Rank Math Black Friday Offer: $15K+ Worth of Discount

The Rank Math Black Friday sale is live now. The best SEO plugin for WordPress is now available at a discount and is now $59 for unlimited websites.


For a very limited time (Nov 21 - Nov 26), Rank Math will be offering discounts on all their subscriptions:

  • Rank Math PRO for $59 (Regular price: $69)
  • Rank Math Business for $199 (Regular price: $229)
  • Rank Math Agency for $499 (Regular price: $549)
  • Content AI Starter for $39 (Regular price: $49)
  • Content AI Creator for $79 (Regular price: $99)
  • Content AI Expert for $129 (Regular price: $159)
  • Rank Math SEO Course $149 (Regular price: $199)

About Rank Math

rank math

Rank Math is the best SEO plugin for WordPress and I can vouch for that. I have been using it since 2018 when I switched from Yoast to Rank Math and I have never looked back.

While Rank Math's free version is great on its own, the Pro version adds a lot of professional SEO tools and settings. You can always spend 50-odd bucks on a great SEO tool like this; why shouldn't you?

Rank Math Black Friday Offer

Rank Math has three pricing plans:

Anniversary Blowout Sale DISCOUNT Offers Worth 15K 2023 11 003459
  1. Rank Math Pro is perfect for bloggers, individuals & solopreneurs and has an introductory price of $69 per year. During Black Friday, you can get it at $59 per year. You can use Rank Math Pro on unlimited personal websites. During all Black Friday purchases, you will also get 25 content AI credits and can track 1000 keywords.
  2. Rank Math Business is for SEO freelancers and business owners who are looking to manage the SEO of several websites. Generally, Rank Math offers 100 client licenses under this plan, but with Black Friday purchases, you can use Rank Math on 200 client websites, get 200 content AI credits (double) and track 20,000 keywords.
  3. Rank Math's Agency plan is for larger agencies that manage more SEO projects than usual. In this, you can manage 750 client websites (instead of the usual 500), get 750 content AI credits and track up to 75,000 keywords.

Rank Math comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and is recommended by industry leaders around the globe.

Freebies for Rank Math Customers

Purchasing Rank Math Pro entitles you to these freebies:

Anniversary Blowout Sale DISCOUNT Offers Worth 15K 2023 11 003461

Huge list, isn't it? Check out the Rank Math offer here.