4 Tips to Marketing That You May Not Know About

Peter Drucker was one of the most influential figures in business management in recent history. The British Library refers to him as the Founder of Management Thinking. Drucker once said that marketing and innovation are the only functions that matter in a business. To him, marketing is critical to a business because it helps the company expand its market share. 

It helps the firm maintain this market share as well because it encourages loyalty among its current customers. Therefore, increasing or maintaining your business’ prosperity is possible if you perfect your marketing skills. Here are 4 tips to marketing that you may not know about.


Social Media Prospecting

In 2017, 71% of internet users had social media accounts totaling 2.46 billion people. Today, most of your potential clients are on social media. Unfortunately, approaching someone on social media is a challenging task because they are strangers to you and vice versa. That means they are not expecting any communication from you because they do not know you.

Using the right tactics would help you overcome these challenges. Start by determining whether the social media user seems like a potential buyer. Then approach the user with a well-crafted message. Finally, send him a tutorial or infographic if he asks for additional information. See toddandleahrae.com to learn more about social media prospecting.   

Creating a Content Series

Blog series good content infographic

People interested in products that are similar to yours will take up yours if you have valuable content related to these products. People do that because they value information that is useful and reliable. Moreover, they associate valuable information with professionalism. Creating a content series would help you capture their attention. In this case, a series refers to a consistent, systematic, and consecutive focus on a particular topic. 

You can focus on this topic for a month or two. The topic should be relevant to your services and products. People following it will see you as a professional in your industry. This perception increases the level of trust that they have in your business.

Sponsor Localized Events

Generating leads is a challenging exercise if you are targeting a general audience. Instead, go for a specific market niche in a specific area. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that conventional marketing methods do not work when it comes to localized marketing. For instance, sponsor local events instead of advertising on local radio or television. Remember, advertisements come and go, but people will remember an event forever.

That means they will remember the companies associated with that event. You can sponsor these events financially or by offering a service that the organizers need for the event. Usually, offering services is an inexpensive way of sponsoring these vents than providing financial assistance is.

Creating Games with the Product

People respond to games positively as long as the game is interesting. Games spark their interests as well as they seek to complete the game. Then they challenge themselves to finish the game again, but this time they want to do it quickly and perfectly. Imagine if each level of the game represented a certain level of usefulness that your products have.

Moreover, each prize the gamer gets could be a representation of the complementary products that your company produces. This marketing technique would be a revolutionary way of keeping your customers interested in your products. Try it today.

Gaurav Tiwari

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