10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids and Young Learners

Nowadays, finding educational content for kids is a lot easier, and YouTube has become a tremendous contributor to such learning opportunities. YouTube has several channels specifically made for educating children in a fun way.

In this article, we will see about 10 of the best educational YouTube channels for kids. These are my top picks, and they deliver content to cater to the curious minds of young learners.

Whether it is about the wonders of wildlife, exciting science experiments, or interactive lessons on math and literature, these YouTube channels are designed to make learning a memorable experience for kids. Both parents and teachers can trust these courses without a second thought! Age-appropriate content delivered through these channels stimulates children's imagination and curiosity, making them love learning and dreaming.

These channels boast colorful animations and fun hosts that make the experience catered for children. So, without further ado, let us look at the channels that offer such exciting education for children.

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10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids


159 TED Ed YouTube 2024 01 003860

TED-Ed is my top pick for Educational YouTube channels for kids. It is a part of the learning phenomenon called TED Talks. TED Talks are a series of influential conferences and presentations where expert speakers share ideas on a wide range of topics, including technology, entertainment, design, science, and global issues. So, TED-Ed is not going to be any different. TED-Ed provides lessons on topics with its captivating animations, thereby delivering an excellent experience to listeners. These animations help children understand complex topics in a much better way.

The channel covers various subjects, from science and language to history and philosophy. TED-Ed has proven to contribute digitally to children's education over time and still keeps on doing so.

Socratica Kids

159 Socratica Kids YouTube 2024 01 003862

With over 153,000 subscribers, Socratica Kids is one of YouTube's best places to learn about science. This channel also provides a seamless blend of fun and learning for kids, making it a great place to get quality educational content in a not-so-serious way. The channel uses fun graphics and animation to demonstrate complex topics that can easily be conveyed to young learners. Through Socratica Kids, children are not just learning but understanding every small detail.

This channel can be easily trusted by parents, and without a doubt, you can let your kids learn through it. Your child will learn only the best of the best from Socratica Kids.

Dodo Kids

159 Dodo Kids YouTube 2024 01 003864

Dodo Kids is an educational channel specifically dedicated to animals. With over 2.15 million subscribers, Dodo Kids teaches kids everything you can know about animals, their behavior, and more. It is a YouTube channel that teaches kids about environmental awareness. The videos usually comprise both real-life footage and animation with added narration. The channel posts videos mostly dedicated to topics like animal rescue, wildlife, animal behavior, and similar topics. Overall, it is the perfect channel to teach your kids how to be gentle and caring to animals around them, especially if you have a pet dog or cat in your home.

Kids Learning Tube (KLT)

159 KLT YouTube 2024 01 003866

KLT, or Kids Learning Tube, is another excellent educational YouTube channel for kids entertainingly providing education. Kids Learning Tube's specialty is how they use catchy tunes to make the whole learning experience like a musical. The channel offers videos on various topics like science, geography, mathematics, and literature.

With over 1.96 million subscribers and 700+ videos, you can guess how beloved the channel is among kids. Each video is carefully made as they are here to teach young minds. The channel makes learning not only practical but also enjoyable for kids. So, parents do not need to worry about their child's education as Kids Learning Tube commits to delivering educational content in a format that resonates with children, making it a go-to resource for kids learning.

Sesame Street

159 Sesame Street YouTube 2024 01 003868

If you have never heard of Sesame Street, you must be living under a rock. Sesame Street is a top-rated and beloved educational kids' show and easily deserves a spot on my list. The show started as early as 1969 and is still going strong. It has an equally popular YouTube channel where you can get the show clips for free.

The show is made by colorful characters like Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster, who teach you various things in a fun way. Sesame Street has been a pioneer in early childhood education for decades, and you can never go wrong with choosing it to educate your kid. The channel has 23.6 million subscribers and remains relevant even today.

