Best WordPress Plugins in 2022

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugins and tools in 2022? If you are, this is going to be epic. In this article, I have worked with my team to list the best WP plugins that you can use to enhance your WordPress site, get more traffic and increase revenue.

Here I have listed the best WordPress plugins that can help manage your SEO, Forms, website backups, file storage, caching services, page building, content writing, and much more.

Although there are thousands of plugins on WordPress and choosing the best plugin can be a daunting task, but we tried listing the most that par and better than others — along with their alternatives.

Here’s how this list works.

  1. Every category has one-best WordPress plugin
  2. Followed by one or more great alternatives that can be used to replace the #1 plugin in that category.
  3. Next, if the best WordPress plugin in a category is a paid plugin, a free alternative is voted best as well, followed by one of more alternatives that can be used to replace both.
  4. Please note that if a plugin has both free and paid versions in the market, the plugin will be considered free as paid upgrades are entirely optional in WordPress ecosystem.

That’s all.

best wordpress plugins

Let’s see the list of the best WordPress plugins by category:

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Best WordPress SEO plugins

SEO is one of the most critical issues related to your blog. For you to get readers, you must ensure that your blog is visible. It is quite easy to make your site easy to find for people who are searching for things online.

Usually, people type various keywords during the process of searching for stuff online. If you can write the content of your blog well by using matching keywords, then you can dramatically increase the chances of people finding your site.

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO is a powerful SEO plugin that’s very easy to use. It offers an intuitive setup wizard and intelligent automation feature that helps you optimize the content in few simple clicks.

Rank Math comes to integrate with Keyword ranking tools and Google search console to help you with keywords properly. Additionally, it comes with a module-based system that helps you pick the features you need instead of overloading your sites with unnecessary functions.

Its key features include:

  • Local SEO
  • XML sitemap including News Sitemaps
  • Image SEO
  • Advanced SEO auditing
  • Keyword Tracking Support
  • Search Console Support
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • AMP support
  • ACF Support
  • Video SEO
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • Number based SEO scrores
  • Keyword Suggestions while writing
  • Pillar Content Support
  • Noindex support
  • Dynamic titles
  • Free SEO tutorials
  • Intuitive setup wizard
  • Breadcrumbs
  • … much more

This freemium tool starts at $59 per year with many advanced features and lets you track up to 1000 keywords.

I have been personally using this plugin for a long time and I am quite satisfied with the result I am getting and will surely suggest it to everyone.

Install RankMath Try RankMath Pro

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin that comes packed with excellent features that’ll help you produce easy-to-read SEO-friendly content.

This plugin adds a meta box to all the posts and pages that help to quickly set up keywords, URLs, meta descriptions, and many more. Additionally, its readability analysis enables you to improve your posts with practical suggestions.

It offers features such as

  • WPML support
  • Noindex support
  • Schema Markup
  • Local SEO (Paid Addon)
  • XML sitemap including News Sitemaps (News SEO is a Paid Addon)
  • Image SEO
  • Advanced SEO auditing
  • Keyword Tracking Support
  • Search Console Support
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Video SEO (Paid Addon)
  • News SEO (Paid Addon)
  • WooCommerce SEO (Paid Addon)
  • Number based SEO scrores
  • Keyword Suggestions while writing
  • Pillar Content Support
  • Dynamic titles
  • SEO tutorials (Paid)
  • Breadcrumbs

Get Yoast SEO

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is a very lightweight and fast SEO plugin that works seamlessly without any ads. It is often considered an excellent alternative for Yoast since it has many awesome features and flexible targeting keywords. With this plugin, the post SEO settings are controlled with few tabs showing how close you’re to making your posts search engine-ready.

It some of the best features such as:

  • Article enhancement
  • SEO and Keyword monitoring
  • Comment caching
  • Noindex support
  • AMP integration
  • Local SEO
  • XML sitemap including News Sitemaps
  • Image SEO
  • Advanced SEO auditing
  • Keyword Tracking Support
  • Search Console Support
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Video SEO
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • Pillar Content Support
  • Dynamic titles
  • Free SEO tutorials
  • Intuitive setup wizard
  • Breadcrumbs

SEO framework comes in 2 versions- free and premium. Premium starts from $84 per year for two sites and gives up to 500 API requests/month.

Get The SEO Framework


SEOPress is an awesome plugin that comes with many comprehensive features to optimize your site fully. With this plugin, you can build sitemaps, manage redirections, analyze the keywords in your content, and many more.

This plugin comes integrated with Google Analytics and offers a content analysis tool that provides optimization tips to help you write better content. It also allows developers to add additional hooks to customize this plugin to the core.

Additionally, it provides features such as:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Noindex support
  • Dynamic titles
  • Free SEO tutorials
  • Unlimited keyword support
  • Intuitive setup wizard
  • Local SEO
  • XML sitemap including News Sitemaps
  • Image SEO
  • Advanced SEO auditing
  • Keyword Tracking Support
  • Search Console Support
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • AMP support
  • ACF Support
  • Video SEO
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • Breadcrumbs

It’s a freemium tool that costs $39 per year for multiple sites and comes with advanced features for site optimization, WooCommerce, and many more.

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Google XML Sitemaps

[Can be used alongside any SEO plugins.]

XML sitemap works like an index and allows search engines to find all of your blog’s URLs. These sitemaps can be easily generated and uploaded on your blog server directly with the help of Google XML Sitemaps.

HTML sitemap can also be created to help visitors navigate easily on your site in case you have many pages of content that can be tricky to get around. Sitemaps are programmatically crawled by Google & other search engines and they save you from the burden of regularly pinging to several sites.

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[Can be used alongside any SEO plugins.]

Links are a crucial part of a website as they redirect the users to other posts, pages, products and external websites. An external link might, however, disappear when you replace a page on your website and you have broken links.

Broken Links Checker plugin scans your website for broken links and informs you about it. Often there can be several broken links that can affect your search engine rankings. With this information, you can remove or add working links and make your website responsive.

  • Saves time as you have to scan the website manually otherwise
  • It stops you from having unknown and broken links 
  • Helps stop the 404 error

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WordPress Security Plugins


Akismet is a WordPress plugin which is used by millions of websites. It is one of the most popular tools for filtering out spam from comments and contact from messages. It checks all your comments and clears away inappropriate comments getting published on your site. As there are loads of spam comments on websites, filtering these comments can consume a lot of time. Akismet can save you hours in this case.

