7 Best Gifts for College Students in Canada

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected all major sectors of Canada's economy. The Education sector has been greatly affected with schools being closed and most learners forced to study virtually from home. Thus, when selecting a gift to give to a college student, you should be in a position to determine if they are in school or learning virtually. It is also important to note that college life also keeps evolving.

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The current generation can be referred to as Gen-Zers. This is because they are more technologically exposed compared to other generations. They are also politically empowered such that they understand basic political affairs. According to our expert Kevin Cochran (check profile), here are some of the gifts for a college student present day:

Apple AirPods

Apple Airpods are a favorite for many college students in Canada. This is because of their excellent attributes. One of the noticeable advantages of having apple air pods is that they are wireless. This means that once you have them on you are not disturbed by many cables on your workspace. 

The apple air pods are also available in all ear fits. This means that they fit perfectly removing the discomfort that comes with wearing earphones. The airpods are sweat-resistant; this means that if you prefer working out in the school gym or taking a walk in the morning with your fellow college mates, you can do it stress-free. 

What is more, is that they have a transparency mode. This means that you can still listen to your favorite song while still having an ear for what is happening in your surroundings. You can also choose to be immersed in the beat by activating the active noise canceling feature


Every college student would appreciate a smartphone as a gift. However, the smartphone should be up to date and running on the current Android or iOS versions.

A good smartphone ensures that a student can access and see Canadian casinos and take part in online gaming during their free time as they do not have to physically visit the casino. This could prove to be an extra source of earning an income as they can win in the online casinos. Accessing online casinos through this platform as a start will come in handy if such students want to familiarize themselves with the Canadian gambling landscape. 

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

From the olden college days when one had to carry a stereo to listen to music with friends, the future is now Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth speakers are a favorite for many Canadian college students. This is because college students love to have a good time. 

What better way to do this than having a portable Bluetooth speaker that you connect to your phone and play your favorite playlist. The portable Bluetooth speakers are a good way to chill with friends instead of everyone listening to their music. What's more, is that there are now waterproof Bluetooth speakers. This means that if your drink spills on the speaker, it is still able to function. 

Ear Plugs

Sleep is an essential activity in a human being. Being in college requires you to concentrate, which can be achieved by having a quality sleep—what better way to do this than having earplugs. Earplugs are won when sleeping to ensure that you are completely immersed in your sleep. This means that you are far away from distractions like noises from the other colleague's room or your noisy roommate

Dry Erase Sticky Notes

A college students' life is a hectic one, full of projects and assignments that have deadlines to meet. Thus, the need to have a reminder. One gift that would come in handy for a college student would be dry-erase sticky notes. This ensures that you can organize your work by placing it on the wall to keep you updated on current and future tasks that you need to perform.

Smartphone Mount

The smartphone mount is an essential good that may come in handy for college students. This is because college students may want to watch their favorite tv show from the comfort of their bed or desk. Also, in this tech era, a student may want to make a video call hence the need to mount the phone in the most comfortable position.

Power Bank

A portable charger would be a great gift idea for a college student. A portable charger ensures that the phone does not run dry on a charge while being used. A power bank stores power ensuring that the college students' phone is always on.

College students would appreciate it if they received any of the following gifts. Giving them information on the best places to travel is also a good idea if they want something refreshing.

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