Doing business on the internet is not an easy feat. There are thousands of other players selling the same product as yourself. That’s why for you to gain an edge, you need to employ an effective search engine marketing strategy. Depending on your approach to the online marketplace, there are different strategies you can use to market your web content online.

The two most common ones are SEO (Search engine optimization) and PPC (Pay-per-click) optimization. While these two are designed to help your business rank better on search engines, they differ in their mode of execution. To enable you choose a strategy that is right for your business needs, here are the top 3 differences between SEO and PPC.

Speed of getting marketing results

Speed is one of the differentiating factors between SEO and PPC. SEO can take time before there is any impact from your marketing efforts. That’s because it entails generating content that can drive natural traffic to your website, based on keywords that are related to your business.

This can take time and requires consistent efforts. On its part, PPC has a pretty fast turnaround time. That’s because through this method, you pay for sponsored adverts by bidding for keywords that are related to your business.

This way when someone searches for that particular keyword, the search engine directs traffic to your
website. This cuts on the amount of time required to build a substantial traffic flow to your website and make sustainable online sales.

Long-term impact

While PPC offers you exponential growth in traffic, it is limited by the amount of money you have. Unless you have a very good budget and can pay for traffic perpetually, it is bound to stop once you run out of money to pay for clicks.

This is a problem you will never have to deal with if you choose to take the slower route of SEO. With SEO, once you have built good traffic to your website, you can benefit from it perpetually. That’s because SEO traffic is organic and as long as you provide services that are relevant to what your customers want, there will always be traffic to your website.

Difficulty of successful execution

SEO is pretty difficult to execute successfully. It entails generating regular content that makes use of relevant and top-ranking keywords. While you can do this yourself, it can be hectic and demotivating especially if you are running a small business and have to handle other aspects of the business by yourself.

That’s why when doing SEO, it makes sense to work with experts such as Scott KeeverSEO. Scott KeeverSEO are some of the best in this business. You can contact them through their website , and they will make your SEO journey a lot easier.

On its part, PPC is quite easy to execute. All you have to do is pay for the adverts, and the search engine algorithm will direct traffic to your website through sponsored ads. It is quite effective for a small business that has to juggle between marketing and other aspects of the business.


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