Hosting is quite critical for any website and blog. If you’re active on social media, you will find hundreds of posts asking about the best hosting as per their need.

But why this hosting is that important?

If you are an experienced blogger or who own websites, you can easily count many. But as we are focusing on the beginners in this topic and so, let me list few here.

  • The performance of the website greatly depends on what kind of hosting you have
  • The uptime again depends on the hosting
  • Website loading time also partially depend on the same
  • Further expansion and scaling of the website and service is another key factor

So, as you can see how hosting decide the success of your website up to a great extent, it’s quite critical to select a great hosting. Hosting are of several types and majorly includes:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

Now the question is which hosting you should choose?

This depends on what is your requirement and what kind of website you are going to start. If you are starting a simple blog or a small informative website, shared hosting can work best for you. In shared hosting, your IP address will be shared by multiple other blogs. But this is best for the starters and as shared hosting is cheaper and so you can easily afford this. Even there are many companies which offer free shared hosting. If you can’t afford to pay initially, you may go ahead and sign up for the free hosting provider 000webhost.

But if you are starting some heavy sites or ecommerce websites, you may buy VPS or dedicated servers which we will talk some other day.

Now as you know which hosting is right for you, let’s see what all options are available for you. So, for now, we are going ahead with the shared hosting. And here we will explore the different options we have available with shared hosting. Which hosting you should select and why.

#1 000webhost

000webhost is world’s leading free web hosting provider with PHP, MYSQL, and cPanel. The best thing is 000webhost is free but still, it doesn’t show any kind of advertisements in any way.

000webhost is a perfect fit for the beginners with shared hosting. So, if you are just starting with the blogging or starting website and can’t afford to pay, 000webhost is the best option.

000webhost provides all the features those you will find in a premium hosting and if anytime if you need more flexibility and features, you may subscribe to the paid plan. When 000webhost says free host, that means completely free. Neither you have to add your cards, nor you need to renew it anytime.

Also, it supports 99.9% uptime which is highest in the industry. Either another company provides less than this or matches with 99.9% of uptime. And so, you can see there is nothing wrong with using free hosting. It is the misconception with many people and they think if something is free means it will be not worth. Starting using 000webhost and your perception will be changed if have.

Along with the excellent uptime, 000webhost offers you sufficient amount of bandwidth and disk storage which is sufficient to host a small to mid-range of the website for free. Along with all these, you will also get the free access to website builder for which companies charge some handsome amount of money. And the best thing is, all these are free and will be free forever. With the time, if you think you have scaled up and you need more features and flexibility, you can go ahead with the paid option which starts at $3.49 per month and here you can host unlimited websites.

#2 Godaddy

If you are planning to start a website and have done a basic research also, you must have come across Godaddy. It’s is their marketing and promotional plan due to which they have become a good name in the domain and hosting industry.

No matter what kind of service they provide, but their aggressive marketing promotional strategy has taken them as one of the top choices for all those who are looking for domain and hosting, especially domain.

Flexible pricing option and affordable hosting is something which attracts the customer a lot. Although they don’t provide anything for free but the prices for shared hosting is affordable and starts at USD3.99 per month. As you can see it is comparatively costlier than 000webhost and also offer you to host only one website in USD3.99/mo.

The main reason behind the popularity of the Godaddy is the promotion. Just search for any kind of web related keyword and you’ll find Godaddy advertisement there. Seems they have invested a lot on data and using data analysis to optimize their campaign.

#3 DreamHost

DreamHost is another great hosting service which is very much affordable and comes with some cool features. For example, they will offer you to migrate your website for free. The cons I found with DreamHost is, in their cheap hosting, they don’t offer cPanel which is a big disadvantage and also, they have not so good support side. You’ll have to wait for days to get the query answer.

And so, if you are doing some serious business where support and file transfer is much required, avoid using DreamHost. But when you have simple stuff online or kind of informational website, you can try their cheap service. The service starts at USD7.95 per month where you can host multiple websites.

#4 GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is an eco-friendly and economical hosting platform that is totally ideal for beginners and experts alike. Like every other host mentioned above, GreenGeeks too, comes with an affordable price tag and powerful features. GreenGeeks’ pricing starts from USD3.99 – which is extremely ideal for any beginner. GreenGeeks has an amazing customer service and the service entirely runs (?) on green power – like wind.

Which hosting is best for you?

Well, from the above comparisons, you must have come across the decision like which company you should go ahead with. As you can see, 000webhost is the only hosting company who offers you a full-fledged free hosting. The best thing is, 000webhost is a brand name and you can trust on them for reliability and data security.

Also, further expansion is easy. Just by paying USD3.49 per month, you can host as many websites as you want with 000webhost. But with Godaddy and GreenGeeks, you will have to spend USD3.99/mo. for one website while for DreamHost it is USD7.95 for multiple websites.

So, if you want, you can get started with free with 000webhost and when you are ready to scale, just sign up for the paid plan of 000webhost.


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