10 Best Instagram Reels Downloaders to Save Reels Locally

Looking for options on how to download Instagram reels? If you are, you've come to the right place! In this article, I have listed 10 of the best Instagram Reels downloaders that you can use to download and save reel-videos to your device for later use or sharing.

For those who are new to this, Instagram allows users and influencers to make and post short 15-30 second videos called Instagram Reels or simply Reels. They can show off their talents, cool stuff they have, or fun things they do. People can make these videos look really awesome with filters, music, special effects, and more.

Some super creative users even make mini-movies with trends, information-bytes, songs, and other fun stuff. That's why many people want to download Instagram reels to watch when they're not online.

Even though Instagram doesn't let you download reels directly, some great apps and websites can help you. With these apps and tools, you can save Instagram reels as MP4 videos on your phone, computer, or tablet and share or repost them.

In this article, I have provided a comprehensive list of 10 of the best Instagram Reels downloaders that are currently available online. I have included a detailed description of each downloader's features, advantages, and disadvantages so that you can choose.

Best Instagram Reels Downloaders

Let us now go through my picks for the ten best apps to safely download Instagram reels to your phone or computer for offline viewing.


Inflact’s Instagram downloader is one of the best apps for quickly downloading Instagram Reels. The best feature of this website is that it lets you download the videos directly to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

All you need is to go to the website and paste the Instagram Reel link that you copied from the Instagram app or website.

Please note that in order to copy the Instagram Reel link, you need to follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Reel you want to copy the link for, either by scrolling through your feed or by visiting the profile of the user who posted the Reel.
  • Tap on the Reel to open it in full screen.
  • In the bottom right corner, you will see three dots (ellipsis icon) representing the "More" menu. Tap on these dots.
  • A menu with various options will appear. Look for the "Copy Link" option and tap on it.
  • The Instagram Reel link is now copied to your clipboard.

A similar process follows on Instagram’s website version.

Story Saver for Instagram and Insta Story Downloader

Story Saver for Instagram and Insta Story Downloader is a great choice for Android users who want to download Instagram reels. You can download it from the Google Play Store and use it to quickly download Instagram reels with just a few clicks.

After downloading and installing the app, visit Instagram and search for the reel you want to download. Share it to Story Saver for Instagram and click the “Download” button to save it to your device. It can download several videos simultaneously and lets you download photographs and videos from private accounts.

FastDL (Formerly Igram.io)

FastDL is an all-in-one Instagram downloader with a user-friendly interface, minimal advertisements, and many other useful features. Both the desktop and mobile versions of the website are highly functional. Moreover, you can easily add it to your device’s home screen and can quickly access it anytime.

To download Instagram reels, copy the reel video link you wish to download, paste it on FastDL, and click the “download” button next to it.

InSaver for iOS

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily download Instagram Reels video using the InSaver app. It has various options to help you repost content to your Instagram account. You can also use it to archive and save Instagram videos and photographs securely.

You can easily download and install the InSaver app from the Apple App store. After that, copy the video link of the reel you want to download , paste it in the In Saver app, and download the video to your iPhone.


Instadp is another excellent website for downloading Instagram reel videos to your computer or mobile device. You simply need to paste the video link on the website and your video will immediately start downloading. It is one of the safest platforms out there, unlike others whose security could be questionable.

Using the same procedure, you can use the website to download Instagram stories as well. Just copy the Instagram story link and paste it on the website. After that, click the “download” button next to the preview to download the video onto your device.

Reels Downloader

The Reels Downloader app from Ezapo Technologies is a great tool for Android users to download Instagram reels. It has a straightforward user interface and, unlike most other apps, doesn’t constantly disturb you with ads. Apart from Instagram reels, you can use Reels Downloader to save high-quality multimedia files. Also, you can share, delete, and repost photos and videos directly from the app.

To get started, open Instagram and search for the reel you wish to download. Copy the video link and paste it into the Reels Downloader app. It will immediately start downloading the video to your Android device.

Video Downloader for Instagram by ETM Video Downloader

Video Downloader for Instagram is a wholesome Android app with all the necessary functions to give users a wholesome experience. After downloading media content from Instagram, you can use the app to share it on other social networks.

It stores all the downloaded material in a separate section that you can easily access even if you are offline. To download reels, copy the link and paste it into the app. In the download section, click the “download” button to get started.

Reels Video Downloader, Save Reels – Boom Mod

Reels Video Downloader, Save Reels – Boom is an unofficial useful and functional app for Instagram users. The app downloads videos and images in the best quality possible. Moreover, you can edit downloaded videos within the program itself, without using any other specialized software.

Apart from reels and stories, the app allows you to upload all types of content featured on the platform. It is completely free and makes using Instagram a lot easier.

Please download and use this app at your own risk. Downloading apps from external sources can harm your device.

InstDown for Instagram Reels

The InstDown app is user-friendly while still providing all the essential features you need. You can use it to download reels and stories from Instagram in their original quality – without any loss or limitation. It also allows you to send downloaded media to any social network platform simultaneously to multiple accounts.

The app also lets you copy tags that go with the selected media, which is useful if you choose to publish the same post on different social networks.

Instant Save+

Instant Save+ is a fast, user-friendly, and free-to-use iOS app for downloading reels and stories from Instagram. Open the Instagram app or website in Safari on your iPhone, copy the reel link, return to the Instant Save+ app, and wait for the post to appear automatically.

The app downloads high-resolution content and automatically copies the caption to the clipboard so you can paste it when reposting.


Instagram is an excellent social media platform for marketers, especially for content and brand engagement. By using an Instagram Reels downloader, you can easily save reel videos to your device and share them on any platform like Facebook, Twitter, or even WhatsApp without degrading their quality. You can also edit and share the downloaded reels to make your profiles attractive. Here are some of the best video editors that I recommend.

I hope this guide helps you download Instagram reels and join the fun.