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Are you looking for SEMrush free trial or other free deals to ace your SEO and marketing games? Or are you ready to buy SEMrush plans and now are looking for SEMrush promo codes/discounts? Well, whatever the case, you are at the perfect place.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is overall the best SEO tool on the market for many reasons.

It has almost every feature that an SEO marketer needs – from keyword research to backlinks to competitor analysis and, above all, extra content & social media marketing features.

This is why it brands itself as an all-in-one SEO tool.

Compared to other tools of its kind, SEMrush is much more versatile, powerful and – most importantly – accurate.

SEM is undoubtedly one of the best SEM tools available today and an absolute must-have for every serious online marketer and dedicated blogger. You can use it to ascertain what keyword your website (or any website, for that matter) has been ranking for.

SEMrush Free Trial

If you want to take SEMrush for a run, you should use the free trial it offers.

Bonus: SEMrush also offers 30 days refund if you opt for any of their paid plans.

Other SEMrush Deals and Freebies

Not looking for the trial? Here are some other deals, offers, discounts and promotions that SEMrush offers:

SEMrush is now offering its backlink analysis tool for free. So, if you need just this, you can use this link to sign up for free and get started in no time.

With the help of the SEMrush backlink analysis tool, you can easily learn everything about your competitors’ link-building strategies.

This robust tool has been specially designed for collecting link-building data associated with any website.

Once you sign in successfully, look for “Backlinks” on the left sidebar to access it.

Use Backlink Analysis Tool for Free →

Other Freebies by SEMrush

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