Most people tend to get caught up in the aesthetics of web design, and spend hours (or more) agonizing over how it looks. While it is true that good web design is about aesthetics – that is only part of what it is. Understanding the criteria that is important for good web design is crucial if you want to design a new website or re-design an old one. It will make a world of difference, and you should pay particular attention to the following:

Visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is one of the most important principles behind good web design. It’s the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees.

Every page on your website should have a visual hierarchy so its elements are positioned in such a way that viewers are guided through the content and focus on important elements. To create a visual hierarchy your web design will have to not only position elements strategically but also utilize color, size, and contrast to draw attention where necessary.

Ease of navigation

When someone visits your website it is important that they’re able to find what they want quickly and efficiently. That is why it is important your navigation is positioned effectively and structured in a simple manner. Additionally other elements such as breadcrumbs, search, or a secondary navigation may help as well. Taking advantage of existing conventions can make navigating a website much easier, and there is no need to break the mold without any good reason.


Nowadays more than half of the total online traffic consists of mobile device users, so it is becoming more and more important that your web design is mobile-friendly. Typically that means using responsive web design to adjust the size and position of your elements depending on the screen size of the device.

Consistent design

While it may seem like a good idea to make every page of your website as unique as possible, in reality it is far better to have a consistent design. Ensuring that your website’s common elements such as its background, typography, color scheme, and interface are consistent can help make it more user-friendly. For large websites it is possible to vary some of these elements slightly to separate the webpages into distinct areas.

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Being Simple

It may be tempting to opt for a web design that is visually intensive, but more often than not you’ll just be shooting yourself in the foot if you do. Having a simple web design that has ample white space looks much less ‘busy’ and certainly far less confusing than more visually intense designs – which in turn can provide a better visual hierarchy and make it easier to navigate.

Needless to say, any of the top web design and development companies for outsourcing in India should be able to help you ensure your web design meets these criteria. Still it does help to know what to look for in good web design, so that you’re able to understand what your website should look like and can engage a professional best web design agency that is able to deliver it.


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