Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to Your Site using uSocial

uSocial is a freemium service that allows pumping up views, likes and shares on any website with the help of social media buttons. There’s a rich collection of button designs, an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, easy code snippet generation, statistics, metadata builder, Social Locker, etc. — you can take advantage of all these and other features.

In fact, social media was created for people to connect online. But the past few years have seen a real social media revolution, and content sharing along with promotion has become an integral part of any business. Now, you can garner subscribers to your website, manage and monitor their subscriptions through social media.

So, when your website content is all ready to go, you need visitors. To get them, you can install social sharing buttons on your website and uSocial is a perfect solution. The service allows your readers to instantly share your site’s content on their favorite social network as well as connect those people who share common interests. Whatever your business niche is, whatever your site is about, Like and Share buttons perfectly match your needs.

The platform offers you to add two basic buttons: Like and Share.

Like button serves as a kind of social proof of your website's popularity. When a site visitor sees a number of likes under your posts (especially if there are a lot of them), it builds credibility to the article or any other content and its author. It also means that the user is likely to come to your site to read other articles of that author or check the content updates.


Experiment with Like button features changing the color, shape, width and icon type. To stand out from the competition, you can also customize button text: replace the clichéd “Like” with something novel. What’s more, you can place two different texts before and after a click.

To save some space on your website page, you can even enable Share window to the Like button and select the social networks you’d like the article/content to be shared to. In addition, since people use their mobiles a lot surfing the Net, you might want to enable or disable the mobile version of the button.

If you want to divide the share and like options, add a Share button to let your website visitors easily share your content via their social networks, or through email or instant message. It’s sure to drive additional traffic.


uSocial has features to improve the functionality of your share buttons. You can configure the icons’ form and style, position, orientation, and style. You can also set up a hover effect to make your website more engaging. Users tend to mouse over everything they see and watch what happens to the content (in this case, to the icons). As a result, they spend a while on your site, which will definitely push your rankings and boost your sales (if you offer some goods or services).

Unlike some social media sharing services, the uSocial builder lets you show not only the aggregated count but also individual shares. This way, you will see which social network entices more audience, focus on it and, at the same time, improve other social media metrics. All this analytical work will enhance customer retention and the process of engaging new clients.  

Into the bargain, you can enable an eye-catcher to grab people’s attention and call to share your page via social media.

In addition, uSocial offers extra features, such as a Social Locker, to ensure that the buttons work even better and meet the main goals which are engaging new audience and helping your site rank high on Google. Social Locker is a service that lets you hide the desired content of your website pages and give access to it after a certain period of time, or when a user does certain actions, for example, shares your post to social networks.


Imagine you run a blog. Obviously, when you create valuable content, you want to reach as many people as possible. So you cross your fingers and anxiously hope that your readers share your post any time you hit the “Publish” button and... sometimes they do, sometimes don’t. That’s why a Social Locker becomes a surefire way of increasing the number of shares every time you publish new content. And uSocial gives you this tool.

As a bonus, the service provides the Get More Visitors tool that helps you grow the number of subscribers to your groups on social media by driving traffic from your website. As you can see, a full-fledged Share button has a double effect: it increases traffic both on your website and groups on social media.


All in all, uSocial is an indispensable service to bring views and likes to a website with the help of social media buttons. The buttons can be activated on all devices, they look nice, modern and display consistently.

The service is absolutely user-friendly, it provides advanced statistics and the initial setup and further adjustments are a breeze. To say nothing of its adaptability to the most website builders and CMS systems such as  Wordpress, Joomla, uKit, Wix, Jimdo, and so on. If you happen to get stuck, the step-by-step instructions are available in the Setup Guides section. These are the reasons why it’s the go-to service. Check it out for yourself.