A Guide to Arizona Sports Betting

With each passing day, more states are allowing online sports betting. It has become a part of professional sports that fans now accept as being here to stay. Being curious about sports betting is only natural.

If you aren’t familiar but would like to give it a go, it helps to have a few helpful pointers. For residents of Arizona, the history of sports betting in the state isn’t a long one, but it is definitely worth knowing.

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Can You Bet in Arizona?

Let’s start with the basics: Can you sports bet in Arizona? Before you can start worrying about making money from betting, it helps to know the basics about the legality of sports betting in Arizona. As of 2021, online sports betting is officially legal for residents physically located in Arizona.

Sports betting in the state is regulated by the Arizona Department of Gaming. The discussion of sports betting has been a hot-button topic not only in Arizona but states across the country. Sports betting legislation has been approved in several states and it feels like a matter of time before all 50 are on board.

Arizona Sports Betting Taxation

One of the biggest benefits of allowing online sports betting is due to taxation. It is another revenue stream for the state and a sizeable one at that. In Arizona, bookmakers are required to pay a 10% tax on their adjusted gross revenue. With more operators comes substantially more money going into the coffers of the state.

For retail locations (casinos and physical sportsbook locations), the rate is 8%. According to the state, the money goes largely into the general fund. The general fund supports everything from infrastructure projects for Arizona residents to education. The amount of revenue created by sports betting has made it a positive move for the state.

Handle vs. Revenue

There are a few terms that will become part of the sports betting vernacular. If you are unfamiliar with Arizona sports betting, “handle” is oftentimes confused with online betting revenue. There is a distinct difference between the two and it can’t hurt to know that.

The handle refers to the amount of money players wager, typically in a month. If Arizona had a reported $350 million handle, that refers to how much all operators in the state accepted for sports bets. Revenue, however, is what is left over after winning bets are paid. For reference, Arizona collected nearly $300 million in revenue, specifically from sports betting. Though it doesn’t necessarily impact how bettors approach the experience, it is an interesting thing to know.

How Do You Get Started at an Online Sportsbook?

Armed with more information about Arizona sports betting, it is only natural to want to give it a try. It takes hardly any time at all to get started with one of the best-rated sportsbooks in the state. Perhaps the toughest part is narrowing down all of the options and selecting one (or two) sportsbooks. Checking out the bonuses of each and finding the one that makes the most sense for you is a great place to start.

After making a decision, log in to your sportsbook of choice. Find a sport or event that you are interested in wagering on and choose from the litany of sports betting markets (money line, spread, totals, etc.). When you are ready to finalize the wager, go to the bet slip. The bet slip is where bettors can review picks before submitting. Post a stake or use a bonus bet if one is available and click “bet.” It is that easy.