Best Black Friday Deals on Elementor Add-ons (2023)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here now and brands have started revealing their Black Friday discounts.

For everyone, especially bloggers and web designers, this is the time to snag some of the year's best deals. If you are looking for the best Black Friday deals on Elementor Add-ons and plugins, this is the best time for you as well.

Elementor, as you already know, is the leading website builder for WordPress. It offers a vast array of add-ons that can revolutionize the way you design and manage your websites. Elementor add-ons increase the efficiency of Elementor and help you build better websites with new Elementor Widgets and ready-made templates.

Black Friday Deals on Elementor Add-ons

This Black Friday, we're seeing some unbeatable deals on these Elementor add-ons that are too good to pass up.

The Best Black Friday Deals on Elementor Add-ons

Here are some of the top Black Friday deals on Elementor add-ons that are making waves this season:


ElementsReady is a game-changer for Elementor users. It offers an array of widgets, modules, and pre-designed content, significantly boosting your design productivity. Save time and spark creativity while building stunning websites effortlessly. Ideal for both professionals and hobbyists, ElementsReady transforms your web design experience, making it smoother, faster, and more enjoyable.

Black Friday Offer: 80% off on ElementsReady. Lifetime plan at just $49

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The Plus Addons for Elementor

TPA for Elementor is versatile toolkit and offers a myriad of unique listing widgets. No matter your niche, from e-commerce to blogging, The Plus Addons has adaptive elements to make your design stand out.

Black Friday Offer: 40% discount on almost all plans.

Maximum Discount: 40 per cent

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Element Pack

Elementor addon, that is a powerhouse with 190+ elements and extensions. It caters to nearly every design need, from sliders and carousels to advanced posts and portfolio widgets. A versatile toolkit for both beginners and experts.

Black Friday Offer: Get lifetime license at just $116.82

Maximum Discount: 50 per cent

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Essential Addons for Elementor

With over 90 unique elements, this addon provides a comprehensive collection of essential widgets. It enhances design capabilities, offers interactive modules, and has been a top choice due to its flexibility and robustness.

Black Friday Offer: Get 20% off on normal rates in all the plans.

Maximum Discount: 23 per cent

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The best Elementor Form Builder right now. Metform uses Elementor to create any type of form — smoother, faster, and better!

Black Friday Offer: 40% OFF on all plans

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ElementsKit is the all-in-one Elementor addon for flexible & handy page-building features. It comes with 85+ powerful widgets and extensions, 14+ exclusive modules, 79+ Premade Homepages, 500+ Premade Section Layouts & more!

Black Friday Offer: 40% OFF on all ElementsKit Plans

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Ultimate Addons for Elementor

Essential for all websites that use the Elementor. Speed up your workflow with 40+ widgets and 300+ unique website templates.

Black Friday Offer: Up to 50% off

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How to Make the Most of These Deals?

Here are a few tips on how to maximize these Black Friday deals:

  • Plan Ahead: Know what you need to avoid impulse buys. Look at your current and future project requirements.
  • Compare Features: Look closely at the widgets and templates offered by different add-ons to find the best fit for your design style and needs.
  • Check Compatibility: Ensure the add-ons you're eyeing are compatible with your version of Elementor and WordPress.
  • Think Long-Term: Consider the long-term benefits of premium features and support that come with paid add-ons.

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Black Friday is a goldmine for deals on Elementor add-ons. It's the best time to grab those extensions you’ve been eyeing all year. For bloggers and web designers looking to step up their game, these deals are a significant opportunity to invest smartly and enhance your design capabilities.

Remember, these offers are time-sensitive, so act quickly but wisely. Happy shopping, and may your design endeavors reach new heights this coming year!