Local Guide Program: Rewards, Perks and Everything that You Must Know

What if I told you that there is a fun way of working for Google? Well, you can do so with the local guide program by becoming a Google Local Guide in 2024.

Google’s local guides are power users of Google maps that offer great online local experience through their reviews, images, answers to questions, and by editing of other entries on Google Maps. 

As we all know, Google is the leader in local search as about 60% of all the locations on the planet are listed on Google's Maps and search results.

Individuals under the Local Guides program ensure that Google continues to improve by providing authentic reviews and local data. Google local guides work as an authoritative source on Google Maps and they are always looking for new local guides.

In this post, I will discuss the whole matter under the following headings:

What is Google Local Guide?

Google’s local guides are those globally who contribute to the continuous improvement of Google Maps and help improve the information Maps provides to its users.

Individuals who want to become local guide get an outlet to publish all the information and share their local knowledge and experiences online to guide others looking for more information about a hotel, store, business, or restaurant. 

I'm a level 5 Google Local Guide right now.
I'm a level 5 Google Local Guide right now

Google launched this program to enhance the quality of information about Google Maps so that people can get more key information about different places.

When you become a Google Local Guide, you will contribute to the maps and get some perks while becoming a guide.

Whenever Google's local guides take any action, they are rewarded with specific points, like when they provide fact-checking information, then they get 1 point per fact when they add a new business, they receive 15 points, and so on. 

Local Guides level is determined by the number of points the user accumulates, and there are 10 levels to reach. When the user reaches level 4, they will get a local guide’s badge next to their name on maps. For the local guides who climb the ranks, Google offers rewards and perks like early access to Google features and other perks from its partners. 

The main question now is whether a Google Local Guide is paid for its services, but as far as we know, the program is voluntary and local guides only get rae rewards & coupons from Google. Even I haven't received any monetary benefits. But here a way you can make some money. You can ask a local business to sponsor you for your review for their business.

How to become a Google Local Guide?

It is very easy to become a Google Local Guide as all you have to do is visit the website and join it.

If you have an existing Google account, which most of us have, then all you have to do is link it to Google local guide account.

Click here to log in to Google Local Guide

After this, all you have to do is leave reviews and ratings and upload images of places you visit. When you visit the website of Local Guides, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on the Join button at the top of the screen. 
  2. Sign in to your Google account and check the boxes that you are 18 years or older, You agree to Local Guides program rules, and you agree to receive emails from the program. 
  3. You need to press ‘Sign Up’ and Google will confirm your entry.

Why become a Google Local Guide?

If you love to review and share information about the places you have been to, you can become a Google Local Guide.

If you have always been interested in travel and tourism but were not able to become a tour guide, then this position is definitely for you.

You will be an online guide of your local city and can list your favorite dishes, favorite places to visit, or some favorite spot you love.

Share it all on Google and make sure to give the people the best experience they can of your native place by mentioning the best places to visit along with not-so-good ones. 

You can unlock incentives, levels, and badges and get a status from Google with the title of Local Guide through the reviews you will leave.

You will earn points by giving star reviews, written reviews, and photos, and this will carry you through various levels of the Local Guide program. 

Google Local Guides are referred to as a community, and the members of the community are the locals of a place who go out and rate a local business by taking photos, sharing their experiences, answering questions through their knowledge and leaving reviews.

They can also add places not listed on Maps and check the facts. These participants are further rewarded with points, badges, and perks. Since Google gives rewards for this work, this work is quite meaningful for them.

These guides are their army of researchers and fact-checkers around the world. 

Google local guides need to search, note down, and upload local business information in real-time.

These guides are like a hive mind for Google and make sure that the maps are more accurate, up-to-date, and better than competitors’ maps.

The entire Google Maps is literally powered by these local guides when they work in their towns and cities located throughout the world. 

How to score points on Google Maps?

It is very easy to earn points on Google Maps as the best way is to rate places. There is a star rating present for every place you visit that you can select and submit.

You could also leave a written review of any place with more or little details and earn points. Make sure to write descriptively and share the place's good and bad points.

Write what the place looks like and what vibe it has. These reviews help future visitors and business owners, as well as they, can make their services better with the feedback they receive.

While writing a review, make sure to write legitimate concerns if you are being critical and write these concerns in a reasonable manner. 

However, most points can be earned by posting photographs.

Upload as many photos as you like so people can easily get a feel of the place. Whenever you visit a place, make sure to take pics and share them on the maps so that people can get a real experience of the place.

Google Local Guides can also add a venue or a place in case some business is not listed on the Google My Business page and you can help them do so.

You will be the person who will add the place to Google Maps and help them gain popularity.

Local guides can also edit existing information that is out of date and not relevant any longer.

Many times there are businesses listed on Google as open, but they are closed and it sucks for people visiting from outside.

In such cases you can suggest the opening and closing time or whether the establishment is temporary or permanently closed. 

Moving up on higher levels, you will be asked questions about the places you have reviewed or visited and these questions will get you more points and badges.

Your answers can help the visitors of the place explore the place in a better manner through your experience. Questions may be like whether the place is suitable for the elderly or children or whether the restaurant serves vegetarian food.  

The points and badges you earn can be traded for rewards with Google partners, so all you need to do is make contributions to maps to start earning points. 

How to contribute?

  • Give ratings to local businesses.
  • Review some local businesses.
  • Share photos.
  • Upload videos.
  • Answer questions about the place.
  • Edit wrong information.
  • Add missing places.
  • Check facts.

Protocols to be followed by Google Local Guides

  • Share thoughtful reviews: Pay attention to all the details of the place and write required information about the place, like describing the ambiance, design, experience, and highs/lows. For the restaurants, mention what you ordered and would recommend. For shops, mention the variety, price range, and services. Do not duplicate the reviews, as they will be removed. 
  • Take accurate and clear photos:  Photos tell the story of a place, but the images must be relevant and clear. Use more natural light and try shots from various places. Remove dark or blurred photos and make sure not to duplicate photos of other users. 
  • Be trustworthy: You should contribute based on real experiences and information, not on fake editing, duplicate photos, off-topic answers, and incorrect edits. Untrustworthy users are removed from the local guides program. 

Perks that you will get by becoming Google Local Guide

You will get many perks when you work with Google's local guide program to become a Local Guide. Whenever you review any place, add photos, or videos, then you will gain points. With the help of these points, you start leveling up and get a badge at the 4th level.

As you level up, you will get many perks like movie tickets, meetups throughout the world, or access to online newspaper subscriptions. 

Before you leave

Becoming a Google Local Guide is an amazing way to work for Google and you can help others by providing ratings, reviews, and photos of local places of interest, restaurants, and shops.

Here are some questions that you might have.

How to become a Google Local Guide?

Go to https://maps.google.com/localguides/home and Sign-in with your Google Account. You will then be able to contribute to Google Maps and viola! You just joined as a Google Local Guide.

Do Google Local guides get paid?

No. You can’t get paid in cash by becoming a Google Local Guide. You can, however, earn and redeem rewards that are occasionally offered by the Google team. You can also ask the local businesses for some freebies/cash in return for positive reviews of their locations.

If you want any help regarding tips and tricks on how to raise levels quickly, then feel free to contact us. We can also help your business set up on the Google My Business page to attract new clients with great ease.