In order to succeed in the competitive world of business, it is important that you look after the relationship that you share with your customers. If you take your client base for granted, you will have to work much harder to keep their attention and prevent them from turning to your industry peers. However, if you value your target audience, you will find that they reward you with unwavering loyalty and positive word of mouth recommendations, and this is why you should reward your valued customers on a regular basis. Below are six useful tips that will help you to do this.

Reward them with a genuine thank you

If your customers have shown you outstanding loyalty, waited patiently for you to resolve a situation, or offered you constructive criticism, it is vital that you thank them for their support. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to maintain a positive relationship with your audience. Instead, your customers may be tempted to look elsewhere for better deals and a better quality of service. Simple steps such as sending out a thank you card, a bunch of flowers, or a box of chocolates could make all the difference. If you decide to push forward with this plan, just remember to personalize your efforts. While you may not have the time to hand-write every letter, you should at least sign the notes that you are sending or ask one of your colleagues to do this for you. You should also double check the contact information that you have for your clients, as you don’t want to run the risk of their reward being waylaid in the post.

Reward them with an exciting day out

Alternatively, if you are determined to go above and beyond for a special customer, you should reward them with an exciting day out. Although you won’t be able to plan a fun activity for all of your followers, on the occasions when you are truly amazed by the loyalty you have been shown, you should endeavor to go the extra mile. Perhaps you could book a table at a high-quality restaurant or purchase vouchers for a relaxing spa day. Another idea is to offer your customer a Room Escape experience. This exciting and unusual activity is sure to provide them with memories that will last a lifetime. What better way for you to leave your client with a constant reminder of just how much you and your organization care?

Reward them with your own products and services

Another exciting, and cost-effective, way for you to reward your clients is by offering them some of your own products and services. Doing this is also a fantastic opportunity for you to boost the profile of your brand while strengthening the relationship that you share with your customers. If you are concerned about cost, just make sure that you do the math before making any grand gestures or unrealistic promises. While it is important that you impress your clients, you don’t want to lose your business any money. That is why you should only share out products and services that you can afford to pass on.

Reward them with impressive discounts and deals

You can reduce your costs even further by rewarding your customers with impressive discount codes and deals. Not only will this be a money-saving way for you to say thank you, but it could also actually be a great opportunity for you to generate extra sales. For instance, if your business is a florist that specializes in online orders, you could reward a loyal customer with free delivery on their next purchase. This will give you the chance to make back the cost of the free delivery of the flowers that they are buying. Furthermore, your reward could have been the main reason for the order going through. It means that you will have brought in extra money, and used your reward scheme as an opportunity to increase your profits. If you are eager to keep this approach up, you should seriously consider starting a membership club for loyal customers. This could involve creating a specific mailing list that provides prized customers with exclusive offers and early access to flash sales. You could even use the entry to this club as an incentive for customers to keep shopping with you. Perhaps they need a certain amount of orders to qualify or a specific number of loyalty points.

Reward them with a tour of your organization

If you run an interesting and innovative environment, you should also think about offering your loyal customers tours of your operation. It is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your business in a positive light and to generate a buzz around the projects that you are working on. Just make sure that you put together plenty of test runs, before opening the doors to your customers. You need to make sure that the tour is entertaining and engaging. Why not take charge of the process yourself, or save time by placing your trust in an enthusiastic employee? You should also consider providing refreshments and a goody bag for all of your guests to take away. It is essential that you put a lot of thought into this process, as the last thing that you want is for your visitors to leave with feelings of disappointment or even animosity.

Reward them with philanthropic support

Finally, you should reward your client base with philanthropic support as this is a fantastic opportunity for you to demonstrate that your business cares about more than just its bottom line. It is also a great way for you to generate positive publicity for your organization and to engage with your local community. That is why you should keep your eyes peeled for any loyal customers that are getting involved with a good cause. Perhaps you have a client with a Go Fund Me page that you could make a generous donation to, or you could even use your high-profile social media pages to direct online traffic towards this page. Just make sure that the setup is genuine before you take this step.


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