How BlufVPN Keeps You Safe in an Unsafe Internet World?

The world is fast approaching a point where we'll be capable of doing everything online. But, of course, it's already close to that stage – you can buy all your groceries, gadgets, and fast food online, you can find any information, attend classes, and do a host of activities that weren't possible years ago.

However, as the world approaches this extraordinary stage, some ills come attached. For instance, cyberbullying remains one of the easiest ways for someone miles away to take mental advantage of another while on the internet. Another problem is a privacy breach, which commonly comes from governments, internet service providers, social media hubs, website owners, and anyone with just about any skill to break through your internet device. 

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That's why you need BlufVPN – the best VPN choice for 2022. So, please read on if you'd like to know how this provider keeps you safe in 2022. It has many excellent features that have been designed specially to ensure there's no online weakness that can facilitate a breach. In this blog post, we'll explore the features that keep you safe during your internet explorations. Enjoy! 

How Does BlufVPN Keep You Safe?

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Reliable sources report that there have been millions of data breaches in the last decade. That's valuable information that wasn't well protected, which must have led to massive compromises. 

You can prevent these occurrences by putting a series of reliable steps in place. For one, a strong password goes a long way. However, it's also important to consider your internet adventures – the internet is one of the easiest ways for hackers to break through your device. Even a password doesn't prevent them from discovering your IP address, internet history, private information, or physical location.  

So, how does BlufVPN keep you safe? 

High-End Encryption 

Encryption is how BlufVPN keeps your data from being intercepted by unauthorized persons on the internet. This service provider sends every private information you exchange through an encrypted tunnel. So, whoever the correspondences are for automatically gets a decryption key. 

It's also important to mention the sort of encryption degree BlufVPN offers you. It's military-grade encryption, and it was modeled after what NASA uses. As such, it's impossible for anyone without a decryption key to breach your privacy. 

The encryption is AES-256-GCM encryption coupled with a 4096-bit DH key. Even an experienced hacker needs to make billions of guesses before he can come close to choosing the right one. But, of course, you have the assurance that before that happens, the system would have alerted BlufVPN, which will immediately take adequate measures to prevent a breach from happening. 

Kill Switch Feature

Another important feature you don't find on the conventional VPN is a kill switch. This feature comes in handy in multiple ways. 

For instance, if you've been using a VPN for a while, you've likely been in a hurry to check out the latest Twitter or Instagram trend and forgot to turn on your VPN before visiting these media hubs. You see, the moment you connect to the internet, you become accessible to hackers with the right skills, internet service providers, and any other entity that's interested in your private information. 

A minute can be unsafe in the internet world, but the kill switch ensures you don't make it there without the protection you need. 

On the other hand, you may also find disruptions between your device and your chosen VPN server. Again, this puts you at the risk of a data breach because you'll be surfing the internet unprotected. 

So, what the kill switch does is that it prevents you from accessing the internet by blocking your internet connection until you realize you need to turn on your VPN. Only then will BlufVPN deem your device fit enough to browse. 

No Log Policy 

A no-log policy is another BlufVPN that keeps you completely safe on the internet. This policy has been designed to protect clients' interests, which entails keeping significant records about you. 

Since VPN providers claim they need to keep some records or even adaptable no-log policy but turn around to sell confidential client information to the highest bidder. 

Well, BlufVPN operates an absolute no-log policy and doesn't keep information beyond your email address, device type, credit or debit card information, and most visited server. So, the last tip is to make one of the latest features automatically connect you to your favorite server, work excellently for you. 

In addition, BlufVPN has no records that it can present to a court or government if the need arises. You see, it's not uncommon for powerful bodies to compel VPN services to provide information about their clients. However, when the VPN service runs a no-log policy, it has nothing to present to the court. 

Maximized Servers

Another fantastic feature BlufVPN offers you is access to 500+ servers on every inhabited continent around the globe. So, you can successfully change your IP address to anyone in any place, making it impossible for any entity to keep track of your actual IP address. 

Additionally, you have the opportunity to explore the content that's available in your chosen location, which isn't always available locally. 

The best part is that these servers are sufficient for any form of entertainment – streaming movies, playing games, torrenting, you name it! They're also secure, fast and reliable. 

Compatibility with Several Devices

Finally, BlufVPN allows you to ensure you adequately protect all your devices by allowing a simultaneous connection to as many as five gadgets of your choice. It could be your MacBook, Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Smart Tv. 

Alternatively, you can also connect your account to a router, which automatically protects every device that taps internet connection from it. 


It's becoming more important to take adequate steps to protect yourself in a digital world. Data breaches are increasing, and the same goes for other internet crimes like phishing, cyberbullying, hacking, and many others. So, why not take the first and one of the most significant steps to protect yourself by creating your BlufVPN account today?