When webmasters and content marketers find out how effective link baiting is, the concept literally blows their mind. With link baits, you attract other webmasters to provide links to your site not because you ask them to, but because they want to. Thanks to this strategy, you can build top-level links on a large scale. You create a single piece of content, which is good enough for other sites to link to.

Every content developer wants to add authority to their piece by linking to other sources. You want to be one of those sources! There are a few strategies that will help you achieve such appeal!



Create awesome content!

Think about online resources you are compelled to link to. They add more information to your own piece, and they make the article more trustworthy. These authoritative pages contain facts, statistics, and strong opinions that prove a point. You want to write that type of content.

It should be so valuable, it would almost be worth paying for. In order to achieve this level of quality, you have to rely on your expertise and write about the things you know.

Make the content interesting.

Your visitors should be compelled to read and share your pieces. You can present the information in the form of a top 10 list, a white paper, an infographic, or a tutorial. Choose the form that’s adequate for the topic.

Promote it!

The more likes, shares and comments you get, the more attractive you’ll be for search engines. When you rank higher on Google, webmasters will easily locate your pieces, so they will link to them. As you get more high-quality links, you’ll start improving your positions in the search engine results even more.

Publish press releases!

Yes, they are boring and require tons of diligence. However, press releases are crucial SEO tools that help you promote your website to a specific audience. A press release becomes a permanent part of your public records. When your website is exposed in a great number of online journals through this type of content, it will attract more media coverage.




There are plenty of reasons why people are attracted to a nice infographic: it presents many details in an easy-to-read format. When you go through a properly-developed infographic, you discover fun trivia, statistics, definitions, research results, recommendations, and anything else you can think of – in a single page. You can accompany the infographic with content that offers more elaborate information, but you shouldn’t expect many people to read that part.

Webmasters like linking to infographics because this type of content adds clarity to their own message. If you have a great idea for an infographic and you can support the design with high-quality information, then you should definitely go for it!

How-to guides

This type of content is a permanent link bait. It’s always relevant, so you’ll get fresh links on a regular basis. A great guide is valuable because it elaborates a specific problem of the target audience and it offers effective solutions. After reading it, people are encouraged to take action.

Another content developer will link to your how-to guide because it provides the explanations he would like to skip in his own piece. He will provide the link because your guide will add a new dimension of functionality for his readers.

Before you start writing this type of content, ask yourself few questions:

  • Is the topic relevant?
  • Does your target audience have such a problem?
  • Can you offer real solutions?

The last thing you want to do is lure your readers with an intriguing title and waste their time with useless content. This type of content does not serve as a link bait.

Beginner guides

The Internet is an open source of knowledge. People are always interested in learning new things and developing valuable skills. Think of different topics from your niche of expertise, and start teaching through your content. A high-quality beginner’s guide will certainly add value to other online sources, so you’ll keep getting fresh links on the long run.

This type of content requires more work and commitment since you have to focus on details and help the reader develop skills from scratch. You won’t regret investing the efforts since a beginner’s guide is one of the best link baits you can feature on your site.

Breaking news

This is not a timeless link bait, but is incredibly effective. Follow the trends in your niche, and make sure to inform your audience about important events, software updates, product and service releases, and anything else they would like to know. You want to be among the first ones who publish the breaking news, and you want to offer content of highest quality.

If your article is considered a relevant source, you’ll get plenty of links in no time.

Top 10 lists

Why top 10? Because it sounds better than top 8, top 11, or any other number. You can create this type of article on any topic, and people will always be willing to interact with it. Readers love a good top 10 list because it offers the information they want to know, it’s memorable, and it offers practical examples. This type of content doesn’t consume too much of the reader’s time. That’s why lists get so many shares on social media.

You’re probably wondering why top 10 lists serve as link baits? The answer is simple: as long as many readers are attracted to your high-quality content, it will be worth linking to!


Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and even point out mistakes. Great conversations start with just a single word. How to write better comments?
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