Best Telescope for Kids Black Friday Deals

Children love looking up at the sky and watching the stars. But looking with just eyes can only do so much. Telescopes can be a great way to nurture and develop your kid's interest in space and astronomy. Telescopes are costly affairs and if you are looking to save on them, this article might help you.

If you came here looking for the best telescope for kids Black Friday Deals, then you are at the right place.

A telescope helps children explore the stars and planets while stimulating their imaginations and STEM skills.

Besides reading the raw facts about space in their textbooks, they can bring the astronomy subject live before their eyes with these telescopes. 

Best Telescope for Kids Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals on Best Telescope for Kids

When you go to the market to buy the best telescope for your kid, you will be overwhelmed by the ton of options available in the market. To help that, here I have reviewed some of the best telescopes for kids.

It will help you save a lot of time, effort, energy and money by choosing one of the given below! I have added Black Friday deals alongside the best telescope offers.

Celestron 70mm Portable Refractor telescope

Celestron refractor telescopes are one of the most popular choices for starters and kids. It is a compact and easy to use telescope that captures clear pictures of the moon and other celestial objects.

This telescope has two eyepieces, 10mm, and 20mm to give you variations as per your needs and circumstances. Since it is a beginner-friendly telescope and a good option for kids, more natural viewing is made possible in this.

You can also get a 45-degree diagonal and finderscope to get a better viewing angle and locate objects easily. The telescope is very easy to assemble and comes in a backpack that adds portability. The starry night astronomy software that comes with this telescope makes the viewing experience better for your kids.

Orion 10016 StarBlast 6i Astro Reflector Telescope

Orion Starblast 6 Astro reflector telescope is a tabletop kid telescope that is lightweight in nature, portable and very easy to use. It has a whopping 150mm aperture(6 inches) that gives your clear images of stars and nebulas. It comes pre-assembled and is effortless to set up.

The EZ finder is mounted to the optical top and used to locate celestial objects.This telescope has soft ball bearings and includes two decent plossl eyepieces with focal lengths of 25mm and 10mm.

You could actually watch the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter by expanding its magnification range. This is one of the best budget telescopes for any kid or teen to explore the sky.

Celestron Inspire 80AZ telescope

Celestron Inspire 80AZ is an outstanding telescope that is specially made for beginners and kids. It has better optics and accessories that increase observational capabilities. It offers a lightweight design and is portable to carry around.

It comes with 90-degree diagonal, a pair of 10mm and 20mm Kellner eyepieces and star pointer pro finderscope.

A special feature of this telescope is that it has a built-in smartphone adapter for easy astrophotography that captures clear images.

With an 80mm aperture, you can enjoy a clear view of the sky. It is a go-to for your kids to get started in basic astrophotography.

Meade LightBridge Mini

Meade LightBridge Mini is a perfect starter telescope for kids and hobbyists. It is incredibly compact and easy to set up just about anywhere, whether camping outdoors or in your backyard stargazing.

The LightBridge Mini offers a 130 aperture with a 650mm compact focal length that gives excellent viewing quality. 

If you get the telescope collimated, then you can see Saturn rings, Jupiter's satellites and moons’ craters and many other deep-sky objects. The focuser on this telescope is a 1.25 rack and pinion design that has the ability to rotate 360-degree, allowing you to look anywhere in the sky.

The finderscope in this has an ultra-wide field that helps you to find what you’re looking for and make your viewing experience faster.

Solomark Telescope

Solomark Telescope is a telescope for kids that is simple and versatile simultaneously. It is very easy for a kid who likes stargazing to set up the 9mm and 20mm eyepieces.

This is the most portable telescope that's easy to carry around while travelling. This is a grab-and-go product that can be used right out of the box without having to get intimidated by assembly or small pieces.

The telescope has a 70mm aperture and includes a bag that's designed to hold this telescope. It also has a mobile phone adapter feature for easy viewing and taking pictures. With the solomark telescope, the sky's the limit! Literally!

