You’re trusting another company with your business, your dream. That’s surely going to raise some questions.

  • Will they represent you well?
  • Will you get a return on the investment you are making with the design?
  • Will they be there for you in the long term?

How would you decide? Well, we can help you get started. If you’re really looking forward to hire a person or hiring a design firm, you should learn to ask the correct questions.

Ask about Design Agency/Freelancer’s Ownership, Structure and Employee Support Systems

Your project and company image need to be handed to a trustworthy name. That name needs to be stable with long term growth potential.

  • Who is the (company) owner and who are the key team leaders?
  • What is their history with the design industry?
  • What motivation does the team have to put best efforts into your project?

There is a place for large agencies and for small operations, but knowing the pros and cons to each may be a key to your own success. Small team run a risk of delays, limits to their expertise, or growth instability. Large companies may result in your project getting lost in a shuffle or offering impersonal service.

  • What is their plan for your website development and execution? Is it the right fit for your project?
  • Do they have a point person to communicate with and assumes accountability for the success of your project?
  • Do you feel confident that they are stable enough to provide your business with the same level of initial website service, editing, maintenance, and future growth?

Building a successful website takes a full professional team alongside firm, clear project goals.

  • How many team members will be working on planning, coding, quality assurance, and marketing for your project?
  • Is there a project manager who takes accountability for your project and for their team?
  • How often do you expect project updates and what is the communication process?
  • Are they taking initiative during the project or do they count on you, the client, to direct them?

Know about their level of credibility

You want to be sure that the agency/person with whom you’re entrusting your business, image, and message are respected professionals in their industry.

  • Is the team you’re working with published in the media, speakers at events, or recognized as thought leaders?
  • Are they recognized through your local Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have a Dun & Bradstreet rating? If so, what is that rating?
  • Are they authorized to work for specialty agencies such a government offices?
  • Do they have other special credentials showing other areas of expertise?
  • Are they innovators, pioneers, and active in their industry?

Your website is a marketing tool used to drive business growth and boost your brand’s message. A full understanding of how a design firm has increased the market value and ROI of their past clients will ensure that you are partnering with the right agency.

  • Do they measure results in terms of bounce rate, traffic, conversions, and keyword rankings?
  • Have their results been published outside of their own marketing materials and have they been verified by previous clients?
  • Is each result they produce substantiated and supported by corresponding data?

Does the Agency have an Established and Reliable Track Record?

While cost of the project is likely a large question when you hire a web design team or hire a web designer, more importantly, you need to be asking if they are a reliable company. Knowing that the design firm is reliable will boost your trust and confidence that they are striving for your best results.

  • What types of clients have they worked with previously?
  • What results did they deliver to those clients?
  • Do they have hard figures to prove their results?
  • How do they retain their clients and do they have ongoing working relationships with them?

What assurances do you have that the design firm is following coding standards, knowing who is leading their team, and how they communicate with you? Be sure any information about the project execution is given to you in writing.

  • Do their agreements stipulate that all work will be done according to industry standards, and that the work is tailored to your needs?
  • Will you own the finished work and have access to it? Is there a licensing fee?
  • Do they clearly understand the plan for your website and is it in line with your business goals?

Will the Agency’s Services Match Your Needs?

An important factor in getting the results you want is to assess whether or not the web designer has the abilities and skills to complete your project with efficiency and accuracy.

  • Are they going to provide design, development, and marketing services that are up to industry standards?
  • Have they had experience with customized web projects requiring intricate problem-solving skills and advanced capabilities?
  • Will they develop mobile applications that are consistent with all of your brand’s marketing platforms?
  • Do they have SEO knowledge and an expert track-record of increasing search engine traffic?

Consider Their Pricing Structure

Knowing that you’re buying a professional service means that you need to pay for what you get. You’re hiring a team of experts putting in time to plan, design, develop and manage your project. Consider this in your selection of a design company.

  • How much time will they be putting in on your project?
  • Do they offer a flat project fee that fits with the detailed agreement you’ve discussed?
  • Does the cost of the project agree with the deliverables and hourly rates you expect?
  • Do they have a clear procedure for billing? Does it account for extra features or work outside the project’s original scope?

Answering these questions will guide you through the selection of a web design team process and will help ensure that you get the best website possible for your business.


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