Get countless Backlinks with Gravatar Profiles

Who won’t feel great to get a backlink from which has Page Rank 8 and Domain Authority 94? This article tells how can you get multiple backlinks from World’s most popular avatar delivering service.

Please Share this: is a Page Rank 8 and DA 94 website which enables users to have online profiles using custom AvatarsGravatar is an acronym of Globally Recognized Avatar. Here you create your profile once and become an internet identity forever. Gravatars are used as user-profiles on all and nearly 90% of WordPress blogs.

This means, as a blogger, it’s highly recommended to have a stunning gravatar profile.

Here is my Gravatar profile:




Gravatar can drive huge amount of traffic via comments. Plus on profile pages, it allows to link as many sites you want but unluckily assigns them rel=’nofollow’ . In one line, gives a plenty of nofollow backlinks from your gravatar profile page.


All these links are not being followed.

All these links are not being followed.

Nofollow backlinks? Well, no. Those aren’t that relevant to SEO as are general (follow) links. You want genuine backlinks? There is a simple way to get genuine follow links from gravatar. All you need to be cautious about formatting. Follow these easy steps to get backlinks from your gravatar profile:

profile edit

Video Guide

  • Start typing in About Me section. Write about yourself and add external links. But be careful not to use double quotes (“…”) inside anchor <a> ..</a>) tag. Use single quotes as Gravatar removes everything inside double-quotes. Be specific and add rel=’author’ or any other. Never add rel=’follow’ or rel=’dofollow’ because these tags are incorrect.
  • You can add as many as possible external links using the same way.
  • Save profile.

backlink receivedWhen you are done, you will see these links on the left of your profile. Cool. You just got DA94 and PA40+ juice passing backlinks with no hard-work. These links will also pass juice from the countless webpages which support gravatar profiles.



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  1. Nice article Gaurav !!! While talking about link building, does it still matters to have ‘dofollow’ or ‘nofollow’ links

    • It does matter – but if you don’t get a followed link, nofollow is fine as well.

  2. Hey Gaurav, nice and crisp article and liked your attitude to find a way where there looks like none. me gonna try Gravatar one 🙂

  3. it worked, thanks and please share some more tips to get dofollow links.

  4. Hey Gaurav, very nice post. The video helped a lot and cleared a few doubts about Gravatars.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Hi gaurav, first thanks for the tip. I was looking to build backlinks for I found this article at right time. Is there any other ways to build backlinks? Thanks again.

  6. Hello all,

    Can you confirm backlink from gravatar will get indexed in google, because I didn’t see link from gravatar in my google webmaster tool.

    • It does appear in mine. It may take a while to index, check back later.
      search console

  7. Now Gravatar is giving Nofollow link. However it is good and seems natural.

    • It’s still doing good for me. Make sure that you follow the guide properly.
      gravatar image

  8. Most of the sites have gravatar comment backlinks. Those appear while hovering over the gravatar image of comment author, if Gravatar Hovercards are enabled.

  9. Well, it no longer works. Gravatar is removing anything after the URL in single quotes and replacing it with nofollow. I suspect it does this when you save the profile.

      • Google respects nofollow links too, so it is better to have something than nothing.

  10. Wow. It works well. gives me alot of traffic in few days. Thanks for sharing this informative idea with us

  11. This doesn’t work anymore. Links in profile description get auto formated and rel=”nofollow” gets added.

  12. Gravatar is just one of the many profile link building sites out there. Here are a few helpful posts that compile a list of sites where you can create an online profile and drop your link.

  13. Can you help me to link my display name to my website please?

  14. Hello,

    Just landed from here after spying on a competitor and noticed that he’s using this trick to get quick backlinks from other sites. I think much has changed but I wonder how to get the link to show on my name when I comment on WordPress Sites. I can see most comments here have the links tagged on their names, which helps to generate a backlink.

  15. Yeah, that's really true I have got many backlinks after using this gravatar trick. Thanks to admin

    • I’m afraid that dofollow links aren’t possible but you can get many nofollow backlinks with this method. Plus, Google respects nofollow links now – so, yes. It is a win win.

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