5 Best Apps and Software for Business Productivity

Running a business means juggling multiple tasks. While staying organized helps to get things done, it can be challenging for businesses. This is where apps for business productivity come in. They do the day-to-day work and can create a centralized place for business operations.

Business productivity apps have grown by 65% in the last few years, which speaks of the importance of these apps.

Generally speaking, low productivity can hinder a business from achieving its goals, but aligning tasks boosts work efficiency.

Here are some of the best apps and software for business productivity.


Hive Software for Business Productivity

Hive is a productivity app that works the same as Slack or TopTracker. It’s a valuable communication tool that offers a myriad of features to supercharge productivity.

The team members can access projects by status or assigned labels and collaborate on the set schedule. In addition, Hive comes with a file-sharing feature that allows businesses to streamline their work.

The manager can also get alerts and real-time notifications if there are some anomalies in the team’s productivity.

Best of all, the user can decide on the package that suits them best. Hive app can be downloaded on Windows PC, IOS, or Android devices.



When projects feel scattered, it’s difficult to see where things stand. But when everything is kept in one place, the progress is clear, and a sense of calmness sets in.

BaseCamp is a collaboration tool that helps businesses manage their projects without guesswork. Users can view all the tasks in one spot and enhance communication within the team.

The app offers features like a message board, a to-do list, and a place to save files. The members also get an update on a specific project.

After downloading the app, the team can break the work into different projects and combine everything in one place.


Image Source: https://www.microsoft.com/en-in/microsoft-365/sharepoint/collaboration

The flexibility and ease of use make SharePoint the best console to handle management tasks.

Moreover, there are various ways to create a dashboard in SharePoint, allowing users to customize and display relevant data in an accessible format. By utilizing pre-built templates or creating custom designs, businesses can tailor their dashboards to meet specific needs, making it easier to monitor and analyze crucial information.

Not to mention, one can create or delete groups, share space, and track critical permission changes. It also has a SharePoint statistics tool, which is designed to help businesses optimize their operations and gain real-time data.

Apart from that, it collects important details like the number of unique visitors or hits in a day. Another perk that comes with the software is that no server is required for side installation.

Plus, the SharePoint app enables administrators to meet compliance requirements and store data for a specific period. Users can also integrate the tool with other applications like Office Graph, One Drive for business, and more.



Trello is an app designed to help the team move forward and reach a new peak in productivity. Businesses can organize tasks, manage projects, and build team spirit – all in one place.

Trello comes with intuitive features that give the team ability to customize the workflow and any other thing. Since the lists are the building blocks of organizing work, managers can allocate assignments, timelines, and productivity metrics. Another key feature is the cards.

They ensure the entire team stays up-to-date and every task can be shared, managed, and tracked. Businesses looking for strategies to reduce tedious tasks can use the in-built automation feature.


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Feeling overburdened and unorganized when working on or managing tasks is quite common. In order to boost productivity, increase responsibility, improve communication, and keep everyone on the same page, ProofHub can help businesses accomplish all of these. 

By using ProofHub, businesses will enhance their teamwork in many ways. Teams can proof any design or document by using the proofing tool in real-time. You can send one-on-one messages or can use its group chat function to send messages directly.
ProofHub simplifies everyday processes of businesses, such as creating plans, collaborating with people, keeping things organized, tracking time spent on activities, and delivering projects on time. Overall, ProofHub ultimately saves your business a lot of time, which automatically results in boosting the business productivity. 

The best way to think about productivity is by using objective information and analyzing it.

The above apps can boost business productivity through workload balancing, employee progress, and teamwork.

Even better, they can help managers identify the areas that need improvement and rebalance the workload. Some focus on time management while others boost collaboration.