What do You Need to Know About YouTube as a New Channel?

YouTube is a social media platform that has been around for over 10 years. It started out as an entertaining way to share videos, but has evolved into an essential tool for businesses, brands and influencers alike to get their message across.

There are a lot of misconceptions around YouTube and what it takes to be successful on the platform. The most common misconception is that you need millions of views to make money from your videos, or that YouTube subscribers aren’t easy to get. Well, they can be easy to get if you use a site like UseViral to get real YouTube subscribers for a fair amount. In reality, there are different ways for video creators to earn money from their content, and videos don’t need to get that many views.

YouTube as a New Channel

If you are a new channel account on YouTube, and you are doing research before getting started, here are the things you need to know.

Have a posting schedule

If you want to be successful on YouTube then you need to develop a posting schedule, as YouTube users will move from one video to another, especially if it relates to the first or answers a question that was raised in the first.

If you aren’t posting often and don’t have many videos, the people that watched your video won’t have anywhere to go, except to another creator. Don’t let this happen, give them a lot of videos to watch, increase your viewing time and stay on their recommended by creating a posting schedule.

Be part of a niche

Just searching for how to get more subscribers on YouTube won’t cut it. You’ll need to work on some important things as well. The most important thing you need to do if you are new to YouTube is to be part of a niche, as this will help your account to grow really quickly. If you were to take a look at the most popular channels on YouTube, you will notice they are all part of one niche or another.

Take for example, PewDiePie; he belongs to several niches, but this is only because he has the largest audience on the platform. When he started, he focused on gaming, specifically playing horror games, and this niche allowed him to grow into what he is today.

Have an efficient workflow

This tip goes hand in hand with having a posting schedule, and it is to have an efficient workflow in order to get subscribers quickly. No matter how hard your drive and how big your ambition is, if your workflow is inefficient, you won’t be posting many videos at all.

You have to decide when you are available each day to record content, when is the best time to edit videos, and how many you will create a week. You also might need to upgrade your equipment, because if your laptop takes 20 hours to render a video, that just wont work.

Get into the video quickly

The next tip is that you have to get into the video quickly. You would be surprised by the number of people that leave a video if the introduction is still underway 30 seconds in. It does make sense though since the line of thinking is “if the introduction is this long, how long is the creator going to drag out the content for?”.

Your introduction (your logos and the intro music) should only be around 10 seconds long, and then you need to hook the audience. A good example would be watching V-Sauce; Michael describes something very elaborately or explains why something wouldn’t work, basically saying it’s impossible, and then posing the question whether it actually is. If your viewers aren’t hooked within the first minute, they will probably leave soon.

Take advantage of end screens and cards

Finally, if you want your viewers to continue watching your videos, then you absolutely need to be using end screens and cards. There are many ways to go about this. Some creators make it blatantly obvious that they want you to click on one of the cards by pointing to where they are. Others subtly suggest that you should keep watching by adding the cards at the conclusion of the video.

Make sure that the videos in the cards are slightly related to what the viewer just watched, because chances are, they might have searched for a title related to yours specifically. This means that if the title of the video is “10 ways to increase your confidence”, the videos in the cards shouldn’t be “Best ingredients to use in a cake”, as this is a completely different audience.