Why Slack is the Most Important Tool for Young Entrepreneurs?

In this day and age of corporate life becoming more and more humongous and stressful, Slack proves to be the one-stop destination where you can build your workspace and do all the work.

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Today’s digital world pushes every organization to be digitally well versed. In this scenario, Slack plays an important role. The major tasks from communication to a meeting can be done here that gives more order and efficiency to the workers.

Why Slack?

There are plenty of software out there but Slack has proven to be the best among all due to its long list of app support and integrations against software like Trello, Basecamp, Asana, etc. It gives holistic support to the organizations. You can check out the different options and Basecamp pricing models before making the decision that works best for your company.

  1. To start with, Slack gives you a daily task sheet where you can track the employee’s work in progress which eliminates the nasty time-consuming meetings. Quick and easy option to hold internal meetings from any location given.
  2. Google Sheets is being used by every team so much that giving out comments on the work done manually is impossible. One cannot even send comments manually on the sheets, here Slacks helps as you can push any comment into the google sheet. Connecting Google Sheets with slack messages is a relief. Such can be done using IFTTT or Zapier
  3. Reminders being an essential part of the workplace, you can easily integrate your calendar into slack. Connect your Google calendar with the software, then open the calendar in Slack and you are ready to receive all your reminders in the same place. Hassle-Free, just don’t limit the reminders to meetings and tasks. Events and conferences are important for every employee, receiving all notifications and reminders related to the event. 
  4. Collecting the agenda and means of the meeting is another feature that slack gives to employees. This has become so fluid through apps like Dropbox paper and MeetNotes integrating and working well with Slack.
  5. There are a lot of third-party apps today to create tasks and set targets for your team, Slack solves the problem you are using ten different tasks on a different screen. The easy integration of Asana has smoothed the process of creating the workflow. You can assign any task to anyone and also give access to any number of employees to check upon the task progress.
  6. When it comes to feedback, organizations at times miss out due to many reasons, to make the process a vital aspect to every organization, this software enables to run a poll to collect team feedback. The poll shows that everyone has a say which is heard. Just add any polling app and connect it to your Slack.
  7. Make actionable tasks for every possible communication as requests may get ignored in public as well as private chats. This doesn’t allow any task or communication from being missed. It also increases the work efficiency among team members. Tracking is much easier.
  8. Solving problems on the calls without the screen being in front at times becomes difficult. Slack's inbuilt call function solves this as you can work together and give feedback immediately. Slack gives drawing tools and screen sharing features which help to give new ideas, feedback also taking new members through work and processes.
  9. A tedious task is maintaining and sending in expenses for reimbursement, this software allows us to manage and report all expenses to the concerned person for reimbursement. The concur app for Slack does it all quick and easy. The app gives out benefits like, reduces time, tracks all necessary expenses, approvals are just a click. The management from both ends becomes easy.


While using slack sometimes, it becomes a bit messed up as it can hamper the work life and also enter into the personal space. At times the notifications wouldn’t let you work either; the first thing to do is to put the notifications on do not disturb mode.

Shift away from communication on vacation and holidays from Slack. The software has made lives easier; the time has gone where manually everything was done, which consumed half of the time and lowered the members' efficiency. Slack makes reporting, communication, tracking, organizing all the major tasks that are required for the smooth functioning of the organization workflow easier and quicker.

This software is a hidden employee and co-worker who does all the work for the better functioning of a team. Understanding Slack is easy, it may just take a while for your team to get into a habit of it to use it, once they are well versed and have got used to it their lives are much simpler and happier. 

Get started with Slack to improve work productivity in your organization. Let slack be the best friend of your employees to give a smooth workflow and better efficiency.