Why a Business Must have an Integrated Web Security Plan?

The world of remote work is likely to become more universal and remain a key part of all businesses going forward. In this regard, businesses need to know how best to protect themselves and which layers of security they will need to operate while reducing the risk levels. 

Accessing, using, sharing, uploading, editing, and developing are now all done online, and a large part of this work is also performed remotely. The cloud and off-site networks allow for collaboration on large pieces of work that can be done in a shared fashion online. Ways of working are thus changing, and some would argue that they have now changed for good as productivity of remote workers has increased and the perceived disadvantages of this form of work have been overcome.

Securities are vital for remote and online workers

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There will necessarily need to be several layers of security, and these will operate in unison to prevent loss of data as well as the corruption or theft of such data. One of the key aspects of such security is the institution of a Secure Web Gateway which serves to protect the business against any malicious websites and requests from such sites.

This level of security must also be integrated with internal security protocols and standards to allow for URL filtering, application controls, and the detection and removal of any harmful code, while also providing protection against data leakage.

How does a secure web gateway integrate company web safety?

Accessing the internet is one of the main avenues for cybercriminals to gain access to your company data, using malicious code or infecting your workers' devices and even the company data in the cloud or in off-site decentralized servers. With over 4000 cyber-attacks a day it is the modern reality that all businesses must fight against.

Protection for off-grid or remote workers

The secure web gateway allows for remote workers to authenticate themselves easily and seamlessly. This will also secure access to company data and workflows from anywhere at any time. The self-same security processes and requirements will be necessary for the remote workers just as it is for those in the office.

Immediate web traffic inspection

Checking, recording threats from the internet, and then blocking these threats in real-time must be one of the key components of this integrated security system. Business policies for secure browsing are implemented through this specific security measure. Administrators are able to implement shared security templates for all workers and will at this level ensure that company policy or industry standards related to compliance and the business model are followed and ensured. This is where the URL filtering will become important and as such the system must be updated on a regular basis so that the latest malicious sites are detected and blocked in real-time. 

Leak prevention

Preventing a third party from removing or stealing your company data is one layer of this integrated safety regime that must be included using a secure web gateway. This is the means used to keep payment information safe as well as creating a series of common business terms or processes that will be used to rate assess and mitigate risk. Uncommon terms and processes are identified and assessed before approval or processing.

Content-based and timed access to the server or cloud storage

Your business can restrict access to the internet at certain times of the working day. These blocks can also be installed for specific content to ensure that the business's acceptable use policy and compliance is followed. Workers are thus only allowed access to specific sites based on their work requirements and only at certain times. This layer of security will serve to block any applications or widgets from being used that may allow access to the server or data from unknown users.

Depending on your business needs you can select which of these security systems you implement, although the professional services out there will offer these as a package and advise the business to implement them all. It is argued that the web gateway security is but one layer in a series of protection methods. Cloud and cybersecurity are like an onion, and working their way through layers upon layers of business-specific security such as that aforementioned should serve to make your data impregnable and secure, regardless of where you access it from. However, if you hire the services of a data protection company, you can ensure your business is safeguarded in any event.

The secure web gateway allows for all these aspects of security to be implemented at this level and the combination of the above protocols will be dependent on your specific business model and functions.