To use Akismet it is important to have an API key. Using this key a site can interact with the Akismet servers. This antispam plugin’s pricing is transparent and pocket-friendly.

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Sucuri Security

Sucuri is an amazing free WordPress security plugin that’s widely popular for its features. However, it comes with security activity auditing that overlooks how well the plugin is protecting your site. It cleans your WordPress site at no additional charges if it gets malware, Keeps track of every activity on your site, and reduces server load time, improving your site’s performance.

Its features include:

  • Activity monitoring
  • Malware scanning
  • Security notifications
  • File monitoring

It offers most of the services for free. Although, to access its advanced features such as website firewall, SSL support, and many more.

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WP Security Audit Log

WP security is a powerful WordPress security plugin that helps administrators keep track of user activity and changes made on the site. For example, it helps you monitor login attempts, content changes, comments, plugins, and themes.

WP Security Audit Log keeps track of plugins, widgets, themes, user accounts, etc. In addition, this plugin keeps track of user IDs, roles, and IP addresses so you can protect your website from cybercriminals. To prevent having to scroll through a big list of logs, you can just set up customized alerts. You can also use free-text searches to look for any activity in the audit log. You can also save the activity in an external database to be safe if it is wiped automatically.

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WPS Hide Login

The WPS Hide Login plugin is a lightweight and powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to safely modify the WordPress login URL page to whatever you want.

WPS Hide Login disables access to the wp-admin directory and the wp-login.php page. That means you’ll have to remember the new WordPress login URL that you set. Whether you make a note of the URL or save it somewhere, you’ll be able to see it.

It’s also compatible with any plugin that uses the login form as a hook, such as:

  • BuddyPress,
  • bbPress,
  • WPS Login Limit,
  • Jetpack
  • User Switching.

Using this plugin reduces the risk of a security breach by regularly checking for vulnerabilities and implementing the latest WordPress security practices and techniques.

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Best WordPress Privacy & Cookie Plugins

GDPR is one of the major privacy laws that affect all organizations that deal with the data of European Union citizens. Hence it’s important for all those organizations to comply with the law to avoid any bitter consequences. 

If you have a WordPress website that has visitors from the EU, The GDPR cookie consent plugin would be the right help you need. It comes with powerful features that ensure easy compliance with the law. 

The display of a cookie notice that asks for users’ consent prior to rendering cookies is one of the requirements of the law. The plugin lets you do it easily with its fully customizable cookie banner. 

You can configure the cookie banner to disappear after a few seconds or to accept on scroll (an option available under Italian law) and change the colors, fonts, styles, the position on the page, and even how it behaves when a user clicks “Accept”.

The plugin also comes with a cookie audit module to show your users what cookies your site uses by displaying them neatly in a table on your Privacy & Cookie Policy page using the shortcode [cookie_audit]. 

Assistance in CCPA compliance is another huge plus of this plugin. It lets you configure a ‘Do Not Sell My Personal Information’ control to the cookie notice, which is a requirement to comply with CCPA. CCPA or the California Consumer Privacy Act is a data privacy law in California state that regulates how businesses not only in the US but worldwide handle the personal information of the residents of California. CCPA was enacted on January 1st, 2020 and it was the first of its own kind in the US.

If your WordPress website doesn’t follow the required CCPA rules you won’t be able to sell your products in California. Auditing is required for the purpose before you totally rely on this plugin. The team at KirkPatrickPrice has released a preparing for a CCPA audit white paper, that contains a checklist to help you prepare for the auditing for CCPA.

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The GDPR/CCPA cookie consent plugin by Securiti helps websites easily comply with global privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy and more. The solution is easy to deploy and extremely configurable to align with the look & feel of your web page. Securiti also helps developers meet privacy compliance with Data Subject Rights (DSR), Privacy Policy/ Notice Management and Universal Consent.

With the Securiti Cookie Consent Plugin, you can rapidly deploy a cookie banner and block non-essential cookies to stay compliant.


  • Periodically scan websites for cookies
  • Highly optimized for low-latency page performance
  • Integrate with your dev pipeline
  • Dynamically display different languages
  • Auto-blocking of cookies
  • Auto-update Privacy Notices
  • Consent records and reporting
  • Reverse IP detection for global compliance
  • Configurable preference center

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Best WordPress Performance Plugins

In the wilds of the internet, competition is very tough, so having a fast-loading website is essential for standing out. However, adding the proper set of WordPress performance plugins might help you boost your site’s performance even further!

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a popular WordPress caching plugin that helps to increase performance. This plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use than other cache plugins. When compared to other cache plugins, WP-rocket offers some of the best features. Its caching option speeds up the loading process; there is also the option to preload cache, which speeds up the process even more.

The personal license for the WP-Rocket plugin starts from $49 and includes many additional features for increasing user experience and site speed.

Get WP Rocket Read WP Rocket Review


Perfmatters is a terrific plugin that helps to reduce the number of server requests on most pages by up to 50% or more. This plugin was built with simplicity in mind. Perfmatters helps your site speed up by disabling scripts that aren’t being used. Emojis, for example, are loaded by default on every page of your website. And If you don’t use them, you’re just slowing your site down.

With Perfmatters, the performance optimizations shouldn’t be complicated, and everything should be easy to be enabled/disabled with a single click. In addition, it costs just $24.95 for a single-site license offering many great features to speed up your site quickly.

See my guide on how to use WP Rocket and Perfmatters to pass Core Web Vitals Test here.

Get Perfmatters

WordPress Content Writing Plugins

Editorial Calendar

The editorial calendar is a tool used by bloggers and content writers to control the creation and publication of content across several media. The editorial calendar helps in planning your content a few weeks prior so that you can build up a routine. However, the main use of an editorial calendar is to control the publication of content and establish a regular presence of content that amazes advertisers.  Editorial calendars play an important role in social media marketing, one great benefit that it has is you can keep an eye on the posts of Facebook, Twitter and see which one gets most attracted by the public and can review those topics anytime you want.

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Strive Content Calendar

If you want to run a successful blog, then you’ll need an organized editorial calendar. The problem is that WordPress makes post planning difficult by only giving us a table view in the Posts menu. That’s where Strive can help.

The Strive plugin adds a responsive content calendar directly into the WordPress dashboard. It shows you all of your published and scheduled posts for the month, so you can see immediately if you’re prepared to hit your deadlines or not. Strive also adds four new post statuses (Not Started, Writing, Editing, and Complete) and color-codes posts in the calendar based on this status.

