10 Latest Web Design Trends You Should Know

Web designs play a very important role in the success of businesses that run online. You really need to step up your web design game so you can keep up with the vast competition. Since it is 2024 already, a range of resources is easily available.

In this article, I have prepared the 10 web design trends that are making waves in the creative world right now. Take inspiration from this list if you want to come up with a really effective design, sans the aid of a design agency.

Saturated and Bold-Colored Themes

image 10

Gone are the days when designers just stick to web-safe colors. 2018 is definitely the year for vibrant hues. Saturated-colored themes instantly draw attention, influence users’ emotions, and set a certain mood.

So if you want to get your message across effectively, try vibrant colors so they stand out from the background. Add to that the fact that loud colors can make your site memorable.

Geometrical Elements

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Geometrical shapes are the perfect tool for drawing users’ attention to specific parts of the website. We know that circles and squares are usually seen on other web pages before. But using geometric figures that have not been used in the previous years such as hexagons, rhombuses, triangles, and trapeziums really speaks for your unique style and makes such a great statement.

Animated Particle Background

Wouldn’t you be amused to see moving dots or celestial elements in the site background? These designs are very “now”. Many designers have experimented with constellation images or a starry sky-like theme by connecting dots with thin lines and they turn out really elegant.

Custom Illustrations

If you want your web design to be tailor-fitted to your brand’s vision and tone, custom illustrations are a sure-fire way to do that. Experienced designers can make the brand identity pop through creative and eye-catching original illustrations. They can also rely on online design and logo maker tools to simplify the design process faster than ever.

Bold Typography

Typography has always been a really effective tool to convey important messages straight up, and 2018 is the year for its strong comeback. Bold letters create a personality, set the tone, and evoke emotion without any complexities.

One trend also is about big clear letters over moving images or videos in the background.

It’s really just a matter of choosing the right typeface to give your web page a cool, trendy vibe without compromising taste and your brand’s own personality.

Going Mobile

Almost everyone, if not all people in this generation, has been doing business using their mobile phones. It’s where they shop, sell, and move funds around. It’s only fitting for companies to make their campaigns accessible for the mobile audience.

Web designers consider that web contents need to adapt to reduced screen sizes, so mega animations and hover states are far from effective.

Zoomable Photos

This web tactic is especially effective for e-commerce sites, where buyers really need to see the magnified image of the item they’re planning to buy.

Detailed HD photography is a common staple among online retail businesses today.

Chic Retrospective

From fashion to music, and even web designs are now borrowing more and more style and distinct tastes of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Everything that gives us nostalgic feels is “in” right now.

The 90s period when it comes to web design is all about animation and colors. The 80s is the refuge of early MTV and the budding video game industry. While the 70s cradles psychedelic fonts and muted colors.

Minimalist Homepages

If there’s one style that instantly looks chic and elegant, it’s minimalism. It’s perfect for an easy-to-use interface. Minimalism is distinguished by an abundance of blank spaces. Adding a bold color to some parts of the minimalist page is a great way to draw attention to your call-to-action.

Stunning Photography and Videography

Using breathtaking photography or videography as your background allows the user to focus on the main subject of the visual. It lets them go straight to the part where you want them to take a certain action. This is great if you want to make your design simple and straightforward.