How to Know When Your Business Needs Better SEO?

Business websites are way too different than the general websites and require different set of SEO practices. It's way more important as well, not just because Business SEO requires enterprise-level resources but also because the impact on profits & reach is huge.

Businesses have a relatively bigger reach and profit if compared to general sites or blogs. We expect every business website to have its SEO ongoing. But when algorithms change, the pace and direction of such SEOs must change.

You must know what their business SEO lacks and when something must be done. We will discuss the 'whats' somewhere else.

Let's just point out the 'when'. When your business needs a better way of SEO? Right here are some ideas.

Too many pages

Well, you started your business with few pages some years ago. But the progress was made and now you have reached to thousands of pages. Not all pages are well optimized for search engines and you feel that you lost track of the pages that were fully targeted for SERPs. Now is the time for you to look into unattended pages and make sure that they are indexed as well, as are your cornerstone content.

Your website has less Domain Authority than your competitor

Domain authority (DA) is one of the most trusted parameters to know a website's reputation. DA is assigned to a single domain (like has DA 70). It is counted of a base of 100, and any value higher than other is considered to be better. The pages with a high number of quality external links generally have more authority. Such pages are assigned Page Authority (PA). Your homepage is also considered a page and assigned a different value of PA than the DA. Cornerstone pages are the ones with higher PA.

These authority values make a difference in search results. Google displays more love to high DA websites than the lower ones. So, if you really want to rank in there, don't ignore the need to increase the authority values.

Keyword Selection isn't organized

Better SEO requires finer and considerate use of keywords & key phrases. You should select high- and medium-tail search phrases that make great groups and subcategories and will be coupled with other terms to make long-tail queries. If your keyword selection is not grouped well and seems scattered to any third person, you have to consider your odds in ranking.

Not the best template or design

Having a good layout and design for your website is equally important. If your site doesn't incorporate proper metadata, schema setup and script optimization - your site won't rank the way it could. If your business runs on WordPress, here is our guide to choose a better theme.

Lacks Good Content

Content is the backbone of any SEO planning or strategy. If your content doesn't stand out, everything you do - is going to fail. Make sure that your site understands current content marketing strategies and focuses on what is right. That's all.