7 Digital Marketing Tools That Will Help You Drive Successful Campaigns

Every brand today relies in some way on digital marketing. Companies, brands, and entrepreneurs alike are feeling the power of digital marketing ideas. At this stage, deliberation and elaboration on the efficiency of digital marketing need no effort as it is a tried and tested way to market.

How Digital Marketing Tools make the difference?

Digital Marketing Tools

The best part about digital marketing is that no matter what your business scale is, the simplest of digital marketing tools can create a huge difference. This is principally why small scale and cottage industries have benefited from digital marketing ideas. This is also partly why we see many entrepreneurs and start-ups assimilating digital marketing plans into their business strategies.

Despite this, there is some mystery shrouding the "how" part of digital marketing. Yes, you know what digital marketing is and why you should practice it but do you know how to do it? Even if you have a general idea, can you say with certainty the tools that help drive business growth in digital marketing?

If the above questions have left you befuddled, don't fret and just follow the highlighted list below.


semrush digital marketing tool

SEMRush is a complete and holistic marketing toolkit that is used by digital marketing professionals the world over. It is called all-in-one because, through this singular platform, you can avail of many digital marketing services. The platform can chiefly provide you with SEO, paid traffic, social media, content & PR, and market research.

SEMRush contains trend analysis and insight comparison tools like Market Explorer. These tools help you identify market leaders, key players, competitors, traffic shares, and other related trends. Additionally, the software helps you get better insights for your target audience and research them well to better your marketing approaches.

SEMRush solutions benefit e-commerce, enterprise, and competitive research. It further helps you focus on finding newer opportunities to grow your business. This is one of the best digital marketing tools that you will find on the internet.


hubspot digital marketing tool

HubSpot currently has a staggering 56,000 customer base in more than 100 countries and integration with more than 200 applications. If you are into inbound marketing, you probably know why HubSpot is one of the largest and most widely used software today.

If you are still wondering why it is as big, that's because HubSpot provides inbound marketing sales and service software that helps your business grow unconditionally. Not only that, but the company is also a firm believer in the fact that every organization must possess the ability to see its customer database uniformly. This is the reason why the company provides you a completely free CRM as a core service.

With HubSpot, you can instantly tweak and design websites, blog pages, landing pages, or create videos using Vidyard or any other free video editing software. Additionally, the software also helps you automate your processes, manage leads, and monitor trends through analytics for better marketing approaches.


mapify360 digital marketing tool

Mapify360 is one of the best and most popular toolkits used by marketers. The application can help you locate any unoptimized or unclaimed local businesses worldwide, regardless of their location. This cloud-based software is compatible with Windows and MacOS and is extremely easy to use.

The software consists of a simple 3-step process that allows you to gain new customers and instantly delivers the bulk of traffic to your doorstep. Another highlight of the software is the exhaustive list of local businesses the site contains. You can easily optimize their maps and gain more clientele through the application.

The software process includes restaurants, coffee shops, car mechanics, hairdressers, etc., in its local leads list. Furthermore, the software helps you chart pdf versions of the optimization reports for understanding the projections better.


pardot crm

Salesforce, one of the world's largest marketing software developers, is the brains behind this amazing software. Pardot provides B2B marketing automation solutions for mid-scale to large-scale enterprises and sales and marketing teams.

It houses the world's best CRM that helps marketers develop great marketing connections and generate more business for you. With Pardot, you can easily achieve automated marketing tasks like customer tracking, lead generation, campaign creation, and lots more. As a digital marketing tool, its prowess can be seen in the efficiency with which it can design landing pages for better sales.

Its dynamic content, automated email marketing, and closed-loop reporting can easily enhance customers' digitized experience.


Mailtrap logo transparent background

Mailtrap is a service that helps you test your emails safely. It catches emails in separate inboxes, then you can check them from the customer's point of view. The best thing about Mailtrap is that it doesn't spam real users with testing messages – everything is done in a safe development environment.

Using spam analysis and HTML checks provided by this tool, you can easily improve the deliverability of your welcome, confirmation emails, and other types of transactional or marketing messages. This also allows you to double-check how emails will be displayed on different devices. 

The tool has a friendly interface and easy-to-sign-up procedure that any digital marketer can handle. However, this service is very popular among dev and QA teams as well as marketers with a tech background.


CAKE digital marketing tool

True to its name, the software can help you scale over your digital marketing and other business objectives as if it were a piece of …well…cake! CAKE is unrivaled in terms of its potency in digital marketing and affiliate tracking features in the contemporary scenario. These features help create high-end automated and integrated solutions customized for your business to help you grow better.

With the software's help, you can easily see your business processes and tasks with much clarity and transparency. The software helps you to realize your targets by measurement and optimization of marketing performance in real-time!  

It enables better performance of all tasks through a singular window. This helps your business to retain tighter control over your digital marketing sphere with singular software for all purposes.

Campaign Monitor

digital marketing tools

This software application helps you to create professional emails by customizing your content. Campaign Monitor manages everything from the right font to the in-between spacing sections to create a pixel-perfect email.

The best part about the software is the preset templates that are beneficial for beginners. These template designs are also optimized from time to time to reflect perfectly, regardless of the device type. This makes it very easy for users to create, optimize, and send templates as per their requirements.

Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best and most popular web-based AI-powered analysis services by Google. The fact that Google is also the world's biggest and most popular search engine is an added plus to its analytics service. The application helps track traffic, website reports, and conversions to understand the positive highlights of the business processes and how best to achieve targets.

Google Analytics is also integrated with AdWords (also known as Google Ads) that can help to promote your products and services to boost sales and grow your business.

Final Words

These digital marketing tools mentioned above are specific to usage. Ultimately, it all depends on your requirements and business strategy. You can use different software to achieve different objectives, though it is always beneficial to stay with a one-stop single-platform solution for all your needs.