RomyLMS Review: Best Learning Management System?

Choosing a free learning management system (LMS) can be challenging. What works for one organization isn’t always ideal for another, and the subtle differences between two seemingly similar LMSs can directly affect the success of your e-learning program. The first step in making an informed decision is to compare features and research your options. Here’s a review on a relatively new contender in the world of e-learning: RomyLMS.



While it may be tempting to go with the free learning management system that offers the most features, that’s generally not a wise strategy. Unless your company or academic institution really needs an in-depth LMS for a very specific purpose, a general rule of thumb is that too much clutter is a hindrance to both the course creation and the learning process. Romy LMS impressed us by providing essential features while eliminating unnecessary fluff.

Sleek and Slim without Sacrificing Vital Features

The RomyLMS training platform is remarkably user-friendly. In fact, it’s so easy to use that even technologically challenged users should have no problem figuring it out quickly. Highly intuitive and direct, the Romy LMS platform actually feels familiar. This is a major achievement, as plenty of other LMSs practically require computer technology just to navigate mazes of menus and walls of text. In short, RomyLMS is highly accessible – and that’s a huge advantage in most applications. Sometimes less is more.

What to Expect?

Just because Romy LMS keeps it simple doesn’t mean you’re going to want for features. We get the impression that “quality over quantity” is a mantra over at the Romy LMS development headquarters. Each feature does exactly what it needs to do, giving both administrators and learners everything needed and more. The Romy LMS free learning management system covers all of the bases required of a successful e-learning program, and then some. Here are some of the major features this gentle giant offers:

A Comfortable and Highly Functional Interface

From the moment you open Romy LMS, you immediately know what you’re doing. The tables and menus are organized in a way that facilitates fluid, unimpeded navigation. Administrators can instinctively create and manage content with just a few clicks, and learners can enjoy a distraction-free training platform that makes sure that the content stands at the forefront. No frustration, and no time wasted.

Versatility without Compromising Focus

Meeting a wide range of demands is never easy for software developers, but Romy LMS has done a remarkable job creating an LMS that can be used equally successfully by a small startup company or a major academic institution.

While we’re assuming small to medium-sized businesses would likely appreciate Romy LMS’ approach most, this highly scalable free learning management system does offer plenty of room to grow. This is a major achievement, as many other LMSs target specific markets such as schools, small businesses, or large corporations. RomyLMS seems equipped to handle whatever you throw at it.

Gaurav Tiwari – Editor

Responsive Across All Devices

E-learning is possible for a variety of mobile devices in addition to desktop computers and laptops. Romy LMS makes it possible for administrators and learners to access the training platform via Apple and Android platforms.

Multimedia Capable

Today’s online courses depend on images, videos, PDFs, PowerPoint, Flash, and many other media formats. RomyLMS can handle them all.

A Quick and Simple Automatic Grading System

Romy LMS’ approach to grading is an A+ in our book. Automated grading saves trainers and teachers a substantial amount of time, and the system notifies administrators when written answers need grading. This ensures that there is still a human touch when necessary, without forcing admins to spend hours grading.

Course Summaries and Feedback

Course summaries let administrators monitor and track the progress of each individual student. Learner feedback options make e-learning a two-way street, giving learners the opportunity to express what they like and dislike about the course.

Rewards, Incentives, and Certification

Some friendly competition can be a powerful motivational tool. The Romy LMS free learning management system gives teachers options such as gamification, badges, awards, and leaderboards to encourage learners to reach their full potential. At the end of the course, Romy LMS facilitates proper accreditation.


romylms demo screenshot

Though relatively new to the game, Romy LMS is a huge winner if your organization requires a comprehensive, intuitive training platform. The user-friendly interface, robust feature list, and excellent scalability all just make sense. We had quite a few “why didn’t we think of that” moments while navigating the interface, and using it felt so natural right from the start. If your organization needs deceptively powerful LMS without the filler, this is the one. Don’t take our word for it though; try the free demo for yourself.