5 Kickass Tools & Apps for Entrepreneurs

So are you planning to start a new business?


Have you already started?

Starting a new business can be a rewarding adventure and at the same time, it proves to be a very daunting task.

That said, entrepreneurs are faced with hundreds of tasks as they endeavor to gather and manage resources. Whilst trying to maintain communication with clients and team members, reaching new clients, managing accounts and so much more.

Advanced technology materials have changed employees’ work habits, the management of their daily goals and the way they accomplish tasks. 

However, this progress has conjointly brought enlarged workloads that need multitasking, which eventually could decrease effectiveness.

So, how do entrepreneurs get any work done?

When it comes to starting and running new business things can become chaotic. 

So here’s what you can do to minimize the chaos with these great apps for entrepreneurs and business-people. That enables you to better manage time, control finances, boost productivity and much more.

Best apps for entrepreneurs


“What Do You Want To Conquer Today?”

magtapp is one of the must apps for entrepreneurs

So being an entrepreneur you need to have tons of knowledge and you need to read a lot. Your vast pool of knowledge can save you from lots of mistakes.

Most of the Business articles and eBooks related to entrepreneurship are all available in English online, which makes you feel incompetent? 

“Worry not because with MagTapp you can search the pictorial word meaning available, in 100 languages supplemented with an interactive chatting interface.”

  • MagTapp can be read books offline whether its PDF, PPT, XLS, WORD etc  in a single tap. The user can copy, highlight, underline and strike out words in any document using the MagDoc feature of MagTapp. 
  • Also, the user can copy and paste a part of any online/offline & also as  a document saver for further use or type a note and share it. What’s more? 

Rather than typing, a user can also record a voice note and save the same for future use!!

Feeling tired or too lazy to read? (Happens to me all the time!!)

  • MagTapp has a text to speech facility to read the content, which is basically like inbuilt recorded audio that reads out whatever content you wish it read out to you. 
  • Honestly, I don’t think any web browser app could satisfy the needs of the user beyond this.

Want an enhanced video watching experience?

  • Well, MagTapp web browser app will auto-disable any video that gets played when we open any page with good Internet speed.
  • If you want to watch the video then you need to click on the play button.

There’s nothing more convenient than this because MagTapp truly enriches your overall browsing experience and manages to move beyond the user’s expectations every single time. MagTapp is one of the best apps for entrepreneurs.

Let’s brush up on how MagTapp serves as a perfect sidekick for Entrepreneurs:

  • A fully developed, fast, functional and integrated visual web app that will Read & Save all online web pages in One Tap.
  • One tap facility will be available on the entire web browser app in 100 languages and that covers almost all the major languages across the globe.
  • A user can also customize MagDoc as per his convenience. It has four different document viewing modes. It has facilities for Vertical and Horizontal Scrolling, Reading Progress bar, Night Mode of reading and a lot more to give a very personalized reading experience with the One Tap facility.
  • Content will be delivered to users based on their interest and behavior so they can consume whatever data they want and it remains relevant to them.
  • MagSaves is a collection of webpages, bookmarks, and word meanings you can access anytime.
  • By using chatbot, a user can search the pictorial meaning of any words in chat format, available in 100 languages in just One Tap.
  • Users can see the number of taps they will do in a month. They can also see the leaders who will do the maximum taps. That will increase the competitive spirit and spirit of reading.


“World’s Largest Professional Network.”


You’ve likely got a LinkedIn account but if you haven’t here’s why you should have one. 

Entrepreneurs can use LinkedIn learning to search for investors, partners or prospective employees/customers based on factors including qualifications, industry, experience and much more. It is among the most essential apps for entrepreneurs and working people.

In particular, there is no better platform than LinkedIn for generating leads for your business or recruiting talent .This is because LinkedIn is used by the majority of professionals worldwide, especially in tech.

So why should you download the LinkedIn app?

  • The application is much faster and more intuitive when it comes to searching for and adding connections. 
  • The app ends up being a massive time saver. This coupled with the fact that more and more businesses/entrepreneurs are using it for messaging means you can quickly respond to messages on your phone. 
  • Building and nurturing relationships can be everyone’s cup of tea with the help of the LinkedIn app. 
  • The app lets you search for people based on their qualifications, job, industry, location and much more. 
  • You can connect and stay in touch with them to crack better business deals and craft a brighter future.