Other valuable features include:

  • Reschedule posts with drag-and-drop
  • Create custom checklists for quality control
  • Checklists show up in the post editor
  • Republish existing posts with Strive’s post revisions
  • Use the Pipeline view to see all unscheduled posts

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If you are confused among thousands of photos and you don’t know exactly which one will be perfect for your blog then ImageInject is the best for you. It provides you with the advantage of searching among heaps of photos, chooses the favorite one, and insert them in your WordPress posts. Users can also perform editing of templates and have a look at exactly how the photos will look in their blog.

It features automatically populated ALT and title tags of the image for SEO. With this You can search for many various keywords and analyze the result to get the best matches.

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See also:

Best WordPress Plugins for Marketers


OptinMonster is one of the best WordPress popup builders in the market. It helps you promote your website by creating more subscribers, leads, and sales from existing traffic. It offers features like lightbox popups, scroll boxes, floating bars, page-level targeting, gamified wheels, geolocation targeting, along with 100+ templates to choose from.

You can utilize its powerful targeting and segmentation engine in your favor and promote your offers to the right visitors at the right time, thus skyrocketing your site conversions. Installing the OptinMonster plugin will boost the growth of your website, and more visitors will start coming to your site.

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Bloom Email Optin Plugin

Bloom is a WordPress email opt-in plugin that allows you to geotag your content and offers hyper-locating features for your WordPress website. Newsletters offered by it lets the users search and save locations for a better-personalized experience. It offers six types of opt-in forms viz popup, fly-in, below post, locked content, inline, and widget.

These forms appear on the bloom settings panel after implementing them. You can easily manage these opt-ins. Bloom also shows its effectiveness and statistics on its stats page, and so you can keep track of how your website is working. It provides optimal results and helps you grow your email list.

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MailOptin is a fantastic plugin that offers Popup, Optin Form & Email Newsletters for Mailchimp, HubSpot, and AWeber. This form and popup builder plugin is very useful for creating subscribe forms, popups, and registration forms. It allows you to create lightbox/popup optin forms, before and after post option forms, and sidebar/widget optin forms. It has various other features for lead generation.

It also allows you to make automated emails for post notifications to your subscribers. You can make automated daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters of posts or broadcast to your registered users. You can also schedule newsletter sending timings. MailOption comes with many more features, even in the free version. It also has a premium version available.

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MailChimp for WordPress

MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

Once you have the right tools to manage your content, market your blog and integrate your posts with specific social media pages, then you need a useful tool to manage your emailing system. MailChimp is regarded as one of the best emailing tools for bloggers. You can start with the free version before you upgrade to the paid one once you are sure that the number of your subscribers has grown tremendously.


Mailgun plugin for WordPress sites is best if you want to send, receive or track emails effortlessly. It supports almost every popular language, including PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, and Java. Mailgun lets you focus more on building and optimizing your website rather than wasting time with email servers. The most important feature is that you get away with sending emails when the server you use does not support STMP or outbound STMP is restricted. Mailgun free account has a maximum capacity of 200 emails/day. You need to get a paid subscription to remove the email limit.

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Sendgrid is a cloud-based email delivery service that allows marketers and developers to send emails without fear. It is easy to set up and use. It manages to unsubscribe emails and has AB testing enabled. You can also track if an email is bound, blocked, or delivered. In addition, it offers a 100 emails/day plan forever after the trial period is over. Sendgrid also provides insight analytics of the emails it is working with, even in the free version. The app may be a bit hard to navigate, but it is beneficial once you learn it.

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Social Warfare

When it comes to social sharing buttons, where they are placed matters a lot, which is where the social welfare plugin comes in help, Social Warfare is a lightweight and fast WordPress social sharing plugin that comes packed with loads of unique features. The plugin includes everything you need to increase traffic from social media networks. In addition, it allows you to place them in customized locations to boost conversion rates.

It has many significant features, such as:

  • Beautiful looking social sharing buttons
  • The settings option is simple to use.
  • Option for a social counter
  • Loads very quickly, and many more

Social Welfare is one of the most popular and highly recommended social plugins for WordPress.

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Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons is a versatile and powerful social sharing plugin available that allows you to share, track, and grow your WordPress site’s social popularity effortlessly. Every marketing strategy should include content sharing on social media sites. This plugin is compatible with over 50 social media networks. In addition, it has outstanding design options, including over 30 automated display ways, share optimization tags, unlimited color and style options, and comprehensive customization of share buttons for any location.

With various choices and specific features, you can now boost your subscribers, followers, social shares, and much more – all with this fantastic plugin.

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Smash Ballon Social Photo Feed

Formerly Instagram feed, it is one of the excellent Instagram feed plugin available in the market. This plugin makes it much easier to make your own Instagram social photo feed.

This plugin comes in two versions: The free version offers many built-in features, and a Pro version comes with additional features, including advanced layout options and many more.

The best part about this plugin is its smart feed cache and backup functionality. You can also use its premium version to display several Instagram feeds from various sources on your site, including #hashtag feeds. It also features a lightbox popup option with built-in social sharing buttons and allows you to create shoppable feeds.

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Best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins

An affiliate program allows you to promote your brand and products to other people’s audiences, resulting in an endless supply of leads. These two plugins will assist you in completing your task efficiently!

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a powerful and convenient WordPress plugin for links management. It allows you to include simple and clean URLs on your WordPress website, thus providing a wonderful user experience. You can also redirect your existing website content and even external links such as affiliate links to share them on multiple platforms. Pretty Links also acts as a link shortener tool that lets you shorten your post and page URLs for ease of sharing them on any social media platform or in email campaigns. Pretty Links makes short links from your domain itself. This is very useful for minimizing the links on your page and making your pages better.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Affiliate marketing and promotion is a huge spectrum, especially if you consider how it will help your business grow. Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates Plugin allows you to link texts very easily. Thus you can use a specific product name inside your content. The link respective to the product and product name are generated automatically for your convenience. You can also do it manually. The plugin lets you put products for display on a specific post or page. You can also use shortcodes to make them more visually appealing. Boost your business with this plugin. 

