99 price tag remains fairly steady, but I did see it plummet to a record low $30 in the US over the summer. Likewise, the UK is getting used to a £39.95 everyday price. 

Gamers who travel regularly with their Switch should keep a close eye on the Covert Dock. The plug adapter works as a charger and dock for your device and allows you to plug into any TV with an HDMI for on-the-road play. Its usual retail price is $79.99, but during this summer it reached a new record low $59.99 price in the US. The UK has witnessed a dip down to £60 as well.

If you want some extra audio options, you should keep an eye on Black Friday gaming headset and earbuds deals as well. 

How to find the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

Keep in mind that not every Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal is going to be perfect for everybody. One player's dream bundle might be a last resort for another. Therefore, it's important to go into the sale knowing what exactly you want, with the flexibility to make sure you still get great value. 

Before we delve into what makes a good bundle, and how you can ensure that you're getting the best possible price, it’s necessary to point out that you might have to turn up a little early to get the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals.

In 2021, the season's only bundle (in the US) ran out of stock just a few hours into the event. What most people want is a standard edition console with a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and three months of Nintendo Switch Online; however, that $299 package has only appeared during holiday sales and generally only stays up for a few hours at a time.

If you already know which game is your priority, you can look for that title bundled in with your console. You’re likely to see the latest and most popular titles included in the highest value bundles. These are games that wouldn't normally see individual discounts yet but are still around $10/£10 off when bundled with a console. I’m mainly looking at Super Mario RPG (due November 17) and Super Mario Bros. Wonder (due October 20) for these offers, along with Tears of the Kingdom.

These are rare, but often the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals around. If, however, you're after something from the last couple of years, things could go either way. Retailers may include older games for free in their Black Friday bundles, as these titles will likely be heavily discounted by themselves anyway. However, if you are still paying for the game itself within that package price it's essential that you double check you can't pick both items up for less.

I often see retailers competing with each other a little in this regard; sometimes, even the same retailer offers a lower price than what the game is currently being sold at with a bundle. You're likely to still find the Nintendo Switch at $299/£259, so ensure that you really are getting the best value possible by shopping around a little before making a purchase. 

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch before Black Friday?

It may be tempting to buy a new console before Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals are up. That may or may not be a good idea or not depending on your location. 

For example, I usually see very few bundle offers running through the US on a day to day basis. In general, you're more likely to find come across discounted accessories and games packaged in with your device during the November sales. Therefore, anyone looking for a value-busting bundle should wait until the big day itself or start hunting from the start of Thanksgiving week.

However, I did see Walmart offering some solid prices on the OLED device by itself at the start of the year. These kinds of discounts haven't regularly carried on recently, but it's still a good indication that there could be some one-off savings available before Black Friday. If you spot a discount bringing the price down to $330 or below, you can go for it; I don't expect that to be beaten by too much during November.

In the UK, I frequently see bundles and discounts on the new OLED model. If you notice a bundle offering a completely free game worth more than £30 by itself, you can certainly jump in early. 

Are Nintendo Switches discounted on Black Friday?

In the US, it's rare to find a Nintendo Switch actually discounted on Black Friday in the US. Most seasonal sales are based on bundle offers, so you'll find free games and accessories included in the regular MSRP of the console itself. 

However, for customers in the UK, Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals will bring to the consoles themselves. 

How much is a Nintendo Switch going to cost on Black Friday?

I expect a standard edition Nintendo Switch to cost $299.99 on Black Friday, but with a free game included. In the UK, those costs could go down to £239.99. However, if you're looking for a bundle option, I’d expect a £259.99 price tag with a free game.

Speaking of Nintendo Switch OLEDs, Black Friday could bring down the MSRPs to $319/£289 this year. The Nintendo Switch Lite, however, is likely to stick close to its MSRP over Black Friday. Nevertheless, you might still see discounts of around $10 or £20, bringing it down to $189.99/£179.99.

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