Setting up a college dorm room can be a little tricky, for a few key reasons. The first of which is, there really isn’t a lot of space that you can work with. Unless you’re paying a pretty significant amount of money, you most likely have a roommate who takes up about half of the room. Along with that, you have a bed and, perhaps, a mini-fridge as well as other necessities. These items are needed to maintain a good quality of life. So, in between all of this, there needs to be a balance between the things that you need – such as a bed, for example, or a sturdy desk – and things that can help you unwind and decompress after a long day.

More often than not, colleges will furnish parts of your dorm. Not all of it, but some of it. Depending on the educational establishment you will attend, you’ll have a mattress and a bed frame, along with a nice desk and maybe even a mini-fridge to store food and drinks.

In order to decompress and unwind, invest in a television set. Ideally, one that is fairly new, flat-screen, with HDMI capabilities. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, but it should be newer and usable. This television will be shared with your roommate – assuming that you have one, of course. Also, it is a very good investment due to the entertainment value it provides. However, don’t purchase a cable package or anything of that sort. In today’s world, those packages are very expensive and you end up getting many channels that you probably wouldn’t even want to watch. The Amazon Firestick is a cheap alternative to the exorbitant bills that you receive with a cable subscription. As per Troypoint, the best apps for Firestick allow you to watch the same shows and programming as you would with a standard cable description, and you get to do so for far cheaper!

You can also do this by purchasing a decent computer and investing in a video game console. If you’re so inclined, find alternative ways of sprucing up your dorm to make it more lively. Look for various options that help you unwind.

To balance this out, take the time to organize everything and to remove any clutter or excess. This has three key benefits. Firstly, it makes it easier for you to find things and have spaces where you can store everything. The second benefit is, it is far less stressful coming home to a dorm that is clean, tidy, and organized, rather than one that is messy and confusing. Finally, the third benefit is that it allows you to take inventory of what you are actually using and what is important to you. From that, you can choose to sell various items, electronics or even clothes that you no longer use or don’t find particularly important. This is a great way of earning money, saving money, and setting up your dorm room so that it is far easier to find things. Additionally, this whole process also allows you to navigate your personal space a lot more efficiently, making it far less stressful for you to come home after a long day of studying. Now, doesn’t that all sound amazing!

This last thing has less to do with your dorm room and more to do with studying inside of it. Instead of studying inside your dorm room, study in a public place, such as a library or a coffee shop. Ideally, a place that doesn’t have too much commotion. The reason for this is because dorm rooms are often small and cramped, and this may make you a little stressed out. As well, it can be hard to focus when you’re surrounded by a lot of other things that you could be doing, rather than studying, such as watching TV.

Those are some of our ideas for setting up your college dorm room for success. There are other ways to do this, but creating a decluttered and organized space is essential. No matter if it’s a dorm room, an apartment or a house, these tips will simplify your school life!

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