Internet marketing tips you may have never heard of before

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Online marketing is very competitive. There are thousands of websites all angling for the same top spot on search engines. That’s why many people end up frustrated after trying out every rule in the book, with no success. However, with a little research, you will discover that there are some online marketing techniques that you don’t know of, that can give you a major boost. To help you increase your online marketing success, take a look at these 5 internet marketing tips you have never heard of before.

Position yourself as a thought-leader

This is a long-term strategy that gives a great ROI. Here is how it works. Instead of marketing your products, first market yourself as a reputable source of knowledge for people seeking information about your industry. You can then leverage this reputation to market your products. In case you don’t have the time to establish yourself as a market leader, you can choose to work with established thought-leaders.

Make use of LinkedIn

This may come as a surprise to you, but LinkedIn is no longer a strictly professional networking site. You can share product-related information there that can be accessed by your circle. If it’s interesting your circle will repost it, which will give you an even wider reach. You will be surprised at how many people you can reach using this strategy. Just make sure that whatever you share is informative, and helpful to your circle of professional friends. The last thing you want is to bore than with spam content.

Comment on popular blogs

There are some blogs out there that attract thousands of viewers per posting. You can tap into this traffic by commenting on them, but with your product creatively infused in the comment. To avoid getting negative feedback from the other commenters, don’t be so direct about your product. First, add to the conversation then include a sentence or two about your product, and how it can improve the reader’s needs. For better benefits, you can also look for commentluv enabled websites for backlinks.

Comment on Reddit posts

Reddit has more than 170 million visitors a month. You can tap into this traffic by contributing to the various topics under discussion. Just like in blog commenting, you need to actually add value to the topics being discussed. Otherwise, you will attract negative sentiment from the readers, and that’s not good for your SEO efforts. Make a helpful comment then add a link to your website for people who would like to learn more.

Use Quora and Yahoo answers

These two platforms are meant to help people get answers to whatever questions they might have on any topic. As an internet marketer looking to grow traffic, offer valuable answers to these questions while dropping hints about your product. You will be surprised at how much impact this has on driving traffic to your website.

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  1. I do agree, having a strong social media presence is very important to have a great internet marketing campaign. Linkedin can be a very helpful platform.

  2. well described! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Keep posting… All the best.

  3. Social Media is one of the greatest platform for Internet Marketing. Online Marketing is very competitive nowadays. The most important thing about Internet Marketing is to make your Business popular. Internet Marketing helps to boost your business.

  4. Indeed social media brings a big impact today. It is a wise move to maximize your resource to make it more beneficial for you, this is a great article thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. I do use Quora for marketing. It is the best way to get traffic to our website.

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