Best WordPress Page Builders

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is one of the best drag-and-drop builders, with a stunning UI, advanced customization capabilities, and a beginner-friendly learning curve. Elementor comes in 2 versions- free and premium. The free version includes over 30 unique template options, over 40 widgets, and a built-in page editor to help your website look more professional.

Its premium plan comes with more templates and more comprehensive website features in the pricier alternatives. The Basic subscription costs $49 per year and contains over 300 Pro templates, over 90 widgets, and more than ten website template kits.

Elementor is preferred by many because of its free widgets and templates, and the interface is clean and simple to speed up the construction process.

No other page builder is as fast as Elementor. The interface is fun and easy to use and it reduces the time to design. Elementor allows you to edit the page and simultaneously see the way it looks. There is a premium version that can help you do even more.

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Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a popular drag-and-drop page builder among web designers. Beaver makes it simple to build customized WordPress content. Over a million websites use this page builder because of its reputation for being developer-friendly and providing reliable updates.

The Beaver Builder page editor lets you change the appearance of individual pages and can also be used to customize the modules that appear on various pages of your website. Additionally, it is SEO-friendly which will help you get closer to improved SEO rankings. Finally, it’s fully responsive and works with WooCommerce.

It comes in 2 versions where; the free version has limited features, but the premium version starts from $99, which comes with all features you need for WordPress websites straight off your imagination.

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Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder is a fantastic drag-and-drop page builder plugin that lets newbies and experts create personal or business websites quickly and effortlessly. It fits your learning curve and skill, whether you are a novice or a professional. This page builder has a smooth

drag and drop option and a ton of content items that you can use to design your site. So even if you’re not a web developer or particularly tech-savvy, you can use this plugin to create a beautiful website. To put it another way, it makes web development and designs simple and hassle-free.

Visual composer has a free version with limited features, and its premium starts from $49.00 per user.

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WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Finding the best eCommerce plugin is critical for your company’s success because a good platform means more scope for growth. The below plugins can assist you in growing your online business swiftly and efficiently.


WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. The developers of this plugin have made it simple for anyone to set up an online store in a matter of minutes and with a few simple clicks. So whether you’re selling physical products or digital products, this plugin always comes in handy.

Some of its best features include:

  • It offers hundreds of themes and extensions that let you add new features to your WooCommerce store easily.
  • It allows both physical and digital downloads
  • Affiliate marketers can enhance site’s user experience by adding affiliate products
  • Manage your inventory with ease or assign it to the store manager.

WooCommerce is a fantastic option for any type of eCommerce site. It features a strong developer and user community, many add-ons and themes, excellent multilingual support, and the best free and paid support options.

Easy digital downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a fantastic WordPress eCommerce plugin with a simple, user-friendly interface for maintaining and selling digital products. It’s simple to use and has many features to help you design a stylish and functional digital products store.

The fact that this plugin is free is one of the reasons for EDD’s success. You put it on your website, and you have a digital sales platform with discount codes, file access control, and activity tracking right now. In addition, EDD has a comprehensive shopping cart, allowing you to process payments on your website while reducing the number of clicks required.

It’s recommended to use Easy Digital Downloads to make your online selling hassle-free.

WooCommerce Smart Manager

This is a unique tool that helps you manage your e-commerce website efficiently. With this, you can manage products, customers, production variants and orders using WooCommerce, WooThemes, and WPeC. The smart manager is the best choice for you as it gives you the speed and power to manage the website.

E-commerce websites are heavy websites that need to load quickly and you can manage the entire store directly from a single screen through an excel-like spreadsheet.

Exciting Features of Smart Manager for E-Commerce

  • You get a quick spreadsheet-like browsing
  • You have an easy search option to look-up orders, customers and products
  • You can edit your orders, products and customers inline

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Best WordPress advertising plugins

You can make money from your WordPress site in a variety of ways. One of the most effective ways to start increasing your website earnings is to sell advertising space. Selecting the appropriate plugin will help you to do the task more quickly and efficiently.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is an ad management and AdSense plugin that helps you optimize your website’s ad positioning more efficiently. It supports various advertisements, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager,, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Infolinks, and rotating banners. It also provides options to include opt-in forms, header scripts, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP, analytics, tracking, or advert code on the webpage. In addition, you can highlight syntax, preview code with CSS visual editor, insert before or after, and post, content, paragraph, image, or comment box. You can also choose to disable ads on any page if you want. It is highly customizable, thus allows you to decorate your page correctly.


AdRotate plugin permits you to easily manage all your adverts on the dashboard of your website. It is one of the best plugins available for this purpose. Its simple design is very user-friendly and offers many features that newcomers and professionals could use similarly. It supports ad servers like, Blind Ferret, Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Bing Ads, Amazon Affiliates, Yahoo! Adverts, DFP, Chitika, Doubleclick, juiceAds, and others.AdRotate is also pro in disguising ads from ad blockers. A few of its features include disabling ads automatically after expiring, easy management of assets and media, widget placement, and others. Adrotate also has a premium version – AdRotate Professional, which includes even more detailing features.

Best WordPress code plugins

Did you ever try to put custom code into your WordPress website? Adding custom code to your WordPress theme does not need any prior coding experience. These plugins allow you to customize and modify your WordPress site right from your dashboard easily.

Code Snippets

Code Snippets lets you efficiently run PHP code snippets on your site to better your WordPress website’s functionality. Code Snippets supplies a graphical interface for managing and tracking snippets. You can even activate and deactivate these snippets according to your convenience. The snippet editor has fields for name, editor-enabled description, and more. You can also shift snippets to another site – in JSON or keep it for later use. Code Snippets supports various languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Danish, etc. It is a powerful plugin for optimizing your website.

Head, Footer, and Post Injections

Head, Footer, and Post Injections allow you to insert any content in the header and footer parts of individual blog pages and even before or after the content of posts. You can copy codes and inject them into the site while being able to manage them all. Also, it is theme-independent, i.e., you can change themes without losing injected codes.

Main features and injection points include page section, after tags as necessary by some JS SDK, page footer, etc. It recognizes and executes PHP code and includes the logic to your injections. Additionally, You can inject at the beginning of the content body, in the middle, and anywhere else on the template. This plugin is very versatile, and you can insert it anywhere you want on a page.

WordPress Migration & Backup Plugins

It is a speedy procedure to build a WordPress website/blog on a localhost. When you complete the development process, you would then surely try to move & host the website online, which is a challenging task for sure.

