Are you thinking about selling your previous generation phone📱? With manufacturers releasing new models every few months, the idea of upgrading is always exciting. You get to enjoy the latest updates and probably, a large storage capacity, depending on your budget. What do you do with the unwanted device, though when you finally acquire that new model? Will you leave it lying around the house, give it to someone, or throw it in the rubbish bin if it’s too damaged? Here’s another idea – sell it. Recyclers and resellers are always looking for used devices to buy. The problem is usually finding the best offer. You have to ensure that you are getting a fair price for your iOS or Android phone.

Find a Reputable Marketplace

The second-hand phone market is filled with hundreds if not thousands of platforms where people can get buyers for their previous generation devices. With a multitude of options to consider, you can easily compare the offers from different buyers. The issue is settling on the right one. A site’s reputation matters a great deal. You have to know if the platform you are using gives fair rates to sellers. Poor payment procedures and even lack of payment are some of the problems that sellers encounter on some sites. Sell My Mobile is one platform that has years of experience connecting buyers and sellers. It is a known site where buyers and sellers have been interacting for many years. Sellers can also count on fair and decent rates. For this reason, sellers are bound to find reputable buyers for their devices.

Comparison Engine

Many online marketplaces have comparison engines, but you can’t always be sure of it. Check that the platform you are using has a search filter that allows you to compare different rates. The value of your previous generate phone depends on various aspects, like the condition of the device. Buyers will look at these factors to set a price. Because of this, one phone can have five prices from five different resellers. A comparison engine makes it easy to find the best rate. In a matter of minutes, you can look up tons of varying prices and determine which reseller satisfies your needs accordingly. Automatic comparison save you the time of looking through all those offers manually.

Finding the Best Offer 

What happens when selling a used phone is to search for a specific device. Mobile phone prices range on a wide scale and are based on device make and model and storage capacity. A 64GB Samsung Galaxy smartphone will cost more than a 32GB, and an iPhone is more expensive than its corresponding Android device. Next, select the best deal by weighing buyers’ rates against each other. A majority of sites have best deal guarantees. After that, you will have to post your device to your chosen reseller. Once approved, you will receive the payment.

Why Sell?

You may wonder, ‘why should I bother selling at all?’ Well, you can have some additional money to upgrade your next device. If your previous generation phone is not too damaged and has excellent performance, a reseller can give a good price for it. For those with devices that are too damaged for reuse, recycling is the most practical option. By selling to a recycler, you prevent your unwanted phone from ending up in a landfill, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Selling that previous generation Samsung, iPhone or Sony phone can be a hassle if you don’t know where to look. Online resources like Sell My Mobile simplify this process. Sellers have the opportunity to compare prices from multiple buyers and get the best one. Also, phone owners even have the option of trading in their old generation devices for newer ones.


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