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Get the most of online shopping with free Price Comparison apps

We Indians love saving, don’t we? Whether it is a ₹10 product or a million dollars’ one, we love to negotiate. After all, saving is the best way to buy more. Now that online retailers cannot be ‘verbally’ negotiated, we fail to get the best price of our favorite products. For those who don’t know there are several ways to save money on e-shopping. We have already gone through the coupon services, the most popular way to save on general products. But the coupon services don’t work good with individual products. For example, if you are willing to purchase a single smartphone, take Google Nexus 5 into account, it would be very hard to know whether or not you are getting the best price of it.


In local retail markets, you can easily hop through various shopping centers to check which one has the best price options available. But to get the best price from online stores you need to use the price comparison apps & web tools. These can help you not just get the best price for the product you’re looking for but get products with similar features at relatively low prices. That is to say, a price comparison app can help you get Google Nexus 5 at the lowest price possible , and can suggest you to buy Redmi Note 3 at just ₹11,998 by comparing the features of both the devices.

Google nexus 5 vs redmi note 3

Now, you must ask which price comparison app you should use? The answer is quite tedious if you start exploring at your own. Nearly all the price comparison apps are useless and seek only to leech money by referring customers to shopping sites by affiliate links. In this fraudulent setup, you’d rather fail to get your desired product and your time will be wasted for no good.

Which Price Comparison Apps to use?

Priceraja website screen

My advice is to use some renowned price comparison apps that have user acclaimed. Examples include:

Price Raja

Priceraja logo is a quite useful price comparison website that covers almost every category of products possible. Price Raja has detailed specifications and comparisons of products which lets you decide between two products which best matches your needs. Also, you can discover and search for products available online, all in one place. In addition to a feature-packed website, it has an Android App (Google Play Link) and a Google Chrome Extension, both can be downloaded for free. 


Jungleelogo is an example of a good price comparison website & app. It does everything a price comparison service should do. But, as Junglee is an amazon product, it may feel to be biased at some points by prioritizing amazon.


PriceDekho, MakkhiChoose, ComparePriceIndia etc., are other good price comparison services. Almost all these mentioned price comparison websites have their android apps. So, you can compare prices & products on your PC/Mac browser and on-the-go as well.

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