How to Buy the Best Headphones in the Market?

Love listening to music or podcasts or gaming? You probably work well with headphones and can’t do without them. There are many brands in the market today all making great headphones and it can be confusing at times determining which headphone brand to go for. But don't worry. Here are 5 key tips for buying the best headphones in 2024:

Check on Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a feature you want to have in the headphones you choose to buy. There are passive noise-canceling headphones which have an extra bulk added to the ear pad to prevent external noise from getting to your eardrum. Active noise-canceling headphones have the ability to silence low-frequency sound waves by measuring the ambient noise and then creating a counter wave to drown it.

All headphones have a noise cancellation feature. Ideally, what you will want to do is to compare this noise-canceling feature by reading reviews of the different brands and determine which one appeals more to you.

Determine The Audio Quality

The main purpose of headphones is to produce a good quality sound that will be pleasing to listen to. When determining which headphone brand to go for, it is of utmost importance that you get a deeper understanding of each brand’s audio quality. You can go through the reviews on Amazon to know and understand the quality of the sound.

You may not have all these different headphone brands available at your disposal to test them out but there are online reviews from testers and customers who have tried them out and given their honest opinion of the audio quality. Find out how bass and treble balance in the headphones.

Check On Durability

Different headphone brands use different materials to make their headphones. As such, the durability and lifespan of each brand vary. Brands that use cheap poor quality material may cost slightly cheaper than those that use a material with a higher quality.

While you may opt to go for cheaper headphones with low-quality material, chances are that they will only serve you for a shorter time period before they break down and you’ll be back in the market shopping for new ones. Go for brands that use high-quality material and are highly rated for durability.

Check On Comfort And Weight

One important aspect of headphones is how comfortable they are when you wear them for longer and shorter time periods. There are headphones which are too heavy on your head, some accumulate a lot of heat on your ears and leave a burning feeling. Some have poor cushioning and are just so uncomfortable to wear.

You’ll essentially want to choose a headphone brand that is lightweight, comfortable to wear for any period of time, has good cushioning that fits well on your ears, and are adjustable to fit the size of your head.

Check On Price

While headphones are made by different brands, they serve the same purpose and some even have similar features. Some brands price high owing to the brand name being big. Some smaller brands may price low but have headphones with superior features compared to those of bigger brands.

A high price doesn’t mean you get the best headphones and a low price doesn’t mean the worst headphones. Go for a headphone brand that has a price tag that is concurrent with the features it offers and get value for money.

With that said, there are some of the best headphone brands in 2019. You may check these to find the best one for your use at quite competitive price.

Buying the best headphones

Before you proceed, understand that a headphone is no longer limited as a tool to listen the music. From playing games to watching movies - listening podcasts to attending phone calls - or just showing-off, headphones are the new necessity to techy youngsters. Whilst big banging speakers are being kicked out of competition, headphones are experiencing an era of innovation & rapid development.

Not just the youngster but everyone prefers buying a good looking headphone with mic which has better fidelity (sound quality), shows good structure, is painted with modern colors, appears lightweight or is wireless and what-not. Choosing a headphone which delivers satisfaction in both look & features, is very critical. Not all the time you'll be able to get what you are paying for. We are listing 5 next generation headphones and wireless headsets which were launched recently & fits well on our criteria of coolness & quality. All these headphones are semi-costly and come with usual price tag of US $199 -299.

Best Headphones to buy this Black Friday

1.  Philips Fidelio X2HR

Philips Fidelio has the main attention on fidelity feature to provide high definition music experience. It is wired yet lightweight, well assembled, comfortable and good looking expedient. Music or Gaming or Videos, X2HR is good for all needs.

Bluetooth or Wired? :   Both

Price: $119.99

Our Rating: 4.4/5

2. Solo3 Wireless

Known for their super quality products, Beats have audio solutions for every need. Solo3 is a flagship headphone from Beats made for the studio like experience to individuals. Expertly designed for superb sound quality, solo2 headphones are lightweight & travel-friendly. So get it and experience music everywhere you go.

Bluetooth or Wired? :   Both, with an option to plug the wire

Price:     $149.99

Our Rating: 4.8/5

3. Powerbeats2

Designed for sports in attention, Powerbeats earpieces are decent looking, easy to carry & have high fidelity. If you like listening tracks while walking or even running, Powerbeats can be a great solution.

Bluetooth or Wired? :   Bluetooth

Price:   $199.95

Our Rating: 4.1/5

4.  ROAM Ropes

roam with headphones, Best Headphones to buy this Black Friday

ROAM Ropes are premium headphones with the sleek look & attractive design. Also they are light, strong, durable & made for daily usage. Their power, amplification, digital signal processing and Noise Equalization deliver precision sound that can be personalized according to your listening preference through an iPhone application : ROAM EQ.

Bluetooth or Wired? :   Wired

Price:   ~$199

Our Rating: 4.0/5

5. Sony MDR10RBT

Sony MDR10 RBT has the best (among all listed here) noise cancellation providing high-definition sound output. This too is a wired headphone like NC1L & is aimed mainly for a fantastic gaming experience.

Bluetooth or Wired? :   Bluetooth (& NFC)

Our Rating: 3.8/5

Price:  $199

These headphones are cosy and cost efficient and you'd very much like to have these in your inventory.