How to get YouTube Sponsor button for your channel?

YouTube Sponsorship or YouTube Sponsor button, also known as, Paid Subscription based Membership for YouTube Channels, is a new but highly anticipated service. What's it and how do you get one of your own? I will guide you through this.

If you are a YouTube Creator or are planning to join the field in future you definitely need to know about this new feature introduced by YouTube to provide its creators with added revenue and give their best to it.

This comes as a result of the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine (first one being Google) and the third most used site after Google & Facebook. Besides, it has now become a great commercial platform from which people are making a substantial earning. Over the last year, the number of people earning thousands of dollars has increased by 50%!

So, what is this newly announced YouTube Sponsor Button all about? What does one need to do to avail it?

In this article, we will address all such doubts and queries as to why this is a useful feature and how to make the best out of it.

What is the YouTube Sponsor Button?

YouTube Sponsor Button for PewDiePie Channel
PewDiePie's YouTube Channel - Notice the Membership Join button

Not all YouTube channels are eligible for the Sponsor Button. It was originally available for gameplay and gaming channels only, but the new beta version has expanded the availability to non-gaming YouTube channels as well.

Through this sponsorship button, viewers have the option to subscribe to their favourite YouTube channels, thus becoming “channel members” and become eligible for purchasing public badges, emoji and the access to exclusive creator content published by their subscribed channel.

Another perk of being a sponsor is that it separates you from the others in the commenting section. Also, besides getting access to exclusive content put up by the sponsored creator, sponsors often get discount and early access to tickets for concerts and other events by their sponsored creator or even a chance to meet them in person.

On the part of creators, they get the chance to boost their earnings with more and more people using YouTube sponsorship, which viewers do, given the added benefits. This is also the reason why adding the sponsor button to your channel is recommended.

How to get the YouTube Sponsor Button for your channel?

Now, how should one really proceed if they want a sponsor button on their channel? In such matters it is always best to follow the guidelines mentioned by the service provider, in this case YouTube

An instruction slip by YouTube describes the process in five simple steps:

Get 30k subscribers

Your channel must have at least 30,000 subscribers to join the program. (Though, there are some channels that have less than 30K subscribers equipped with the feature. This is due to the fact that these few were part of beta testing of this feature.)

Read Brian Dean's guide at Backlinko on how to get more YouTube Subscribers in 2024.

Join YouTube partner program

Your channel must be in the YouTube partner program.

Get traffic on your channel

You must receive constant viewership on your channel by putting out consistent and valuable content on YouTube.

Apps like Famebit and Grapevine are usually some of the most best ways to drive YouTube sponsorship for small channels.

These are just the basic guidelines, for detailed instructions and other FAQs you can visit the link below and click on channel eligibility:

If you find yourself eligible then do not delay any further, enable the sponsor button on your channel and start enjoying the benefits!

Benefits of getting sponsored

Getting a sponsor button, is any day, a wise investment for YouTube creators. As soon as you have the button enabled for your channel, your followers and supporters can provide monetary aid to your channel by sponsoring your channel at $5 a month which adds up to a decent amount of passive income. Adding to your general earnings through advertising associated products or displaying google ads, this new mode of income will help increase your profits as well.

Besides the financial benefits, the feature allows you to create your own viewer community with which you can establish a better connection with your channel members through the various exclusives and added benefits, you share with them while interacting on a profounder level. This helps you to not only fixate this community as your future supporters, but also to understand your audience in a better manner and shape your content accordingly which in turn helps shoot up the traffic count on your channel.

Every time a new member is added, they will be greeted with the word of your transaction getting fulfilment. And it is only after they have become active members that they’ll start getting charged for the additional benefits they are receiving.

How much does the creator get paid?

After receiving the sponsor button, how much money the creator makes directly depends on their followership and quality of content. With this feature the creator gets a share of 70% and the other 30% goes to YouTube. This means for every new sponsor; you get $3.5 to your account and to calculate the total sum, simply multiply with the number of sponsors you have. The amount usually sums up to an apt amount for YouTube creators. Sponsors, however, can take back their sponsorship anytime they feel the content delivered is not worth sponsoring.

Now the sponsorship price is, no doubt, quite low as compared to other platforms like Patreon which allows the creator to decide upon their own price for sponsorships. At times, the content being published might be worth a lot more than the fixed price of $5, because obviously, all creators can’t be judged with the same value but it is definitely a step towards supporting quality content.

What's next?

All in all, for YouTube creators with quality content and a good count of subscribers, YouTube Sponsor Button is a must-have method of monetizing their channel. You might’ve been making an earning from paid advertisements & Google ads, the sponsorship will help the profits go even higher.

So, if you’re a sponsor the feature enables you to access additional perks and exclusive content from your favourite channel and if you’re a creator it provides a new means to earn more money and, at the same time, grow your online community; just stay focused on producing great content and increasing your sponsors day by day.