You can use a valuable WordPress plugin to make this migration easy. You can also utilize the WordPress plugins to migrate a website from one server to another. We have mentioned here 7 excellent plugins that may help you in the migration of your WordPress website from one host to another.


VaultPress is an automatic backup service for your WordPress website. It is one of the best backup plugins available for WordPress. It backs up all folders and files of core WordPress installation, every theme file, WordPress database, and every plugin. VaultPress is highly secure. The backups are stored off-site at Automattic’s data centers.

VaultPress also checks for security risks on your entire website and helps you with spam protection, security viruses, and hackers. It also spontaneously corrects critical issues regarding your site and backup and notifies you about such issues through email. VaultPress is one of the best backup plugins available on the market. It also supports WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress.

ManageWP Worker

MnageWp is an outstanding managing service for WordPress websites that will help you manage multiple websites. With this plugin, you can use features like backup, performance checks, updates, security checks, and many more. It can save you a lot of time and effort on your WordPress management, and you can focus on other aspects of your website. After signing for it, you need not worry, and it is very easy to use.

You only need your WordPress admin credentials to link the service with WordPress. This fast, efficient and secure service is completely free. However, ManageWP premium is a paid service with much more features available.


Duplicator is a free cloning tool for WordPress. When you use this plugin, you can clone, duplicate, backup, relocate and migrate the WordPress site from one domain to the other domain. If you’ve a technical know-how,  website migration will take just minutes.

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All-in-One WP Migration

Known to be one of the most well-known plugins, All-in-One WP Migration is the most satisfying plugin among users and it has gained a good rating of 4.8 out of 5. This plugin is available for free and sports the effortless migration of your valuable folders and files including media, themes and plugins. All-in-One WP Migration also provides affixing serialization difficulties and has an extremely customizable interface.

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Built by iThemes, BackupBuddy is a remarkable premium plugin for WordPress that is available for $80 per year for 2 sites. Its features include complete WordPress backup, migration of WordPress installations, restoration, and full security. You can easily shift the complete WP website involving plugins, themes, etc., towards a live production site.

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For a straightforward migration, MyEasyBackup is another perfect solution available for free. With the help of this plugin, you can build a backup and restore your WordPress site too. With only a simple single click, this plugin can migrate your full WP installation as the procedure is very easy to complete. Its features include forming the backup and migrating the entire database, backup firmness and drive backup straight-away to the new server that you are attempting to migrate towards.

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WP Clone by WP Academy

While using WP Clone plugin, you can move your WP website to another hosting server or to other domain. WP Clone is the best choice for migrating WordPress site from or to the localhost. It gives you a guarantee of providing you full security of your WP website. You can produce copies of your website with this plugin for executing testing or developing process. You can backup, copy and move your site easily.

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WP Migrate DB Pro

You can migrate your WordPress installation easily with the use of WP Migrate DB plugin. It is available in both free and paid version. For the paid version, the price of the plugin begins from $90.

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Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins

Almost every website uses photos, and WordPress photo gallery plugins make it simple to present those images appealingly. If you don’t use a gallery plugin, you’ll be forced to use the basic picture gallery included in WordPress’ basic feature set. These below are some of the best gallery plugins for you.


Modula is an easy-to-use WordPress gallery plugin that quickly creates visually appealing photo and video galleries. In addition, Modula’s versatile customization tools allow you to customize your gallery to your preference.

Overall, Modula is an incredibly user-friendly and intuitive tool. Because of its drag-and-drop feature, you can drop image files into the gallery edit section, and Modula’ll add them to your gallery immediately.

Modula comes with several unique features, including:

  • Animation effects after image loading
  • Pull captions/titles from image metadata
  • Hovering effects on mouseover and many more.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a popular plugin with both a free version and a paid version with more features. The Modula interface is ingeniously designed to rapidly make it as simple as possible to get a visually appealing gallery in WordPress. In addition, it has an amazing drag-and-drop interface that makes it possible to just drop image files directly into the gallery edit area, and they’ll be added to your gallery automatically.

Envira Gallery comes with many unique features that include:

  • Social sharing options
  • WooCommerce support.
  • Video support and many more

Overall, the Envira Gallery features are excellent if you have money to buy the premium. However, users looking for free galleries, on the other hand, should look for alternative options. 

Best WordPress Slider plugins

If you want to improve your visitor’s user experience on your site, consider adding WordPress slider plugins to your bucket. They help highlight the most important content on a page, but they also present it in a visually pleasing and dynamic manner.

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution helps you to create a visually stunning website and woo your visitors into subscribers. Their wholesome feature lets designers mix and matches to make the perfect site that is good-looking and responsive. It includes aesthetic sliders and carousels, eye-catching hero sections, and much more.

Moreover, you can do all of this without writing a single line of code. Using any kind of media, a wholesome website is ready in a matter of a few minutes. Overall it helps you convert your site’s visitors into subscribers. Slider Revolution is a perfect way to increase the growth of your website.

Smart Slider 3

Smart Slider 3 is a versatile plugin to make beautiful sliders for your WordPress site. This strong and wise WordPress plugin is fully responsive, SEO optimized and worked perfectly well with every WordPress theme. In Smart Slider 3, you do not need to code to make your site visually appealing. It is very easy to use and helps you make a pretty interface using slides.

You have total freedom regarding how you want to implement them on your website. It offers various features like default positioning, absolute positioning, page builder support, dynamic slides, layers, slide backgrounds, and much more. Upgrade your website in a matter of minutes using the Smart Slider 3 plugin efficiently.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Whatever niche you’re in, A contact form is one of the most crucial elements you need on your WordPress site. With a good form builder, you can collect important customer feedbacks and

increase your business growth. The following plugins will help you do that efficiently.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is an excellent WordPress form builder plugin that comes with loads of unique features. Gravity forms is dedicated to letting developers create forms with more advanced options, similar to Formidable Forms. You can use this plugin to create almost any style of a form, including polls, file upload forms, quizzes, user surveys, support requests, and online orders.

The following are some of the plugin’s primary features:

  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Subscription form
  • Web directories
  • Customer order forms
  • User-submitted posts

Although Gravity Forms does not have a free package, it is an expensive option compared to other WordPress contact form plugins.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a popular WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to build highly interactive forms quickly. It will enable you to create excellent forms fast and effortlessly with a drag-and-drop interface, all without touching a single line of code. You can use this plugin to manage, edit, and export all of the submissions that come through the form. Additionally, you can also save Some of your fields as favorites for future use.

