When it comes to online video viewing, nothing beats YouTubeIt has world’s largest video collection of all genres possible. Without a doubt, YouTube is so essential to video lovers, as Google is to search and Wikipedia is to research. Started in 2005 by three ex-PayPal employees, YouTube was bought by Google for a whopping $1.65 billion and still runs under Google‘s subsidiary.

Do you know?

YouTube inherits its trademark’s letter styling from PayPal.

According to official YouTube data, it has more than 1 billion users & nearly 13 days of videos are being uploaded every minute. It’s said that an image is more powerful than thousands of texts, so is a video more powerful than hundreds of images. Everything, you upload or watch on YouTube, becomes significantly important to not just you but the complete society around you. That’s why YouTube is seen as world’s more impactful social media. But despite of these impactful impressions, most YouTube users are unaware of its full potential. Here I have listed some handy YouTube tips & tricks which you should consider next time you search a YouTube video.


Filter YouTube videos

You can easily filter your YouTube search according to time, quality, duration & other features. This helps you find an appropriate video in the plethora of videos/playlists. For example searching wordpress will give you around 2.7 million results. You can, however, filter those search results according to your need. This is how a typical video filter looks like:

wordpress youtube

Restrict your results with search-tags

YouTube tries to find your search term from different video metadata, like Title, Tag, Channels & Video Description. If you want to strict your search term to be matched only in titles, you can use "allintitle:" tag in search box. For example, if you are trying to find a video about wordpress, you can easily search with the appropriate term like allintitle: wordpress. But if you want to combine other words with it, you should apply containing single quotes ' '. That is, to search a video having  both WordPress & Tutorial in title, you should type allintitle: 'wordpress tutorial' in search. It will lead your search to videos having only the terms in title.

Again if you want to ‘not-include’ something in search title, you can prefix a dash to that. For example, If you want to search for a WordPress related video but don’t want to include tutorials in the titles of videos, you can type allintitle: 'wordpress -tutorial'. in search box & hit enter. Similarly, if you were looking for an age of ultron trailer but wanted to exclude teaser trailers from your search, just type allintitle: 'age of ultron trailer -teaser'. This will return all videos with Age of Ultron trailer in the title but will definitely skip video results having teaser in the title.

If you are looking for a video channel, you should suffix channel next to search term separated by a comma. For example, typing WordPress, channel will show all channel results to WordPress search term. Similarly you can try video, today, this week, this month, this year, movie, show, playlist, short, long, 4k, HD etc., like words that appear in YouTube filters.

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