5 Best WordPress Migration Plugins to Move Your Site

Are you looking for the best WordPress migration plugin to completely and safely move your existing website to a new hosting? If you are, here is a piece of advice. Buy a paid WordPress migration plugin from this list or ask your developer or hosting provider to move it for you.

There may be hundreds of reasons why you’d want to migrate your website from one hosting to another. Whatever the reason, a great migration plugin can help you in the process.

In this article, I have covered the best WordPress migration plugins on the market to migrate your WordPress site.

Let’s have a look at the best WordPress migration plugins now.

Best WordPress Migration plugins

Best WordPress Migration Plugins

On WordPress plugin-repository, there are around 100 migration plugins. Beyond that, there are also dozens of backup, migration and duplication plugins. But all these choices may spoil your choice. If you want your work (migration) to go smooth, you’ll need a great worker (migration plugin). I won’t spoil you with too many choices. So here is my pick of the 5 best WordPress migration plugins:

WP Migrate

Formerly WP Migrate DB Pro.

Known to be one of the best WordPress migration plugins, WP Migrate is the most satisfying plugin among users and it has gained a good rating of 4.8 out of 5. You can migrate your WordPress installation easily with the use of the WP Migrate. It is available in both lite and pro versions. For the pro version, the plugin’s price begins at $90.

WP Migrate is a must-have for every WordPress user. I was able to migrate my website from one domain to another in less than 10 minutes! This is a great tool to have if you ever need to switch hosting accounts or move your site to a new domain.

wp migrate db migration options
Options available to Migrate on WP Migrate

All-in-One WP Migration

image 24

This plugin is the best free migration plugin in the market if you have limited needs. All-in-One WP Migration offers effortless migration of your important folders and files including media, themes and plugins.

Backup Migration

image 25

The Backup Migration plugin is a fresh plugin in the category, that is neatly designed and provides straightforward manual, automatic backups and website migration.

Backup Migration plugin can conduct full and partial backups and migration, e.g. database only or media library folder, but it also has several thoughtfully created exclusion rules, so you can leave unwanted stuff out of the backup.

Additional features are being added with each plugin update, and support is available to both free and (prioritized) premium users.


image 26

Duplicator is a freemium cloning tool for WordPress. When you use this plugin, you can clone, duplicate, backup, relocate and migrate the WordPress site from one domain to the other domain. If you’re technical know-how,  website migration will take just minutes.


image 27

I think Clone is the best choice for migrating the WordPress sites from or to the localhost. But it offers way more. With it, you can backup, copy and move your site easily. I haven’t used this product thoroughly but appears that this too is a 100% free WordPress migration plugin.

What is WordPress Migration?

Migrating WordPress is the process of transferring the website from one server to another. It is often necessary when the website needs to be moved to a more powerful server.

Migrating WordPress can be done manually or automatically.

Migrating WordPress manually means that you need to download a backup of the website and then upload it to the new server.

Migrating WordPress automatically means that the process is done by the website itself, using plugins.

Which WordPress Migration Plugin is the best for you?

I am too picky while listing for the products and I honestly think that WP Migrate is something that’d do everything you need to migrate a site from one host to another. You can start with WP Migrate Lite and see if suits your basic needs, and then choose to decide whether or not to upgrade. WP Migrate Lite has a whopping 4.5-star rating for its free version. Other listed plugins are worth trying as well.