10 Best Study Desks for Students

Whether you want to buy a study desk or table with a chair for yourself or your kids, it is undeniable that you just want a high-quality desk.

Currently, there are hundreds of options related to study desks for students. However, not all of them offer you the same durability and features.

In this article, I will list the 10 best study desks for students. In addition to that, I will also discuss the most important factors to help you buy the perfect study desks.

Best Study Desks for Students

Best Study Desks for Students

All these study desks listed in this article are rated very high and are made with students in mind. You can install or assemble these on your own, and some even come with the necessary tools required.

The installation is straightforward and takes minutes to do. All the study desks and tables listed here are good not just for your studies, but also for other works.

You can put heavy objects like laptops and monitors on these tables as well. The build of every study desk picked in this list is superb and all these last longer.

Last but not the least, these study desks fit in a small area and are under your budget.

Without further ado, let's see the 10 best study desks available right now.

Factors to Judge and Buy Study desks

The ideal and perfect study desk can differ based on what you need or what your limitations are. Here are some factors that you must consider before buying a study desk.


The first thing that you must consider is the area you have and the area for which you need a study desk or study table.

Maybe you are looking for a study desk for a small room. In that case, you must look for a small table.

There are even chances that you may want to put a teapot or books on the table.

In that situation, the surface area of the table must be large.

Hence, you have to choose a desk which can fit in the room. I will highly recommend you measure the place where you want to put the table. This will help you to buy the accurate size of the table. 


The capacity of a table or desk means the number of drawers, and mini-cupboards in a table. You must always choose a table that meets your expectation in terms of capacity.

Let’s understand this by an example. Shall we?

Assume that you want 4 drawers on a desk. In this situation, you may go for a desk with four drawers. However, I will recommend you to choose a desk that has 4 drawers and at least one cupboard section. Thus, you must always choose a desk with a little more capacity than your requirement.


If you are going to buy a study desk, then you must never compromise with the design.

I recommend you choose a desk that matches the room. You can always choose a desk with a unique design. Just make sure that you like the design you are choosing.

Also, don’t choose a design that is challenging to clean or maintain. In the present market, there are hundreds of colors and combinations of study desks. You are completely free to choose any one of them, as these factors don’t affect the durability of the desk. 


There are various instances where you would want to move the whole home office setup. Maybe you want to clean the room or renovate it. There are even chances that you may want to shift the desk to another room.

Irrespective of the reason behind moving the table, you must also choose a desk with high mobility. Make sure that you choose a desk-chair combo that does not leave scratches on the floor after moving. To ensure this, you can choose a desk with rubber on the legs.


What do you think determines the comfort of a study desk? Two basic factors determine comfort.

  • The first factor is the height of the table and chair. Let’s say that you want a study desk for writing. In that case, you would want the height to be neither too high nor too low.
  • The second factor is the material of the chair. I would recommend you choose chairs that come with in-built cushions.

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