7 Ways Email Marketing Can Boost Your SEO Ranking

Can email marketing boost your SEO? Email marketing is one of the most converting digital marketing methods but how does it help SEOwise? In this article, we will discuss the same.

At first glance, it might be hard to draw connections between SEO and email marketing since they follow distinct strategies. Email marketing is all about capturing leads, converting them into customers with or without a CRM and ultimately boosting sales.

SEO on the other hand has a lot to do with getting traffic to your website, which you can convert into leads.

So, SEO helps in email marketing but does email marketing help in SEO practices as well?

Let's try to understand.

How Email Marketing Can Influence Your SEO Ranking?

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Email marketing cultivates a direct relationship with prospects and existing clients by providing them with the most relevant, quality content. 

When you do email marketing, you share your website content with customers via emails and transfer traffic from those emails to your website. 

Here are some ways email marketing supports SEO:

Boosts Traffic to Your Website With Qualified Leads

Not only do you get more traffic, but instead of random users, you’ll see an increase in already qualified leads who keep engaging with your site and are likely to buy from your company. 

Low bounce rates and longer amounts of time spent on your site are factored into how your website ranks in search engines.

Encourages Content Engagement

Don’t forget to link your blog posts in your emails. You want to make sure that users keep coming back to your site, and you can do this by encouraging likes and comments on posts and engaging with commenters when possible. 

Loyal and engaged users will spread the word about your posts while the engagement will help your ranking and brand awareness. 

A great way to reach more people with your posts is by encouraging your leads to share them. Be sure to make that process easy for them!

For example, if you’ve published an insightful article about something, leave a link in your newsletter and a collection of “share on social media” buttons. 

7 Ways to Boost SEO Ranking with Email Marketing Optimization

7 Ways to Boost SEO Ranking with Email Marketing Optimization


When you try to talk to everybody, you’ll end up talking to nobody.

Figure out who you’re talking to and tailor your message to more specific section or set of individuals.

For example, if there’s no point in sending your product to those who have recently made a purchase, or asking for a review from those who are still in the consideration stage.

Segmenting an email list is the process of making categories for those on the list according to their interests, behavior or demographics.

Data collection and analysis is a crucial part of the segmenting process as it allows you to learn the ins and outs about your customers or prospects. 

Once you have the categories and subscribers sorted, you can then send more tailored emails. Gardening-related emails to those interested in gardening, video game emails to those who play video games, and so on. 

Segmentation creates a higher conversion rate and avoids emails falling on deaf ears or causing a recipient to feel like your company knows nothing about them. 

Personalize Email Content

Sending emails to large lists of prospects or customers inevitably leads to a generic tone and message. Write messages that display friendliness while also engaging your recipients with relevant content. 

In addition to written messages, try making things more personal with video messages! Your messages will be far more impactful to your prospects when they are able to see a face associated with your brand. 

With video messages, your email marketing team is no longer sending generic branded content, but rather engaging, personal, and human-to-human messages. 

Social media and the news are filled with videos, so much so that, on average, people spend almost 7 hours per week watching videos online.

This statistic alone shows that video is a highly consumed medium that should be given proper attention from your marketing and SEO teams. 

Create and Send Email Digests

An email digest is a newsletter that contains previous blog posts and other important news. 

Your email marketing team could send them as a weekly wrap-up, or follow every 10-20 emails.

This helps customers engage with content they may have missed which in turn boosts engagement. 

Make Sure All Email Marketing Content is on Your Site

If someone reads an article you sent and they want to pull it up again, they might want to search for it online rather than go through their email to find it. Having all content on your website helps users find their way back to your site faster than choosing a competitor article instead.

That is, you don't need to hire a dedicated development team to put these features in place, just implement email marketing.

Mobile-Friendly Content

Over 50% of all marketing emails are opened on mobile devices, so it’s crucial to make your emails mobile-responsive.

Mobile optimization leads to a better user experience which fuels engagement and user return rates. Responsive templates can be helpful to accommodate different screen sizes and types. 

But it’s more than just keeping the fonts and images the correct size. 

Think about how your users typically read emails on their phones. Most probably they’re busy and multitasking. 

Keep your emails short and to the point, and make the main takeaway clear without wasting their time. 

The better, more relatable, and more shareable your email content is, the larger impact you will have on those who open your emails. 

This impact will encourage your subscribers to share your content on their personal social media pages, all directing traffic back to your brand and your site. 

Know Where Your Traffic Comes from

With a good email marketing software, you can get real-time performance updates on which links are performing best. 

Data collection and analysis are incredibly useful for every tip we’ve discussed so far. Data is required for segmentation, email digests, social media, mobile-friendly content, and much more. 

The more you know about your customers the better suited your brand will be to deliver what they desire. 

The Bottom Line

Strong and deliberate email marketing directly influences SEO rankings and when implemented properly the two channels work side-by-side in increasing qualified leads for your business. This article has given you great tips and tools that will be sure to shine a new light on the true connection between SEO and email marketing, allowing you to unleash your brand’s true potential.

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