Great eCommerce Ideas that can Bring Money

E-commerce has opened a lot of doors for those who would rather spend their time working on the internet independently instead of slaving away at the office.

If you feel like you are stuck at a dead-end job without any hope in sight, starting a similar project on your own could be the next best thing.

Newcomers might have some problems picking a niche, but this article should fix that situation. There are more than enough products and services out there, so keep reading and find out the one which suits you the best.

Print on Demand

One of the go-to businesses is print on demand. There is a high demand for custom-made merchandise, most notably t-shirts.

It does not mean that you should only focus on clothes. Many would argue that it would be better to start with something else, and you can do so using DTF transfers. After all, the t-shirt market is already oversaturated.


You can give a try to custom mugs as they have a lot of potential in the print on demand industry. If you can come up with outstanding designs, finding customers will not be a problem.

Second-Hand Products

Not everyone has enough money to afford brand-new stuff. Thus, looking for cheaper options is a natural thing to do.

According to Shopify Plus, the value of sales e-commerce is going to reach in 2021 stands at about 4.5 trillion dollars. And it is no exaggeration to suggest that second-hand products will have a fair share of this.

All you need to do is start collecting whatever is lying around your house without any purpose. This includes jewelry, clothes, books, furniture, etc. Post it on the website and once you make a few sales, reinvest that money. Go around the neighborhood and offer to free up your neighbors of anything they no longer need. From here, start to grow your business.

Beauty and Health

Everybody wants to look their best and is always searching for new products. Keep in mind that this does not apply only to women. Men are just as conscious about their appearance.

The idea of conquering this market with general stuff will not get you anywhere. The competition is fierce and there is only one option – narrowing down your niche to a very specific demographic. 

For instance, you could cater to the needs of female athletes who have problems with body hair. Or for male dancers who have problems with their hair. Well, you get the idea.

Jewelry and Clothes

Another powerhouse in the industry is these two – jewelry and clothes. Once again, you will need to find an audience that would be interested in your designs.

It is no secret that a lot of brands rely on social media influencers and other celebrities by sending them out free samples. You can take this approach as well, especially when starting out.

Smart Watches


Everyone owns a smartphone, but smartwatches are still a relatively new introduction in our society. It is not a far-fetched suggestion that the demand for them will continue to increase in the future.

They help people with planning and sticking to their goals, such as fitness, not being late to meetings, waking up on time, and so on. Such a versatile device has the potential to become the next big thing if it has not reached that point yet.

Educational Courses Online

Online education has become available worldwide and if you can teach a subject, you should go for it. Plenty of individuals are not satisfied with what they learn at school or have ended up choosing the wrong path in their colleges or universities. 

Having the option to access education any time you want and spend as much time as you like certainly sounds appealing. This trend will not go anywhere, so investing your resources in it sounds like a great plan.



A childhood without toys is more or less unimaginable. There are lots of different variations you could sell. In fact, if you were to focus on opening a website that focuses on children’s toys, you could potentially become a millionaire. Especially if you can come up with custom-made and totally unique designs.

Smart Home Products

It is no longer something that you can only see in science fiction movies. Smart homes have become a reality, and there are bound to be new products in the future.

If you were to hop on this idea right now, you would have a better time later. Your brand would be established, and getting more customers would not be that much of a pain. To sum everything up, there are plenty of ways to profit if you are looking to start an e-commerce project yourself. If you find that one idea is not working, move on to the next until you find your golden ticket. Hardly anyone manages to lift off from the very first try.

About Gaurav Tiwari

Gaurav Tiwari is a blogger, influencer and designer with expertise in brand regeneration and growth hacking. He is the co-founder of Gatilab, a successful digital agency focused on content and design.