Gskyer compact kids telescope

The Gskyer kids telescope is a lightweight, portable telescope that is hassle-free to carry around. It is easy to set up on a tripod so that little astronomers can sky gaze from their own heights.

This telescope offers great magnification ranges, depending on the attached accessories. Its design is intuitive and easy to set up in less than 5 minutes.

It has excellent specs and is easy to operate for astronomers of all ages. So, if you want your child to have the ride to operate a telescope on their own, then Gskyer might be a perfect option.

Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ

Celestron PowerSeeker is a user-friendly telescope with many optional features for advanced users.  This is an ideal telescope for kids who have an interest in astronomy.

This telescope comes with 2 eyepieces that measure 4mm and 20mm.  You can watch stars and planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and other celestial objects without any extra effort. Its magnification range is between 150x-450x.

Celestron PowerSeeker will give your kids all the tools that they need to explore the universe in their own way.

Orion StarBlast II

  • The whole family will enjoy the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ thanks to its parabolic primary mirror, convenient portability, and...
  • Views of everything from the Moon and planets to distant objects like star clusters and galaxies appear bright and clear through...
  • A fantastic wide-field astronomy telescope with reflecting optics large enough to keep you and your family busy viewing for years...
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Orion Starblast II is a convenient and easy-to-use telescope with sophisticated features that will help begin stargazers night after night.

The tripod of this telescope can be adjusted between 32 inches - 54 inches which will grow along with your child as they gain more skill and height.

A focal length of 450mm will let you see everything from huge planets to small celestial objects effortlessly. Two eyepieces with magnifications of 18x and 45x will keep them in focus.

You can also put an EW mount to it for finding faraway galaxy clusters. So, if your child is intrigued by astronomy, then Orion Starblast II will feed their interest like a smorgasbord.

MaxUsee Kids telescope 

  • Portable Refractor Telescope with Finder Scope – The perfect gift for kids & astronomy beginners to explore universe and nature,...
  • Kids Lunar Telescope F400X40 with Moon Mirror – Includes 3pcs interchangeable eyepieces H20mm, H12.5mm, H6mm which you can enjoy...
  • Travel Telescope with Focal length 400mm - compass built-in the telescope tube, the finder scope helps you target objects faster...
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MaxUSee is one of the potent telescopes for stargazers and kids. This refractor telescope includes two eyepieces of 12.5mm and 20mm and has a powerful magnification of 20X and 32X.

It has a 40mm aperture to see the sky with a better and clearer view.  It comes with a built-in compass to analyze the stars easily.

Also, it includes a moon mirror that helps reduce the moon glare while viewing the moon and sharpening other objects without purchasing extra accessories.

Meade Polaris 130EQ Telescope for Kids

  • Aperture: 127mm(5. 0"). focal length: 1000mm. Focal Ratio: f/7. 9. Rack-and-pinion Focuser, setting circles, Latitude control w/...
  • Large, stable German equatorial mount with slow motion controls makes tracking celestial objects smooth and simple
  • Low (26mm), medium (9mm), and high (6. 3mm) magnification eyepieces give you variety for any viewing situation & 2x Barlow lens...
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Meade’s Polaris 130EQ is an easy to use telescope specially made for kids and enthusiasts. It comes with a beautiful tripod and comes with a quality mount.

It has an excellent visual setup for people who live in light-polluted cities. It has a powerful magnification range from 25x to 103X.

The optics are collimated and there is a very small noticeable coma around the edges which is essential for a telescope. It comes with three Kellner eyepieces, 6.3mm, 9mma and 25mm.

It also includes a red dot finder that is very easy to use. Meade’s Polaris 130EQ  is a perfect telescope for a beginner.


Telescopes are one of the great gifts to kids who are interested in astronomy and space.  Even when they have their feet on the ground, A telescope can give them a glance of the entire universe. 

So with this I conclude my review of the top 10 best telescopes for kids.

I hope that our in-depth review will help you choose a telescope that functions best for your kids.

Regardless of which one you choose among these, you will not be disappointed. It will surely help them understand the full mystery of the night sky.

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