Chegg Study Black Friday Deals and Reviews

Looking for Chegg Study Black Friday deals in 2024? Welcome to this basic guide on how to get it and why you should get it.

The digital world has created a path for education-related startups for students to come to the forefront. Many education technology companies are at war with one another in the international and national markets. Each of them has their respective domains.

Chegg Study Black Friday deals in 2024

Chegg is one such edutech (education technology) company. Chegg is an American company that started in 2005. Over the years, it has expanded its reach to international school and college students.

chegg study

Chegg's flagship program Chegg Study has been praised by many for its world-class services in the educational field. The company helps out students to get answers to their questions by learned individuals and provides costly textbooks for rent. Chegg Study even helps the learners earn through scholarships and internships.

The website provides useful information about them to the students. It also has other offers and monthly packs. Chegg also helps students earn money.

Chegg Services

Asking Questions

Chegg Study is incredibly helpful when you get stuck at a problem and need a quick answer. To ask questions on Chegg, you will have to create an account. You can try the free session to understand the service and then get the most suitable plan for yourself.

After creating an account, you can either search for your question, as someone might have already asked it. If not, then put up your question on the platform, and you will get an answer.

Live Tutors

Chegg Study also offers live tutors for the students. You can sign up with Chegg and then select the course for a one-on-one session.

There is even a separate feature on the Chegg website that helps you solve a math problem stepwise. You can spot your mistakes while doing the sum.

Textbook for Rent and Sale

On Chegg Study, you can rent the textbooks required for your school or college. You pay only a nominal rate and end up saving a lot on the books you might not need later. The rental service is extremely flexible. You can even put your books for rent online.

You can extend the period for which you borrowed the book without paying any penalty. If, in the end, you make up your mind to purchase the rented textbook, then that is also possible. You can buy the books even at surprisingly low prices.

Writing Tools and Flashcards

Chegg Study helps students while writing an easy or a research paper. It walks you through the whole process - the topics to be covered and how to cite. This writing tool comes equipped with a grammar and plagiarism checker.

On the website, there are Flashcards filled with questions for quick revision of the topics that you are learning. You can even customize the flashcards to your needs. Apart from this, the Chegg Study has sets and schedules to help you prepare for exams like the SAT, GMAT, LSAT, and many more.

Scholarships and Internships

Chegg Study has a database that helps students bag scholarships and internships at the school as well as college level. You can get information and suggestions on how to apply and prepare for the scholarships.

Chegg also has its scholarship programs like Music 101. A music concert is organized for the colleges and the winning team takes away the scholarship cash prize.

Answer Questions

Students can also create an account on Chegg to answer the questions that are put up by the other students. If you answer them properly, correctly, and without copying from somewhere, then you can earn money for the service you render.

It is an applaudable method to earn money and even to learn and brush up one’s skills and knowledge.

Critical Analysis

Chegg services bring out the positive and negative aspects of the educational website. To further simplify the decision of whether or not you should opt for Chegg, here are the pros and cons of using the website.

Pros of Using Chegg Study

  • Chegg Study provides quick answers to your problems. The solutions are easy for you to understand and then answer the questions on your own.
  • You will get the hard-to-find and expensive textbooks for almost nothing.
  • Customer service is efficient.
  • It is a service by the students and for the students.
  • You can prepare for exams, understand topics from teachers, and be aware of scholarships and internships.

Cons of Using Chegg Study

  • Students can end up only copying the answers and not answering them.
  • To earn quick money, they can copy and paste answers from other sources.

Thus, Chegg Study is a student-friendly, beneficial education platform. It is advantageous as long as the student uses it wisely and is ready to learn. At minimum rates, the student gets to access the Aladdin’s Cave for a better study schedule.

Chegg Study Deals and Plans

For all the services that Chegg Study offers, there are subscription plans. Each subscription plan contains a combination of services. You can choose the plan that meets your requirements. You can even take up individual services at varying prices.

The Free Trial

You can initially get the taste of the Chegg Study service by creating a free account. You need to register with your email address and password.

Once through with the process of creating an account, you can avail of three services. You will get a 30-minute session with a personal tutor, rent or buy textbooks at low prices, and ask questions at any time of the day.

Paid Service

If you feel satisfied, you can upgrade to their monthly pack. Here are the prices for each service; you may check the website to know the exact details.

  • The basic monthly pack costs $14.95. It comes without any commitments. This means you can cancel your Chegg Study plan at any time. With this pack, you get access to every feature except the Math Solver and Writing Tool, and can ask five questions each month.
  • The premium monthly pack costs $19.95. You can now access all the features and ask 20 questions each month.
  • If you rent or buy textbooks, then you get a discount of nearly 90%.
  • If you only want to use the Math Solver or the Writing Tool each month, it can cost only up to $9.95.
  • One-on-one tutoring classes depend upon the duration you opt for, and even the prices for preparation for particular exams vary.


Chegg Study, in a nutshell, is a valuable asset in the hands of students. It is the light that will guide them and let them flow through their studying years. Check out the Chegg Study website today and begin your free trial.