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15 Handy HTML5 Animation Tools to Make Visually Appealing Websites

This all time popular article lists fifteen HTML5 animation tools for Web Designers. The list has wide range of tools include Google Web Designer, Mixeek and Adobe Edge Animate Creative Cloud.

For those who already know, it should come as no surprise that HTML5 has now become one of the most popular tools for empowering web content and creating websites that are dynamic and visually stunning. As the latest extension of HTML, HTML5 has definitely gained the momentum and recognition within the realm of cyberspace in encouraging developers and designers alike to do this and that with their website.

With the help of HTML5, designers are now using tools which they can use to animate their virtual objects, and thus bring a touch creativity and uniqueness to their website. But creating such animation is a bit arduous and energy-depleting task. For this, you need to take the help of some of the useful animation tools to make your creative work a truly rewarding process. So, below we have given a fantastic collection of some popular animation tools to help web-masters to make an effective use of HTML5 and make their site engaging.

1. Google Web Designer

google web designer

The new Google Web Designer is all about creating attractive and highly dynamic websites. The tool is extremely helpful in creating engaging HTML5 sites and ads. Developed in WYSIWYG approach, means there is no need for developers to get them involved into a complicated process of coding, while ensuring a high quality output which is design-oriented. What’s more, you are also getting easy-to-use settings for designing Google-powered ads and a lot more.

2. Purple Motion

purple publish

Purple Motion is a highly versatile tool that allows you create an engaging and visually stunning digital content. It comes with controlled animations, seamlessly blended with text, audio, video, animation, and image related elements.

3. Mixeek


Mixeek is a free software tool that allows you design beautiful and engaging web animations in the most rewarding manner. The tool is based on JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5, and is carefully developed to help you make responsive ready and dynamic websites.

4. Tumult Hype

Tumult Hype

Using Tumult Hype, it becomes extremely easy to create HTML5 web content, animations, and interactive content that appeases your audience. The content made by Tumult Hype works seamlessly on desktops, Smartphones, and tablet devices.

5. Adobe Edge Animate CC

Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a versatile tool for creating an interactive HTML5 website. The tool is modern letting web designers make superb media advertisements, web animations, impressive content and so on, running flawlessly on a myriad of devices and platforms.

6. TweenJs


TweenJs is an easy to use tweening library for working with JavaScripts and HTML5. The library constitutes excellent features and properties including numeric object and CSS style properties. It also comes with powerful API, making it extremely easy for working with complicated tweenjs with the help of chaining commands.

7. HTML5 Maker


HTML5 Maker is a superb tool for creating web animations, interactive content with the help of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The tool supports all the latest filters, thus freeing you from using Photo-shop to create impressive text. The tool is extremely simple to use and provides rewarding outputs by developing animated content that are cross-browser compatible and visually appealing.

8. Motion Composer

motion composer

Create professional looking web content and animation with Motion Composer. The tool is easy-to-use, and doesn’t require any coding to create animations. Its clean and intuitive interface lets you create remarkable and responsive ready animations with minimal efforts. And the best part is, you can also incorporate audio to your animations and make it more lively and impressive.


Green Shock GSAP

GSAP is a set of tools that together provide you an efficient way for creating solid HTML5 animations that work impeccably on all leading browsers. It provides an advanced level of sequencing, API efficiency and a lot more. Designed for professionals, GSAP is an effective tool that helps you tell your success story in a rich way by taking you beyond shades and slides.

10. Mugeda


Megeda is a leading authoring toolkit that allows advertisers and people related to creative agencies fully unleash their creative side by designing the best-of-the-breed web animations, including banners, Expendables, and mini games. It comes with all sorts of features such as analytics, templates etc., to give an optimum experience to your customers.

11. Animatron


The all new Animatron is only about designing, publishing interactive content, advertisements, banners, and movies that run seamlessly across all the devices and web browsers. The tool bridges the gap between newbies and professional designers by offering power-packed tools for creating feature-rich animations, with a pretty simple-to-use interface. It also allows other to view and edit your projects, or choose to keep your project private

12. Motion Canvas

102714 1232 15HandyHTML12

Motion Canvas is a rich HTML5 Canvas animation system that lets designers produce evocative drawings. The tool is extremely helpful in designing different shapes, text, and curves, giving designers enough freedom to come out with the designs that are rich and vivid. Motion Canvas offers amazing animation functionality and provides a leading key-frame animation system.

13. Kinetic JS


Kinetic JS is a high-performance tool for creating rich web animations and transitions that plays everywhere from desktops to mobile. Designed for professionals,

14. Nodefire


Nodefire is a responsive ready HTML5 animator for web designers who love to play around interactive content and web based animations. The major feature of this tool is that it creates only a single animation that fits well in a variety of environments. Nodefire’s responsive font sizing feature automatically adjust the font sizes depending upon the specifications on the device it being viewed on.

15. Modernizr


Modernizr is an indispensable tool that uses sophisticated web technologies to make it easy for you to work with different animations and content. It gives you finer controls while working with Javascript, CSS and HTML5.

Wrapping Up

So, there we have it all, the above mentioned super handy HTML5 animation tools will lift up the quality of your work and make your website eye-catching and impressive.

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