English is the most important and scoring section in IBPS Bank Exams. It does not require much time for the preparation as it requires for sections like Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. Scoring maximum marks in this section helps you increase your overall percentage in IBPS Bank Exam.

IBPS English FearEvery Year, the difficulty of this section is increasing. This year, IBPS surprised candidates with lot of last-minute changes in IBPS PO Exam and many candidates are expecting this to happen in Mains Exam too. Many students find lot of difficulties while preparing for English Section and specially those who have not studied English much. This makes English Section most avoided and least prepared section in IBPS Bank Exams. Even, candidates with strong communication skills also fail to clear this part in any Exams. This makes candidates become scared of this section.

To overcome this fear, you need to practice more for English Section. Make a habit of reading English Newspaper daily or if not reading, at least speak in English while talking with your friends and family members. This will help you build up a strong vocabulary.

To improve your English in the easiest of ways, start watching English Movies without subtitles, read Novels, Books and English Magazines, which will improve your vocabulary as well as grammar.

English Section consists of two major parts:

  • Grammar
    • Common Errors
    • Sentence Correction/Improvement
  • Vocabulary
    • Cloze Test
    • Sentence Rearrangement
    • Double Fillers
    • Reading Comprehension

Grammar Preparation

Questions in this section are asked on sentence re-arrangement, idioms and phrases, error spotting, sentence correction etc. So, make a habit of reading English Newspaper daily. Always carry a notebook while reading newspaper. Note down all the words which you find new, and look for their meanings in Dictionary. This will help you build up an effective knowledge of grammar and efficient comprehension skills.

  • You may take help from books like High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin. Also take help from various free Grammar Apps available on both Google Play Store and iOS Store.
  • For Common Errors and Sentence Correction, your basics of few important grammar rules must be clear. Not all, but practice for the important ones.
  • Practice 8-10 important rules for each grammar essentials i.e. Articles, Syntax, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction.

Vocabulary Preparation

For Vocabulary, as said, you must watch English movies & TV Series, read Novels and English Magazines, practice daily quizzes, play word games. These will help you discover new words that will improve your vocabulary. Try some crossword-puzzle words. This will also increase your vocabulary.

Whenever you come across a new word, note it down and try to find the meaning in the dictionary. After making a list of 10-15 words, try to make sentences from those words. This will help you memorize words in a better way.

General Preparation Tips for English Section

Below are the preparation tips that should be followed by the candidate to crack English Section in IBPS Exam:

  • Start your IBPS English preparation by checking out the syllabus and exam pattern. Also, be aware of the marking schemes in IBPS Bank Exams.
  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers. Solving this will familiarize you with the pattern and level of questions asked in the exam.
  • Clear all your basics of grammar. This can be done with the help of our school grammar books.
  • Reading is the most important phase of your English Preparation. So, try to read as much as possible. Read English Newspapers, Magazines, Novels and Books.
  • Strengthen your weaker areas first. Make a list of the topics which you find most difficult of them all and study more for those topics. Take help from your friends, teachers and improve those topics.
  • Take online mock tests, which will help you to measure your preparation. This will also increase your speed and accuracy while solving questions.
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