LinkedIn is the proper platform to share your concepts, showcase your work and build a private complete besides staying updated with vital news associated with your market.


“From Startup to a $8.5B Company in Eight Years, Here’s why.”

Credit: Skype

Like many entrepreneurs, you’re likely targeting a global market even if you’re starting by focusing on the domestic market.

Skype was once one of the most used apps for entrepreneurs.

To avoid cutting yourself away from international opportunities you would like the ability to interact with prospective international customers or partners from the offset.

However, building these types of relationships takes time-consuming conversations, which if you’re not careful can lead to extremely expensive phone bills (phone companies often gauge customers to make long-distance calls, especially from a mobile).

So how do you communicate with prospective international customers/partners? 

Although Skype is arguably one of the oldest tech companies (now owned by Microsoft), its product offering of low-cost VOIP calling to any number foreign or domestic is arguably now an essential part of an entrepreneur’s international conversations

  • It allows you to make international calls on the go at a low cost. You can also pay to get a fixed number, which funnels calls directly to your Skype (good if you want to reduce your business line utility bills and want to appear to have a traditional number without the associated cost of receiving an international call).
  • You can also use Skype to record important meetings via video or audio. Each chat session is also stored, meaning if you’ve been instant messaging that you can take notes of the key points of the conversation. Additionally, screen sharing makes it straightforward to collaborate on comes and plans with shoppers and multiple team members.


Wunderlist could be a common hoo-ha list app for a decent reason.

Credit: Wunderlist

It offers more than a simple to-do check off the list. This app lets you handle with ease each tiny or huge task.

 If you’re working in a team, you can also assign tasks to team members and set due dates where reminders will alert users about the approaching deadline (enabling team members to stay on schedule and allowing you to track). 

Alongside the above, Wunderlist has some equally useful features:

  • Push, email and in-app notifications alert the team of any changes to a project or task.
  • Keep all communication in one central place, allowing the team to refer back to them when necessary.
  • Tags not only add more context to to-do items but also create a handy search feature.
  • Folders are a great way to keep everything organized and accessible. The larger the project, the more this feature will come in handy!
  • Mail, print and share lists, add functionality

Wunderlist app is also fantastic on the go, as it makes sure that every idea is captured in an easy and retrievable note form. 

On a final note, the app is universal so that you can use it on any platform.


Your Personal Social Media Strategist!

buffer product screenshot 5ac3de5e3128340037794df7
Credit: Lifewire

Maintaining your online reputation is necessary.

But, have you ever felt that sharing your views on totally different social networking sites are taking the larger share of your time?

If so, then Buffer is here for your rescue.

This social media management mobile application enables startup founders to schedule their social media posts according to the time when your target audience will be highly active.

Social media can be an important element of any fashionable entrepreneur’s selling plan; this can be very true for startup/ early-stage school corporations WHO usually target building massive social followings.

However, when it comes to managing social media marketing and profiles on the many social media platforms there are, businesses often fall and fail to engage or provide interesting and relevant content consistently.

So how do you manage your company’s social presence for consistency without going crazy?

  • That’s wherever Buffer comes in permitting you to simply schedule all of your group action prior to, allowing you to set aside a specific time to schedule content each week.
  •  Users also can schedule posts to look at specific times and reply to potential or current customers whereas chasing responses.
  • The Buffer mobile applications (on Android and iOS) are particularly useful as they allow you to coordinate your social media management tools and marketing while on the go. Thus allowing you to use the otherwise unproductive time traveling between locations to expand your business.


  • No Instagram integration into the platform.
  • No observational tools for mentions, searches or hashtags. So you’ll have to monitor these from another tool or through the networks themselves.
  • Can simply get dearer if you’re operating at intervals a team. Getting profiles for team members costs much more than Hootsuite (a similar app).
  • It’s much more difficult to schedule a post for a specific time. If you wish for posts to travel at specific times as against confining yourself to a selected schedule, then Buffer will create some problems for you.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, owning your own business is challenging. But of course, it’s also incredibly rewarding and can be a source of deep personal fulfillment at work for the entrepreneur. But no one can do it alone.

To keep up with the workload and stress, these are mobile apps that can help you out.

Anything you can do to minimize the everyday minute of the work, do it.  It’s your job to focus on the big picture, so start with the apps on this list and work your way out.

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