There are also several premium extensions available that allow you to increase Ninja Forms’ functionality. The base Ninja Forms plugin comes free of charge. However, the addons are not. That means To build more than just a basic form, and you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin.

Contact Form Builder for WordPress by Hubspot

HubSpot is an excellent WordPress plugin with a variety of features, including a powerful contact form builder. This plugin helps you convert visitors into leads, the nurturing of leads into customers, and the measurement of business progress. The form builder plugin is simple to use, and the plugin gives you quick access to all of HubSpot’s CRM and all other marketing tools.

Its Basic features include:

  • Use of live chat and chatbots to engage visitors and use forms and popups to convert leads.
  • Offers HubSpot’s free CRM; you can manage your complete contact database and organize contacts together using the built-in list builder.
  • Using WordPress, create stunning, responsive email newsletters and nurture your leads with automation campaigns.

Overall, it’s an excellent plugin that allows you to expand your business effectively, thanks to its interactive features.

Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

Are you searching for the best image compression plugin for your WordPress website?

Image compression plugins make it simple to optimize photos in WordPress for improved speed and efficiency. Check the following plugins for that task.


Imagify is an excellent image compression plugin that easily compresses newly uploaded and existing photos in your WordPress media folder. Everything is automated in this plugin, which saves you time and improves your workflow. In addition, Imagify has some of the best-looking Settings modules. With only one page to control settings, it’s divided into Optimization, General Settings, and Display Options.

Imagify is compatible with NextGen Gallery, WooCommerce, and other popular plugins, making it excellent for sites that need to compress lots of images. Imagify also features a backup feature that allows you to restore the original version at any moment and start over.

WP Smush

Smush is a simple-to-use plugin with a lovely UI, including proactive components that ask if you want to optimize old and new photos.

Smush is benchmarked and tested to be the best for its remarkable speed and quality. It can automatically compress all of your photographs in a seamless manner. The biggest benefit of Smush is the amount of information it provides about your pictures, as well as the amount of space it saves. It also works on outdated photos, compressing them down to manageable and optimal sizes and fine-tuning them for your website.

Some of its features include:

  • Lossless Lazy Load
  • Incorrect Size Image
  • Directory Smush
  • Bulk Smush Image Resizing and many more

Optimole Image Optimization Service

Optimole’s image optimization plugin is modern and simple, with most of the tools running on the system without your knowledge. Because Optimole uses an image CDN, your images will load rapidly regardless of where your visitors come from.

With a CDN, your images are optimized in real-time and served in the perfect size to your website users. In addition, your optimized photographs are displayed in a single dashboard, making it simple to adjust compression settings for every image.

It allows you to change things like large image scaling, compression quality, and sluggish loading, and many more with a few simple steps.

Best WordPress CRM plugins

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a fundamental approach to managing your relationships and interactions with your clients and prospects. CRM plugins will help you in better understanding and engaging with your customers across their customer lifetime.


WP ERP is the best free CRM and an accounting solution for every website. You can manage your customers by maintaining different levels with ERP’s Dashboard on your table. You can easily schedule your meetings and keep track of all communications while you’re out there. When creating stat reports, the brownie points don’t stop there; they go above and beyond. The fact that you can keep track of each of your financials from its Dashboard alone is quite impressive.

Best WordPress LMS plugins

Suppose you’re searching for a way to provide an online course with all of the usual features and tools of a learning management system. In that case, some of the LMS plugins available for WordPress may be able to provide all of the functionality you require. Using WordPress and Learning Management System (LMS) plugins, you can build and run online courses similar to Udemy.


LearnDash is an amazing WordPress LMS plugin used by many Fortune 500 companies because of its overall speed, amazing feature, and impressive online course design.

It includes a drag-and-drop course builder feature that makes it simple to create complete courses with lessons, topics, Categories, and quizzes. In addition, with its Drip-Feed content feature, you can upload all your lessons at once or schedule them for the duration of the course.

This plugin provides various monetization options for your online course, including memberships, subscriptions, one-time purchases, and an exclusive shopping cart. It has many payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout to collect payments. In addition, it provides customer support by industry-leading experts through an advanced ticketing system.

Lifter LMS

LifterLMS is a robust, feature-rich WordPress LMS plugin that comes with loads of options to create an online course within minutes. It helps you to create engaging courses and provide excellent learning opportunities for your students. It’s easy to use, even if you already have a WordPress site. However, the feature it offers is nearly identical to LearnDash, with a few noticeable exceptions.

Additionally, it comes with a graphics bundle that includes backgrounds and many other design components. Lifter LMS has interfaces integrated with Divi and Beaver Builder that eliminate the need for coding and provide a more visual design experience which is another reason it appears to be appealing to beginners.

Best WordPress directory plugins

Do you want to use WordPress to build your business directory? If that’s the case, Directory plugins work as user-friendly databases, with search bars, location information, images, contact information, and many more.

Business Directory Plugin

The Business Directory plugin is an awesome choice if you want an extensive range of directory categories to pick from. It comes with all fundamental directory capabilities, such as complete picture support, customizable form fields, payment acceptance, and many more. These fundamental capabilities are all available for free when you download the plugin, but you also have options to purchase some advanced add-ons at a premium price.

Some of its unique features include:

  • Google maps
  • Integration of PayPal and Stripe
  • It has Free and paid submissions for extra traffic and revenue
  • Mobile-friendly listings


GeoDirectory is one of those free directory plugins that can handle large growth and traffic thanks to its lightweight, scalable interface. It transforms any WordPress theme into a quick and robust directory. The plugin is designed to create a global business directory, but you can narrow it down to specific regions of the world or solely focus on your local area. In addition, it’s a WordPress multisite compatible plugin, so you can use it to create a directory network or install it on multiple sites.

GeoDirectory is a fantastic choice for website owners searching for maximum flexibility and personalization.

Best WordPress Community Plugins

Forums and debate boards are excellent tools for increasing user engagement and creating a sense of community around your website. Use the following plugins to create an interactive community around your website.


When it comes to adding a forum to WordPress, bbPress is without a doubt the most incredible option. bbPress is a free plugin and does not have a premium version, which means it will not upsell you anything after downloading it. It includes options for creating a user account, moderating the forum, changing the forum’s style, creating several discussion threads, and many more. This plugin performs as expected, and it includes basic customization capabilities such as keyboard shortcuts, color adjustments, and the ability to use a visual editor when users are writing. As for customer support, it is wholly provided through a forum.