Khan Academy Kids

159 Khan Academy Kids YouTube 2024 01 003870

Khan Academy Kids has been a highly sought-after kids' educational YouTube channel by parents. The channel is tailored for children, and thus, all of its videos are made in a way that helps them understand topics like math, reading, and science. Like many other channels I talked about, this channel also has a fun cast of animated characters who engage in storytelling to make complex concepts easy for kids.

Khan Academy Kids provides a solid foundation for kids who engage in their content so that the child grows up with solid knowledge of basic topics. Over time, Khan Academy Kids has become a trusted source of knowledge for both parents and teachers as it teaches children and helps them develop a love for learning. So, without a second thought, you can use Khan Academy Kids to teach your child, as, in the long run, it will help your child have a solid foundation in subjects like history, geography, science, and mathematics. With about 228,000 subscribers, you know that it has already been trusted by thousands of parents worldwide.

CrashCourse Kids

159 Crash Course Kids YouTube 2024 01 003872

CrashCourse Kids is a super fun YouTube channel dedicated just to kids! It's like the younger sibling of the famous CrashCourse series. It's all about making learning awesome and easy for children. The channel dives into lots of cool science stuff, from exploring outer space to understanding how things work on our planet.

The videos use bright animations and simple words to explain tricky science ideas. This way, kids can easily get what's being talked about. The presenter/host is always super energetic and makes learning a blast! This channel is perfect for kids who are curious about the world and for parents looking for a fun way to teach their kids about science. CrashCourse Kids makes discovering new things exciting and easy to understand!

National Geographic Kids

159 Nat Geo Kids YouTube 2024 01 003874

National Geographic Kids is a highly informative YouTube channel in the world of children's education. Just as the name suggests, the channel comes under National Geographic, but it is specifically made for kids. The channel focuses on bringing the world's wonders to young viewers in a fun way.

The channel uses beautiful visuals and close animal observation to teach children about our beautiful planets' diverse ecosystems and the creatures that inhabit them. National Geographic Kids is a perfect blend of education and entertainment as it presents information via storytelling. From wild animal documentaries to mesmerizing geography lessons, National Geographic Kids provides a good learning experience that encourages children to explore and discover themselves. Overall, it is the best place to learn about wildlife, forests, mountains, oceans, and trenches from all over our planet.

Bright Side

159 BRIGHT SIDE YouTube 2024 01 003876

With a whopping 44.5 million subscribers, Bright Side stands out as one of the Best and most popular educational YouTube channels for kids. The channel mostly has videos on various topics involving astonishing facts, quirky experiments, and entertaining trivia. The channel has a very happy and right aura, just like its name; thus, kids love learning from it. The way Bright Side delivers educational content ensures that the concepts are easy to understand and enjoyable to retain. You can find fun riddles and science experiments in the videos that help to spark young learners' curiosity. Overall, it is a great place to learn miscellaneous topics.


159 funsciencedemos YouTube 2024 01 003878

FunScienceDemos might be the last channel on my list, but it's not the least important. Just as the channel name suggests, FunScienceDemos provides a blend of science experiments and hands-on demonstrations for kids to understand easily. Kids like the videos as they visually demonstrate and show fun experiments to explain complex scientific principles. This way, the concepts become very easy for kids, and they can grasp them quickly. It is an excellent place for parents who want to make science fun and accessible for their children.

The channel deals with science subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology and helps kids develop an interest in the same subjects. Overall, FunScienceDemos shows how complex and tough science subjects can be entertaining. This leaves a deep impression on young learners as they will get ahead in their educational journey.


There you have it. This concludes my list of Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids amongst hundreds of channels you can find on YouTube. These channels on YouTube make learning fun for kids. And, if you can make learning fun for kids, they will themselves want to learn more. From science facts to wildlife adventures, these channels bring lessons to life in ways that captivate young minds.

These channels are a great way to help kids grow up with curiosity, thereby keeping their will to learn and know alive. Apart from those mentioned above, a few more notable channels would be Art for Kids Hub, StoryBots, Free School, and Simple History. These channels encourage children to learn and embrace the wonders of knowledge excitingly.