Young entrepreneurs often have a difficult time staying on top of their responsibilities in the workplace. Responding to emails can be very time-consuming. Getting your website to work the way it should is often problematic. And keeping projects organized, staying in touch with your network, and generally being productive is never the easiest thing to accomplish.

The Internet is addictive and it makes everybody procrastinate. But at the same time, it also offers young magnates a wide array of tools to improve their business and life. To learn about these tools, please keep reading to find out our most indispensable options that all young entrepreneurs need to begin using on a regular basis.


About Clockspot →

We always recommend Clockspot because it’s the ideal choice when compared to other time tracking apps. This online time clock makes it easy to save money on labor costs, spend much less time doing payroll, and it’ll even help keep your remote workers and in-house employees honest.

We love it so much because it’s really easy to use, they have fast and friendly support, and it’s perfect for small businesses and young entrepreneurs looking to cut down on their payroll time by as much as 75%. Many happy customers say it’s the best investment they ever made.

Search tools for company names

When first starting out as a young entrepreneur, you’ll need to come up with the perfect name for your new company. Unfortunately, the odds are somebody already chose your favorite name. To find out if this is true, you’ll need to perform a corporation search for the name in the state you’re in.

As an example, if you plan to open a startup in Georgia, you’ll need to check with the Secretary of State’s website to find out if your chosen name is still available. Without going into too much detail, you can find out much more about this topic by visiting online search sites to learn the scoop.


 About Trello →

The beauty of Trello is it’s a free project management tool. When first starting out, you’ll need to do everything possible to get and stay organized. This app will certainly help get you there.

It’s definitely a versatile program, so you can do a number of different things with it. You can use it to create an online course, write an e-book, or organize projects directly related to your new startup. And the interesting thing about it is it’s like having a corkboard right on your computer, where you can create new cards, add comments to the cards, create checklists, and much more.

Try Trello immediately to take your organizational skills to the next level.


 Slack Features →

Slack is a great program to use for just about every business. But if you’re managing remote employees, it can really take communication to the next level.

We recommend Slack because this chat app has many awesome features that will make it much easier for your remote employees to communicate with one another. You can set up a place for your team to share messages and information back and forth. They can set up mastermind groups within the team area, and it’s really easy to use so none of your employees should have a tough time figuring it out.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a very simple yet powerful time tracking tool. You chose a project you’re working on, select the task and click the “start” button, and it tracks how long you’ve been working on that particular task. It is one of the great tools for managing remote teams as well as client projects in a transparent way avoiding micromanagement.
It does a lot more than just time tracking. We recommend Time Doctor because of its awesome features like screenshot monitoring, web and app usage monitoring and detail reporting. It can also integrate with some of the most popular project management platforms.

 Features →

Final Thoughts

Having the most indispensable tools at your beck and call is definitely a great way to get your company off the ground as a fledgling mogul. Use these tools to help optimize your productivity, spend less time completing payroll tasks, organize and manage projects effectively, and communicate with team members quickly and easily.


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