BuddyPress is another WordPress contributor-created plugin that outperforms all other forum plugins. BuddyPress is a very easy-to-use plugin that’s more than just a forum plugin; it’s a free tool that turns your WordPress site into a social network like Twitter Facebook. You can build a full-fledged online community with BuddyPress, user profiles, user groups, activity streams, chat, and many other networking features.

The best part of this plugin is that you can combine BuddyPress with bbPress to build a feature-rich online forum. The wonderful features you find on social network platforms such as Favorites, mentions, and many others are all here. Additionally, with BuddyPress, you can personalize your forum to fit your business and create an impressive social network for your niche.

Best WordPress Q&A plugins

If you’ve always wanted to start your question-and-answer website, then WordPress got you covered. You can add Q&A functionality to your site or build a site dedicated only to questions and answers by installing and configuring one of the plugins mentioned below.

DW Question and Answer

DW Question and Answer assists you in making a Question and Answer service on your WordPress website. It is a free plugin that helps you build a community within your website. This plugin comes with a lot of features. The plugin supports more than twenty languages, including English (default), Arabic, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi, Thai, and many more. A user can submit, filter, edit and even delete questions posted on the platform. You can also answer, comment, and vote questions and answers. It also allows a user to post anonymously. DW Question and Answer also has a pro version available which includes even more features.

CM Answers

CM Answers is a WordPress Q&A plugin that allows you to create a question and answer forum on your website for user interaction. It gives complete administration control so you can monitor the platform. You can also use the forum to display advertisements. Users also can upload file attachments to their posts on the platform. Upvoting the posted questions and answers is yet another feature.

CM Answers also integrates with BuddyPress, and thus a user can view their BuddyPress profile too. You can also categorize questions and answers, comment, restrict any particular thread, drag and drop files, and much more. The plugin is SEO-friendly and is also mobile-supported.

Best WordPress donation plugins

Whether you’re accepting donations on your website or running a non-profit organization, collecting donations online is an excellent way to raise funds for any cause. These fundraising or donation plugins will help you do that task more efficiently.


GiveWP is one of the top WordPress plugins for non-profit organizations looking to take donations or fundraise. GiveWP’s comprehensive range of features, combined with their non-profit-friendly price plan, has earned them lots of popularity and userbase and is also one of the reasons for their success. This plugin includes a complete donor management area with full reporting capabilities, allowing you to handle your online and offline donations effectively.

In addition, GiveWP will enable you to put a donation upsell on the checkout screen if you use WooCommerce, plus it is integrated with Google Analytics with better eCommerce tracking.

Additionally, GiveWP is a free WordPress donation plugin, but you’ll have to buy their yearly subscriptions to unlock all of their powerful features and addons.


Charitable is an easy-to-use WordPress donation plugin that lets you set goals for your cause and create unlimited fundraising campaigns. The main advantage of the plugin is that it is designed to be incredibly developer-friendly, giving you complete control over your site’s donation and contribution fundraising module.

Charitable, unlike most other donation plugins, does not collect a fee for each transaction. There are no hidden transaction costs with this plugin, and it is available for free. Another fantastic feature of this plugin is the ability to create as many fundraising campaigns as you want and modify them to your liking. Additionally, users can choose from a variety of extensions included with the extensible plugin.

Overall, Charitable is a simple and cost-effective plugin that is exactly what a small, parent-run organization needs. But considering its features, it could benefit both small and large charities as well.

Best WordPress real estate plugins

If you’re a realtor, you’ll need a website that can display all of your listings. Here are some of the most incredible WordPress real estate plugins to help you succeed with your real estate website.


Want to make a WordPress real estate website? Install Estatik Real Estate plugin and create one with ease. The plugin includes a free theme and a swift demo setup feature. But it also has a pro version if you are looking for more features. Even its free version has tons of features such as listing frontend management, contains field builders, property labels are customizable sorted by categories, and the categories are customizable and much more. Customers can also sort the estates by their needs, like pricing, date, and popularity. It is one of the best real estate manager plugins available. Install it and upgrade your website.

Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro is a versatile Real Estate plugin for WordPress. This feature-rich plugin is made to serve Enterprises to help to make a real estate listing website. This plugin is completely customizable and contains google map and IDX and MLS integration. This plugin goes with all WordPress themes, so you need not worry about adding it to your existing website. With its advanced search feature, it helps customers to find what they are looking for. It also lets you decide the order of your listings on your website.

Moreover, you can provide your customer’s agencies listing and let them compare and choose with it. Provide your customers with the best experience with WP Real Estate Pro.

Best WordPress membership plugins

A stronger platform implies more growth opportunities, thus choosing the best membership plugin is critical for your business. With a membership site, you have complete control over your money source. You don’t have to be concerned about one of your major affiliates quitting their program or losing a significant advertising contract. And the following plugins will help you in that task!

Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro helps you to create a website with paid membership. Thanks to this WordPress plugin, now you can make a secured paid membership website hassle-free. This plugin provides you with many features. It helps to restrict some of your content securely by creating complex access rules and thus giving you full control over who can access what.

You can also manage the existing members and track who is joining new with it. It also provides Woocommerce and WordPress memberships. It also supports up to 11 payment gateways viz PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe, 2CheckOut, Braintree, Payza, and Bank Transfer for ease of monetary transaction. This plugin will make your website crowded with customers.

Membership by supsystic

Membership by supsystic is a free WordPress plugin to manage memberships. It also offers some extra extensions with more features for $39 for a single site license. The premium extension offers content restricted by user roles, WooCommerce, eCommerce, social network integration, subscriptions, social login.

This plugin is fantastic as you can have many features in the version itself, and if you need any features from the extension, you can purchase them according to your need. Admins, through the plugin, can customize the login forms. The plugin also lets the members manage their profiles and connect to others on the platform.

Overall, This is one of the best free membership management plugins out there, which offers similar features for both admin and members.

Best WordPress quiz plugins

Quizzes are used by many successful websites, such as BuzzFeed to promote viral content and increase user engagement. Quizzes hook readers and keep them engaged on your website for a longer period. One of these plugins will help you get that job done!

Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master is a plugin to implement quizzes and surveys on your website. It is the most basic and easy-to-use WordPress plugin for the job. With its help, you can create engaging content and allow your website traffic to interact with you. It also helps you get data regarding your page visitors, traffic, and subscribers depending on the target of the surveys. It offers viral quizzes, trivia quizzes, customer satisfaction surveys, to employee surveys.

Quiz And Survey Master is the best marketing agency for your website and if you want to start implementing quizzes and surveys on your website, start with this plugin as it is very easy to use.

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage allows you to include these features into your website. Opinion Stage lets you interact with your customers through its polls and quizzes, and thus you also get user feedback. You can create feedback surveys, opinion polls, Buzzfeed-type quiz forms, and contact forms with its help.

You can also put images/videos in polls and quizzes. Its interactive and easily navigable user interface allows you to provide the best experience for your website users. Install the plugin to boost your website’s performance.

WordPress Viral Quiz

WordPress Viral Quiz is another excellent and top-notch plugin that allows you to put interactive quizzes into your website. It is relatively simple to implement and only offers two types of quizzes. It is beneficial if you want to create quizzes that are similar to BuzzFeed quizzes.

It comes with many unique features that include:

  • Two quiz types personality and trivia quiz
  • It works on all types of WordPress themes, random quiz saving answers
  • WPML Ready

Overall it is a simple and fun way to interact and engage with your audience and one of the best plugins to start putting quizzes on your site.

Best WordPress PDF plugins

WordPress cannot embed PDF files in your posts or pages if you are not using the Block Editor. A PDF plugin is very beneficial in this situation. Using a plugin, you may easily generate, edit, and embed documents effortlessly!

PDF Embedder

If you are looking for an efficient way to upload pdf files and directly embed them in your site, PDF Embedder is just for you. It is such an easy and convenient pdf embedder that your pdf files will be shaped and sized independently. It is a fully responsive plugin of WordPress. The plugin is free, but you can install the premium version with a reasonable one-time payment if you require more advanced features. The plugin uses JavaScript to embed and not iframes or any other 3rd party service. It is very easy to use, and you can upload a pdf with just one click. PDF Embedder is a simple and efficient tool and is just right for your business.

Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder is a necessity if you want to organize your website correctly. This plugin allows you to unite your Google Drive with WordPress. Now, you will never lose any information. Google Doc Embedder plugin offers structured storage for files, lets posts and pages host individual attachments, easy location access, and flexible embedding. You can also see and control who you allow accessing the docs.

The plugin is perfect if you want to track and record activities and information regarding your website. Hence, in turn, it’ll help your website’s popularity boost.

Best WordPress age verification plugins

Perhaps you have a few pages on your site that you don’t want to make entirely public. Maybe you have a site for persons over a specific age that requires membership. Whatever the case may be, one of these WordPress age verification plugins will most certainly do the work.

Age verify

Sometimes some websites need you to verify your age simply for a user information database or because some of its content is age-restricted. If your site needs to do so, Age Verify of WordPress is one of the best age checkers for you. This plugin is very minimal and basic to use.

You just need to specify a lower bound of age, and it does the rest of the work. It will protect your site from underaged visitors. The free version does the work, but it also holds ads. For a pro version, you simply need to pay $49.00 / year. Now you need not worry about unwanted visitors to your website.

Age Gate

Age Gate is one of the best age restriction plugins out there in the market. You may need your website to be age-restricted as it may have content like alcohol content, movie trailers, or adult content. Age Gate helps you keep underaged visitors away from your website. It first checks for the user’s age verification on page load and then sorts accordingly.

This plugin offers customizable user agents, shortcodes for content restrictions, content-wise age restrictions, omitting logged-in users from rechecking, and more. This plugin also boosts the SEO value of your website by omitting common bots and crawlers from the checking.

Best WordPress project management plugins

Content managers and bloggers can use project management plugins to keep track of the numerous campaigns promoted on their sites. As a result, content is published ahead of schedule, allowing marketing teams to take advantage of timely opportunities to engage their audience.

WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is a free WordPress project management tool. With this, you can organize tasks, create, assign and organize projects tasks, to-do lists, and tasks faster than ever. This plugin is very efficient and easy to use, which will help you increase your work productivity in no time. It also helps you track time, schedule work, calculate performance variation with a few simple steps. It also includes WooCommerce integration, slack integration, Gantt chart, kanban board, and more such features. It also keeps you updated about the project through milestones, messages, and notifications so that you never miss anything.


Projectopia is another fine project and task management plugin for WordPress websites. Integrate it into your website to boost your output. It efficiently and effectively helps you to arrange and motivate you and your team to complete projects with deadlines in mind. This way, you never lag behind schedules. It offers you all the features that you need to communicate with your clients. It offers a wonderful settings panel, team member’s permission based on roles system, more than one date format, and others. Install it, boost your working efficiency, and don’t worry as it is a free plugin.

Best WordPress download manager plugins

Using a download manager on your WordPress website to optimize your downloadable files is a fantastic idea! One of the plugins listed below will help you achieve that task quickly.

WordPress Download Manager

If you’re looking for tools to organize and manage your files, then WordPress Download Manager is just right for you. WordPress Download Manager allows you to track, manage and control the files and their downloads from your WordPress website.

In addition, it manages documents, shares, and promotes your website, converts your simple website into a full digital store, and offers a service for membership and subscriptions. This way, your website also gains popularity, and at the same time, the overwhelming downloading of files will be managed by the plugin without you worrying about a single thing. Thus you can focus your time more on growing your business rather than tracking simple details like these.

Download Monitor

Download Monitor is a free WordPress plugin that offers you an interface to upload and manage downloadable documents. It lets you keep the downloaded files in a centralized location inside your WordPress admin dashboard. It also adds details like title, description, and featured image so that you can find them easily.

You can also organize these files efficiently and later insert them into your website’s contents. You can also track the number of times a particular file has been downloaded through it. Thus it also works as user feedback as it shows what is most popular with users.


Our list of the top WordPress plugins comes to an end here. It’s practically difficult to maintain a WordPress website without adding any functionality using plugins. Here, there’s a plugin for just about anything you can think of on your website. Whether you want to engage users through email forms, compress photos to increase website speed, add social sharing buttons, or optimize your content to rank in search engines.

Depending on your business and requirements, you may not need to use all of the WordPress plugins and tools on our list, but it’s very normal for our readers to use at least 10 to 12 of the plugins we’ve included.

If you’re unsure which plugins to install first, these well-known and trusted plugins will get you started.

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