Today no one can doubt the benefits of having WiFi instead of a wired Internet connection. No matter, whether it is a private home, hotel, airport, or coffee shop we all understand how much better it is to have WiFi instead of Ethernet there. Implementing a wireless network is one of the best technology investments you can make in your business as well. It increases productivity, keeps networking costs down, and gives your Internet experience more flexibility, allowing you to connect wherever you are. Though everything is not as good as it seems to be.

Wireless Connection: Secure or Not?

As usual, new technologies and innovations bring risks along with the advantages. In terms of a wireless connection, it is the ability to go online wherever you need. But isn’t it a benefit? The main problem with WiFi is that its main advantage is its main risk at the same time. How can it be? Keep reading to find out why using a WiFi hotspot can be dangerous for your privacy and have a look at the list to learn how VPNs for WiFi can solve this problem.

Staying Safe on Public WiFi

Everyone knows that having a WiFi is about convenience and accessibility. But not everyone knows, which dangers the possibility to browse online brings with it.

A free WiFi zone is the easiest and the fastest way for a hacker to get access to your private data without additional efforts. If you’re like most people, you check your email, do banking, and visit social media accounts using a free WiFi signal at least once a day. We do that in hotels, airports, department stores, parks, restaurants, and coffee shops. Each of those online connections is a chance for a hacker to get an advantage of your data and traffic. Remember that none of the public networks out there is secure, which means that no matter whether it is a luxury hotel or an average coffee shop, your data face risks of being stolen anyway.

But hackers can’t steal what they can’t see. And that is where a VPN can help. A VPN is a virtual private network (or your personal network) that is completely unreachable and invisible to other people who share the same network as you. A VPN encrypts data and transfers your traffic through a virtual tunnel. To stay safe on the public network, you just have to download one to your device.

VPN Options

There are multiple VPNs on the market today – free, paid, Windows-oriented, iOS-oriented, and so on. To get more info, check and pick one for yourself. Of course, as with any other industry, there are better and worse products on the market, depending on the price and coverage. If you’re looking for the top services, check:

  • ExpressVPN;
  • Tunnelbear;
  • VyprVPN.

It is definitely not a good idea to send confidential and sensitive data over unsecured networks. Since we can’t avoid using them on a daily basis, we should take care of the Internet security measurements more. So, don’t doubt and get a VPN to encapsulate data and create your own private connection too.

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  1. I always connect my PureVPN while moving. It automatically establishes secure connection whenever it connects to a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

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