How to Create the Living Room Setup that Suits You Best?

The living room is probably the first thing that is brought up for discussion when people talk about redecorating their homes. It generally consists of a mixture of furniture and appliances which need to be arranged in such an equilibrium that would make the living room look neat and posh.

If you are considering redecorating or are relocating to a new place, these living room setup tips would help you to set up your living room in a way that would best suit you.

photo of plants on the table, living room setup

Placement of the furniture

It is advised to keep your television as the key placement and work your design around it. The sofas could be arranged pointing towards the television. It is also advised to create a reading space, the best option would be an armchair near the window. You may also need storage for equipment, So you can consider to rent wardrobe or a cupboard for the same. You can also consider keeping a tea table in front of the sofa.

Colour Scheme of the room

It would be quite nice to maintain a theme or color scheme when designing the living room. For example, you can keep a White Colored scheme, making the flooring out of white marble stones, selecting white as the predominant wall color, and opting for furniture like sofas and tables either being the same color or exhibiting a stark difference (black).  This would give you a Mono/Dual color scheme to work with.

Walls and flooring

Let's dive into this topic in detail now.

You can consider putting up wallpaper, instead of painting the walls if it suits your theme. There is also an option of customizing your walls into a more natural theme like a wooden or stone finish. This is usually done if you are thinking of having a featured wall for your living room.

For the flooring, the options include using a wooden or marble finish. It is also advised to avoid darker shades. Also, carpets and rugs can be purchased to cover up the living room area temporarily or on a permanent basis.

Living room lighting

Living room lighting is another important thing to consider. Proper lighting can transform your living room, making it look cozier. Artificial lighting options include setting up lamps, designer lights, bulbs, etc. To give your living room a cozy and bright effect. 

Also, it is important to consider natural lighting. It is advised to have large windows in the proper orientation so that you can make the most out of daylight and additionally get better air circulation.

Living room accessories 

Accessories tend to give a personality to the living room. Anything like well-displayed artwork, cushions, customized shelves, indoor plants, etc. Come under living room accessories. You can even consider to rent mattress, placing it near a window sill to allow the younger members of the house to play on it. If your budget is impressive, you can even try renting a piano or other novelty accessory for the living room.

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This is the most important thing in this list!. If you are not comfortable with a certain setup, or if the idea does not excite you it is advised that you don’t follow that trend or setup. Your living room is supposed to be a cozy and comfortable place to you in the first place and you should always work and set your budget with this in mind. 


So, these are some key points to consider while designing your living room. We hope this article achieved its purpose and helped you in getting an idea of how to set up your living room.