How to Get Your Articles Ranking on Google?

There are billions of websites out there, and yet only a small fraction of them rank high on Google. Google takes notice of these websites because of the content and relevancy, and that is why they are consistently higher ranked than the ones that haven’t been touched or updated since they started. Unless you are careful, this could be the fate of your own website as well. If you offer the same products year after year, or if you offer a set collection of services, then there is no reason for you to update your site, right? 

Wrong. Managing a blog that produces quality, informative articles is one of the best ways to boost your ranking, reputation, and bring in more customers. That is why it is so important to invest in digital marketing for your content. 

Why Invest in Marketing Your Articles? 

There are many reasons to invest in content marketing. 

Content is King 

Content is one of the best ways to get people to continually visit your site. The power of association would then take over, meaning that trusting the information in your content will translate into them trusting your brand. A trusted brand is one that customers return to again and again, and even refer their friends and family to. 

Improves Reputation 

Quality content that is informative, easy to engage with, and even simple to share is going to place your business as a reputable source in the eyes of your customers, who will then be more likely to buy from you. 

Improves Social Shares 

Content is much more likely to be shared than product pages on social sites or through direct messages. This is particularly true with infographics, images, and videos. 

Encourages Conversation 

Creating content can open up a dialogue between those in your niche. You might have bloggers in your niche that can write about your content, discussing certain parts in more depth, or even arguing with you — all of these mean free, quality backlinks. 

How to Get Your Articles Ranking on Google?

Search Engine Optimization 

The first step is to optimize your content. This includes inserting keywords naturally, formatting it correctly, and ensuring the website you post it on is optimized. From there, you will want to hand the reigns over to a talented SEO company Birmingham team to use SEO techniques to get your content out there and ranking. This can be done by improving your backlink profile just as much as it can be done by double checking that your site indeed is optimized to appeal to search engines and users alike.

PPC Marketing 

PPC marketing is great because you can reuse many of the steps and tools from your SEO campaign. The keywords you have optimized your content with, for example, can easily be used in a PPC campaign

Social Media 

Social media is a great place for organic engagement but requires a unique approach to get people off their newsfeeds and onto your links.

There are so many ways to get people to read your content, and offering them something valuable is a great method to increase organic engagement, increase your ranking, and build loyal customers.